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COSORI Vs Gourmia Air Fryer Comparison | Which One Is Better?

COSORI and Gourmia are two popular air fryer brands. Both of the brands have a number of air fryer models that are quite commendable. Many of the models are similar in features and advantages. Therefore, users often get confused when making a decision. In this article, I am going to compare those models of COSORI and Gourmia air fryers. I think it will be a great help to make a better decision on your next air fryer.

COSORI Dual Blaze Vs Gourmia 7 QT

Table of comparison

FeaturesCOSORI 6.8 QTGourmia 7 qt
Capacity6.8 quarts7 quarts
Dimension11.7 x 12.9 x 13.815.83 x 13.7 x 13.54
Weight13.7 lbs9.7 lbs
Temperature175F to 400F90F to 400F
First ArrivalAug-2021Nov-2021
Cooking Presets1210
Color VarientsBlackBlack+SS
Control PanelDigital TouchDigital touch
Suitable forLarge familyMedium family

Comparison of the features

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Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of COSORI and Gourmia is almost equal. COSORI dual blaze air fryer has a 6.8-quart cooking basket. An air fryer with this amount of capacity can cook for 5 people in a single batch. On the other hand, the cooking capacity of Gourmia is 7 quarts. It can go for a medium-size family with one go.

Temperature range

Gourmia has a wider temperature range compared to COSORI. Gourmia can cook between 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its wide temperature range, Gourmia has more versatility in cooking functions. On the other hand, the temperature range of COSORI is 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an average temperature range that you expect from an ordinary air fryer.

Cooking functions

Cooking functionsGourmia GAF798COSORI 6.8 qt
Air Fry
Max CrispXX

Control panel

Both Gourmia and COSORI have a digital control panel with touch buttons. COSORI has 12 preset functions on the panel. It looks clean and user-friendly. On the other hand, Gourmia has 10 preset functions. Preset cooking functions are important for persons who do not know how to set the temperature and cooking time manually.

Price and value for money

The price of COSORI dual blaze is way more than Gourmia. Because COSORI has more features and benefits, it is costlier. Gourmia offers a great price for the features it offers. To me, the value for money of Gourmia is better.

Special feature

COSORI dual blaze air fryer is integrated with the latest technology. It supports wifi. You can connect the appliance with your smartphone and can remotely control it. COSORI dual blaze also supports and works with Google Assistant or Alexa.

COSORI is also integrated with patented Thermal IQ technology. The manufacturer claims it to be the new era of air frying. The advantage of this technology is the dual heating element that allows the air fryer to cook more uniformly. Therefore, you do not need to shake or flip the food.

The price of Gourmia is astoundingly attractive. I have not seen an air fryer with such capacity at such a price tag. It has a wide temperature range that allows it to dehydrate food. It is also a rare feature of an inexpensive air fryer.

COSORI dual blaze or Gourmia 7 QT – Which one is the winner?

If we consider only the feature, then COSORI dual blaze air fryer is the winner. It has a dual heating element, wifi connectivity, remote controlling options, more cooking functions, and some other cool features. On the other hand, Gourmia will be a better option for persons who are happy with a simple air fryer at the best price. The wider temperature range and dehydration option have added more value to Gourmia.

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