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Countertop Air Fryer Vs Air Fryer Oven | What Are The Differences?

The air fryer is a common kitchen appliance nowadays. It is popular for its healthy way of cooking with little or no oil. The air fryer can be of varying sizes and shapes. Sometimes we call it an air fryer and sometimes an air fryer oven. What is the difference between an air fryer and an air fryer oven? In this article, we are going to find out the answer to this question.

What is a countertop air fryer?

A traditional countertop air fryer is usually has a cooking capacity of 2 quarts to 6 quarts. It has an air fryer basket that mimics the basket of a deep fryer. Because it is small, you can carry it or move it quite comfortably. A Countertop air fryer is best for a small family with a maximum of 4 members. These air fryers have a working temperature of around 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the range is not wide, countertop air fryers do not have multiple cooking functions.

What is an air fryer oven?

An air fryer oven usually has a capacity of around 10 quarts to 30 quarts. They do not have cooking baskets like air fryers. Air fryer ovens usually have a wider temperature range. Most of them will dehydrate and have the ability to cook at high temperatures. Multiple cooking functions are a common feature of an air oven.

Difference between a countertop air fryer and air fryer oven

Common FeaturesAir fryerAir fryer oven
Capacity2 to 6 quarts10 to 30 quarts
Temperature range170F to 400F100F to 450F
Cooking functionsAir fry, bake, roastAir fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, broil
Suitable forFamilies having 4 persons maximumFamilies having 8 persons maximum
Good forRegular air frying onlyVersatile cooking
Price range50 to 150 USD150 to 350 USD

Benefits of a countertop air fryer

  • A countertop air fryer is small, compact, and portable.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • An air fryer will cook faster than an air fryer oven.
  • It will occupy a little space on the countertop. Therefore, a countertop air fryer is better for a smaller kitchen.

Benefits of an air fryer oven

  • An air fryer oven has multiple cooking functions.
  • It has more cooking capacity. Therefore, it can cook in large batches.
  • It has a wider temperature range.
  • An air fryer oven is good for large families.

Bottom line

Air fryer and air fryer oven both have advantages and disadvantages. Both of these kitchen appliances are appropriate for different groups of users. Therefore, you need to know the utilities of both the appliances and then make the decision. Long story short, if you are like a multifunctional air fryer that has functions other than air frying such as dehydration, broil, and so on, then the air fryer oven is preferable.

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