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Features And Attributes Of A 110V Tankless Water Heater

Mini tankless water heaters are popular for a few reasons. Sometimes, your need for hot water is limited. Therefore, you do not want to purchase a bigger water heater for smaller demand. Space constraint is another reason why people like 110 volts mini on-demand water heaters. In this article, I am going to discuss the common features and attributes of the best 110V tankless water heater. After the read, you will be able to understand what to expect from the mini tankless water heater. Therefore, it is going to be a guide for you before purchasing this bathroom or kitchen appliance.

A brief about 110V tankless water heater

There are different types of water heaters available in the market. Storage tank water heaters are the old and traditional type water heater. With time, the pattern of demand of the consumers has changed. Nowadays, we have limited time. Therefore, we want an instant supply of hot water. Therefore, we need an instant water heater. 110V tankless water heater is one kind of instant water heater. There are two types of 110V tankless water heater – plugin type 110-volt tankless water heater and showerhead type water heater. I am going to discuss the attributes of each of these types below.

Attributes of a plugin tankless water heater

Electricity requirement – A bigger size tankless water heater will consume a lot of electricity. A plugin type 110/120V tankless water heater consumes a very less amount of electricity compared to the counterpart. Our regular 110/120-volt electric line is good enough to connect these appliances. We do not need to set up any additional 240 volts of electric supply lines.

Maximum flow rate – We should not expect a high flow rate from a plugin type 110-volt tankless water heater. We may get a maximum of 0.5GPM water from it. A big size water tankless water heater can give you about 6 GPM water instead. Therefore, we have to curb our expectations. We have to keep in mind that a mini tankless water heater is not a heavy machine. It consumes less electricity and hence supplies less water per minute.

Coverage – Because of the lower flow rate, the coverage of a plugin tankless water heater is less. It can supply water to one fixture at a time. You can connect it to multiple faucets, but you can run one faucet at a time. Therefore, if you are thinking to purchase it to get hot water for the whole house, then you are going to take a bad decision. A water-saver shower consumes water at 0.5 GPM. You can connect a plugin water heater to your shower if it is water-saver.

Price – Compared to a 240-volt tankless water heater, a plugin 110-volt tankless water heater is cheaper. It may cost you less than 100 bucks where a big size water heater may cost 5 to 10 times more. Therefore, if you are in a budget, it is going to be a good solution for hot water.

Installation – Usually, a mini tankless water heater is easy to install. The cost of installation is far less than a big size water heater. It will take a limited space in your bathroom or kitchen because of the smaller size.

Attributes of a 110-volt showerhead

Speed – At full speed, a showerhead may not perfectly lower the temperature of the water. It is a reality. A showerhead is most appropriate for the regions where the groundwater temperature is high. As the showerheads are not powerful, in a colder region it may not work perfectly.

Price – It is a great advantage of showerheads. These will cost less than 50 bucks where a big tankless water heater may cost a few hundred. Therefore, whatever the value these showerheads add, is more that it costs you.

Installation – These are very easy to install. It may not require to call a professional plumber install these little devices. Therefore, here you will get another big saving.

Bottom line

People sometimes get frustrated from the bad performance of a 110V tankless water heater without comparing the value for money with that of a 240-volt big size tankless water heater. Therefore, it is important to know what to expect from it. I think this article helped you to assess the important features that you will get from it. If you think this article useful, you may share it with others. Have a good day.

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