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COSORI air fryer 6.8 Vs 5.8 vs 3.7 – Which one is better?

COSORI CP 137 air fryer has two different variants. The capacity of one is 3.7 quarts and another is 5.8 quarts. Both of the variants look alike. Therefore, the users often get confused regarding the features and benefits of these variants. In this article, I am going to differentiate between COSORI 6.8, 5.8, and 3.7-quart air fryers. I am going to dissect the specifications of these models and compare them side by side. I hope the users will benefit from this comparison. 

COSORI 3.7 vs 5.8 comparison

Specification of 5.8 QT and 3.7 QT

FeaturesCOSORI 5.8 QTCOSORI 3.7 QT
Capacity5.8 QT3.7 QT
Dimension11.7 x 14.2 x 12.610.7 x 13.3 x 12.3
Weight11.5 lbs10.1 lbs
Temperature170F to 400F170F to 400F
Power1700 W1500 W
First ArrivalOctober 21, 2018October 22, 2018
Cooking Presets1111
Color VariantsBlack/Red/WhiteBlack/Red/White
Control PanelDigital TouchDigital Touch
Timer RangeUp to 60 minUp to 60 min
Suitable for5 people3 people
Wifi controlNoNo
Shake ReminderYesYes

features that are different


As it is already clear to you that the COSORI Max XL 5.8 quart air fryer has a higher capacity than the 3.7-quart variant. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate one considering your family size. 

Dimension & weight

As the capacity of the 5.8 variant is higher, it is very obvious that it has a higher dimension and weight. Therefore, you will need to have a little bit more space on the countertop to accommodate the 5.8 variant. 

Heating element

The heating element of the COSORI 5.8 air fryer is more powerful. Its rated power is 1700W in contrast with 1500W of its counterpart. Therefore, the 5.8 version will cook more quickly than the other. 


COSORI 3.7 quart air fryer is suitable for a small family as the small cooking chamber is not capable of cooking in large batches. However, the 5.8 variant is suitable for both small and big families.

Common features

Temperature range

Both of the variants have an equal range of temperature – 170F to 400F. Therefore, none of them are capable of food dehydration that requires a temperature lower than 100F. At the same time, none of them is capable of high-temperature cooking such as air broil, toasting, and so on. 

Cooking preset

Both of the air fryers have 11 cooking presets with preheat and keep warm functions. Cooking functions will help you cook different recipes without knowing the exact temperature and time parameters. 

Arrival date

Both of these COSORI air fryers arrived almost at the same time. Therefore, they are equally good in terms of technology. Both of them arrived in the market in October 2018. 

Design and color variants

COSORI 5.8 and 3.7 look almost the same. Both of them have three different color variants. You can choose from black, red and white colors. 

Timer range

Both of the air fryers have at most 60 minutes timer range. I’d say it is an ordinary range for an air fryer. 

Shake reminder

Both of the COSORI air fryers have a shake reminder function to remind you to shake the basket intermittently for uniform cooking. It is a unique feature for COSORI air fryers only. 

Advantages of COSORI 3.7 quart over 5.8 quart

COSORI 3.7 Quart Oilless Cooker & Air fryer

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  • COSORI 3.7 quart air fryer is compact. 
  • It is suitable for small families.
  • It is more portable and suitable for small kitchens as well. You can read our article on the 3.7 model to know more about it.

Advantages of COSORI 5.8 quart over 3.7 quart

COSORI Max XL 5.8 Quart Air fryer

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  • COSORI 5.8 quart air fryer has higher capacity than its counterpart. 
  • It is suitable for bigger families. 
  • The cooking element of this unit is more powerful. Therefore, it can cook faster. If you want to read more, find our article on COSORI 5.8 qt air fryer.

COSORI 5.8 or 3.7 – Which one is better? 

As you see from the above comparison, there is not much difference between COSORI 3.7 and 5.8-quart air fryer other than the size and the power of the heating element. Functionally, both of them are almost equally the same. But 5.8 can cook a little faster as the heating element is more powerful. All other functionalities of these units are the same. If you have no problem with the size of the air fryer, have enough space on the countertop, then I’d suggest the Max XL 5.8 variant whether you live in a small or a large family. 

COSORI 6.8 Vs 5.8 air fryer

COSORI 6.8 qt air fryer is relatively newly arrived. It has more cooking capacity than the Max XL 5.8 version. In this section, we are going to differentiate COSORI 6.8 and 5.8 and try to identify the better one.

Table of comparison

FeaturesCOSORI 5.8 QTCOSORI 6.8 QT
Capacity5.8 QT6.8
Dimension11.7 x 14.2 x 12.611.7 x 12.9 x 13.8
Weight11.5 lbs13.7 lbs
Temperature170F to 400F175F to 400F
Power1700 W1750W
First ArrivalOctober 21, 2018Aug-2021
Cooking Presets1312
Color VarientsBlack/Red/WhiteBlack
Control PanelDigital TouchDigital Touch
Suitable for5 peopleLarge family
Wifi controlOptionalAvailable
Shake ReminderYesNot necessary

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of COSORI 6.8 is logically higher than 5.8. Although the difference is not that much. Both of the air fryers can cook for medium to large families. However, if you want to cook in large batches then an air fryer oven such as Ninja Foodi DT251 will be a better option.

Temperature range

The temperature range of the COSORI air fryers is almost the same. Both of them can cook between 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a very ordinary temperature range for an air fryer. Therefore both of them have air frying function along with a few other ordinary functions. None of them have advanced cooking functions such as dehydration, broil, and so on.

Cooking functions

Because of the ordinary temperature range, both of these COSORI air fryers have the most common cooking functions you expect from a modern air fryer such as air fry, bake, roast, and so on. Below is the list of functions of COSORI 6.8 qt.

Cooking functionsCOSORI 6.8 qt
Air Fry

Although it says it can broil, the true broil needs a temperature of more than 450F. Therefore, I doubt the quality of the broil of COSORI 6.8 qt.

Control panel

COSORI 5.8 and 6.8 both have a digital control panel with a touchscreen. Both of them have an almost equal number of preset cooking functions on the panel. The 5.8 qt has 13 and 6.8 has 12 preset functions that will allow you to cook without manually setting the temperature and time.

Unique features

COSORI 6.8 has some great features that no other COSORI air fryers have. For example, it does not have the shake reminder function. It means the 6.8 qt can air fry without the need for shaking. You can connect this cooking appliance with your mobile device through wifi. Although the 5.8 has the wifi version as well.

Apart from these, COSORI 6.8 has the dual heating technology that they call 360 ThermoIQ technology. It ensures uniform cooking from all around the food with the help of two different heating elements.

COSORI 5.8 does not have any such unique mention-worthy features.

Price and value for money

COSORI 6.8 is costlier. It has more cooking functions, a larger capacity, and some unique features. Considering all these, I think the value for money is of COSORI 6.8 is better than 5.8.

COSORI 5.8 or 6.8 – Which one is the winner?

COSORI 6.8 is the winner by a mile. Although the price of 6.8 is more than 5.8, it serves a lot of additional advantages and features. Therefore if I had to make a decision between these two, I would definitely go for 6.8 qt.

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