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Lem #12 Meat Grinder Reviews – Big Bite W780A 0.75 HP

There are various kinds of consumers out there. Some look for premium products for utmost convenience, some look for the best price, some other look for the best value for the money. Kitchen appliances from LEM are probably made for the consumers who lie in the first category. We can say that LEM is a specialist in the meat grinder segment. They have products of all sizes – from #5 to #32 for different customer segments. LEM worked hard in every aspect and features of their meat grinders to take these to a premium level. LEM’s #12 meat grinder is no exception. In this article, you will find the reviews  of LEM #12 meat grinder in very minute level. After the read, you’ll be able to judge it’s suitability as your kitchen companion.

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LEM Big Bite #12

Specification- LEM Big Bite W780A #12

Model NoW780A
Dimension9" x 19.5" x 16"
Weight47 lbs
Speed660 lbs/H
Body MetalStainless Steel
Blade MetalStainless Steel
Motor Power550 W
Voltage110 Volt

Features And Attributes – LEM #12

Built Metal

LEM #12 meat grinder is made of stainless steel. As a high-end meat grinder, LEM used stainless steel all around- from the body and grinder head to the majority of accessories. Majority of other competing brands made the body out of either aluminum or plastic. But as a premium product, LEM #12 did not compromise the quality. Therefore, this model of LEM’s meat grinder is dishwasher safe.


As a #12 meat grinder, this LEM product will give you convenience for residential use. We see a lot of #5 and #8 meat grinders in the market for home use. I’d say that #8 will suffice for a residential kitchen, but if you get a wider feeding tube, you can be a little more casual during cutting the meats and feeding these into the grinder. Otherwise, for a #8 meat grinder, you need to cut the meat into small pieces. Therefore, you need to be more attentive.


The dimension of LEM #12 is 9″ W x 19.5″ L x 16″ H. This is not bulky, nor a sleek one as well. Comparing with other popular #12 meat grinders, we have found that Weston is the most voluminous. LEM is a bit bulkier than that of the sleekest STX TF-3000 #12 meat grinder. We can conclude that LEM #12 will not eat up that much of the space of your counter.



This is not that much important feature for a meat grinder because you do not necessarily carry it too often. A meat grinder with stainless steel will weigh more than a meat grinder which is made of plastic and aluminum. As a steel made meat grinder, LEM weighs 47 pounds. This is similar to the Weston’s #12 meat grinder that weighs 48.2 lbs. Being an aluminum and plastic made grinder, STX #12 weighs only 12 lbs.


Output speed is an important aspect of a meat grinder. Sometimes it becomes a decision-maker if you are a heavy user. LEM #12 will give you an outstanding output speed of 660 lbs/ hour. The output speed of this level is sufficient for even light to medium commercial use. Comparing with similar other brands, Weston #12 has a maximum speed of 540 lbs/ hour and STX #12 has only 240 lbs/ hour maximum speed.


Bone grinding

LEM #12 is a heavy-duty meat grinder that perfectly grinds bones for preparing pet food. It can handle chicken and rabbit bones. Some users reviewed that it can even handle the bones of turkey. Very few other meat grinders among the competitors grind the bones as perfectly as this machine.


Below is the list of accessories that you will get free with this machine:


Comparing with the competitors, I’d say that LEM #12 did not do a great job in terms of the number of accessories it provides with it. Although Weston provides an equal number of free accessories, almost all of the other brands will provide you more options in grinding plates and blades. Some other brands will provide you kibbeh maker, burger patty maker and so on. I think LEM can improve in this area a lot because accessories are inexpensive but important for residential users.

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Reverse motion

This grinder does not have a reverse motion. Although almost all of the lower to mid-level meat grinders have a reverse motion, I was not that much surprised to see that LEM #12 did not have this option. A reverse option is important for the meat grinders which does not have a sturdy motor. Therefore, during the grinding operation, the meat gets stuck so frequently that a reverse option helps unclog the machine. Very few high-end meat grinders will have a reverse option because you might not need it ever.

Motor Power

LEM #12 has a 550 W, 0.75 HP motor which is permanently lubricated. The motor power is average for a high-end meat grinder. Due to the lubrication, you will enjoy a smooth grinding operation with less noise. The air cooling option is not present. But still, the smoother operation produces less friction. Hence, it does not get hot so quickly.

Assembling and Cleaning

The assembling and disassembling process of LEM #12 is easy. It’ll take about two minutes to get the machine ready to use. As this machine is powerful, you’ll not face the meat clogging issue. Therefore, easy to clean. Because of the high-end material that has been used to build the body and parts, the grinder is dishwasher friendly. Thus, you need not think too much during washing it.


The company gives a five-year factory warranty. According to the review from the users, I expect you will get a life much more than that.


The machine is smoother than any competing brands for two reasons- a) because of the lubricated motor, it creates less noise and friction, and b) precisely made metallic gear.


Not that much if you consider the value addition. As an equivalent product, Weston #12 is priced slightly lower than this item. Considering the quality and features, I must say that the consumers will get a high value for money from this grinder.

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Suitable for

  • Deer grinding- An avid hunter may look for a grinder that can process the game very fast. When you have to grind a lot of meat, you need a lot of speed, strength, and smoothness. For an ordinary residential kitchen, all these features might not too much necessary. LEM #12 is as fast as a commercial-grade meat grinder. It is enough strong to withstand continuous operation and handle large volumes. It provides smoother operation, does not create too much noise. Therefore, for a hunter, this machine can be a good companion.
  • Crushing the bones– If you are a pet lover, you may frequently need to crush soft bones to make pet food. LEM #12 is more than capable of handling soft bones. Therefore, pet lovers who regularly prepare food for the animals or plant owner who regularly prepare organic fertilizer from dried bones can choose this grinder without a doubt.
  • Residential kitchen– This machine is more than enough for a residential kitchen. This is perfect for those who put convenience on their priority over price. Although LEM #12 does not provide you a lot of free accessories, whatever comes with it is quite enough. You can purchase any additional accessories if needed.
  • Light commercial use- A small butcher shop or a small to medium size restaurant needs a sturdy meat grinder that can serve for a longer period. LEM #12 is perfect for this purpose. The motor of this unit is smooth and strong. The operational process is easy with a big meat tray that is necessary for a commercial kitchen.
What we liked
  • Good quality stainless steel for body and parts.
  • Heavy-duty and permanently lubricated motor.
  • Big #12 size feeding tube for in-taking bigger pieces.
  • High speed for faster operation.
  • Good for a light commercial or heavy residential kitchen.
What we did not like
  • Price is a bit higher, although value for money is good.
  • The number of free accessories should have been more.

Final words

I think now you have a very good idea about LEM #12 meat grinder. During the review, I had to research comprehensively to find out the positives and negatives of this model along with the differences of attributes with the competitors. Overall, I must have to say that LEM #12 is one of the best meat grinders a consumer can get among hundreds of other brands and models. The price is the only shortcoming. But if you need to get a premium product, you must pay for it. That’s the end. If you find the article useful, please share it so that others can get benefited from it. Do not forget to mention your experience with any of your kitchen appliances through the comment section. Have a good day!

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  1. Having problems deciding between the LEM W780A #12 big bite grinder and the newer #12 big bite grinder. I’ve learned that the older grinder is heavier which may be a good thing. No tray was incorporated into the grinder which is no biggy. Older one has it’s dimensions but newer doesn’t. IS THE HEAD THE DAME AS THE NEWER ONE? For example is the rifling the same depth and width, etc?

    • Hello Vernon, Thanks for your comment. I dont know which newer Big bite #12 meat grinder you are referring to. However, I think If there is any newer version, then you should wait for a while to see what the users tell about it. If you do not have time, then go for the older one. 🙂

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