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LEM #22 Big Bite Reviews – 750 W 1HP Meat Grinder

LEM Products is a renowned name in the kitchen appliance industry. They produce quite good quality meat grinders that have won consumers’ hearts. Big Bite is the company’s premium series of meat grinders. They have all residential products in this series- from number 5 to 32. The quality and functionality of these products are almost the same. The size and motor power are the major differences. In this article, we will review LEM #22 Big Bite meat grinder extensively so that the readers can find out for what purpose this product is good for.

LEM Big Bite #22

Specification – LEM #22 Big Bite

Model Number LEM-1781
Dimension (inches)12.09  x 22.83 x 18.9
Weight55.12 lbs
Maximum Operational Speed780 lbs/ hour
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Feeding Tube MaterialStainless Steel
Gear MaterialStainless Steel
Blades and Plates MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage120 V
Motor Power750 W, 1 HP

Features and Attributes


LEM #22 Big Bite is a bigger size meat grinder. If you already know about the significance of size number of a meat grinder, then you should remember that a #22 meat grinder has a plate diameter of 3 ¼”. Therefore, the feeding tube is also wide and spacious. You can put a good volume of meat at a time. A bigger size of meat grinder will give you convenience. Because you put a good amount of meat inside, the motor has to be heavy enough to consume and handle the meat.

Motor Power

The motor of this unit is sufficient for heavy-duty. The power rating during operation is 750 W and 1 HP. Comparing with #22 models of the competitors, we find that a meat grinder of this size has a motor power of 700 to 800 W. Therefore, LEM Big Bite 22 has an average powerful motor if we compare it with others. But the good feature of LEM’s Big Bite series is the lubrication in the motor. The permanent greasing and lubrication reduce the friction and hence, it creates less noise and gives you a smooth operational experience.

Safety feature

This unit is integrated with a built-in circuit breaker. Although this is not any unique feature of this grinder, this is not a common feature either. The circuit breaker automatically turns the grinder off when it is on excessive load. You might already know that you cannot operate a meat grinder continuously for an unlimited time. But it is difficult to judge when the grinder is at its peak and it’s the time to turn it off. Therefore, a circuit breaker can be a great help to operate the meat grinder without any tension.

Special Big Bite technology

The manufacturer claims that the Big Bite series meat grinders can handle the bigger chunks of meats more precisely than the ordinary meat grinders. Therefore, there is a lower chance of meat clogging during operation.


The maximum operating speed of this unit is 780 lbs per hour. Comparing with competitors, this speed is average. For example, Hakka Brother #22 has a speed of 710 lbs per hour. The speed that you get with this unit is good for a medium-size restaurant kitchen or a butcher’s shop.


For a residential kitchen, free accessories are important features. Below is the list of accessories that you will get with LEM #22 meat grinder:

Item Qty
Grinding Blades1 pc
Grinding Plates3 pc
Sausage Stuffer3 pc
Meat Pusher1 pc
Plate Extractor1 pc

The number of accessories listed above is average. If you are a fan of free accessories, LEM Turboforce series meat grinders provide the maximum number of free accessories in the market.


The cost of this product will be around 600 bucks which are not so expensive not so cheap. Because of the stainless steel, the price of this unit is higher. But if compare with other S/S made #22 meat grinder in the market, the price is as per standard.

To know the side by side value for money comparison between STX and LEM, read this article.

Material used

There are three major parts of the meat grinders that I check when reviewing a meat grinder. The body, small parts, and grinding head- all three of LEM Big Bite #22 are made of stainless steel. Therefore, this unit is more resistant to corrosion and dishwasher friendly.


Although portability is not an important aspect of a meat grinder, it is worthwhile to mention that LEM #22 is one of the heaviest meat grinders in the market. Although it is no surprise that a meat grinder made of stainless steel will be heavier than aluminum made grinder.

What LEM Big Bite #22 is good for?

Light commercial use– LEM #22 is good for small butcher shops and restaurants. The speed of operation is 780 lbs/ hour which is quite enough for light commercial purposes. Stainless steel body and parts, 750 W motor and all other good features have made it more appropriate for this purpose.

Heavy residential use– A person who lives in a big family, grinds meat so frequently, then this unit may be a good option.

Grinding the bones- This unit is good for preparing pet food. You may also prepare organic fertilizer with dried brittle bones for your plants.

What we liked
  • Stainless steel body and parts
  • Heavy-duty commercial or residential use
  • 750 W permanently lubricated motor
  • Circuit breaker for ensuring safety
  • Storage drawer to keep the small parts
  • 780 lbs per hour high speed of operation
What we did not like
  • This unit is pricy, although not that much comparing equivalent models
  • Bulky and weighty

Final words

Meat grinders from LEM’s Big Bite is a symbol of prestige. Although these products will not give you the most value for money, sometimes we look for premium products and do not bother spending a bit more. If you find this article useful you may share it with others. How did you find our LEM #22 meat grinder reviews? Let us know in the comment section. Have a great day!