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Ninja Foodi DT201 Vs DT251 Vs DT200 – Which One Is Better?

Ninja Foodi DT201, DT251, and DT200 are three similar air fryer and convection ovens. All of them look alike and have very similar features. Therefore, it is difficult for the users to differentiate and choose the right model for them. In this article, I am going to make a comparison among Ninja DT201, DT251, and DT200 to find out the similarities and differences. After reading the article, you will understand which model will be a better deal for you. 

Difference between Ninja DT201 Vs DT251

In this section of the article, we are going to compare Ninja DT201 and DT251 air fryer ovens. Let’s check the table of comparison first.

Table of Comparison – Specification

FeaturesNinja DT201Ninja DT251
Capacityup to 12 lbs of turkeyup to 12 lbs of turkey
Dimension (Inch)17.09 x 20.22 x 13.3417.09 x 20.22 x 13.34
Weight33.63 lbs33.8 lbs
Temperature90F to 450F90F to 450F
Power1800 W1800 W
First ArrivalSep-2020October-2020
Cooking PresetsDehydrate, roast, toast, broil, reheat, pizza, bagel etcDehydrate, roast, toast, broil, reheat, pizza, bagel etc
Prest Function1010
Color VariantsStainless steelStainless steel
Control PanelDigital touchDigital touch
Smart CookingNot availableAvailable
Suitable for8 people8 people
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Similarities between DT201 and DT251

Ninja Foodi DT201 Air fryer and Convection Oven

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Cooking capacity 

Both of these Ninja Foodies have exactly the same capacity, size, and dimension. They can accommodate at most 12 lbs of food in a single batch. Therefore, these are extra-large capacity countertop air fryers and convection ovens. They are good enough for a large family and are equally good in terms of capacity. If you are in a small family and looking for a standalone air fryer, then Ninja AF101 or AF161 will be sufficient for you.

Temperature range

Both the Ninja Foodies have an equal temperature range of around 90F to 450F. Both of them have low-temperature cooking options such as dehydrate and high-temperature cooking options such as toast, broil, and so on. 

Cooking presets 

Ninja DT201 and DT251 have exactly the same number of cooking preset options. Both of them have 10 presets including dehydrate, roast, toast, pizza, air fry, reheat, bagel, and so on. Therefore, both of the models are the winner for this feature.

Control panel

Both of these Ninja Foodies have a digital control panel with touch buttons.  Therefore, both of them will provide almost equal quality in terms of this feature. 

Heating element

Ninja DT201 and DT251 have heating elements having 1800W rated power. The heating element is quite powerful to cook faster than similar air fryers and convection ovens. 

However, people also look for the similarities and dissimilarities between Ninja DT251 and SP101.

Dissimilarities between DT201 and DT251

Smart cooking

Ninja DT251 has an integrated smart thermometer. With this feature, you can set your target temperature and monitor the actual achievement. Therefore, you do not need to depend on guesswork. DT201 does not have this feature. 


DT251 is slightly more costly than its counterpart. It has only a few features more than DT201. However, I think the extra cost is justified compared with the added values. 


Both of these Ninja Foodies have digital displays. However, DT251 has a smart temperature control system. Therefore, you can see the set temperature and the actual temperature on the display. As the DT201 model does not have a temperature control feature, you can only see the set temperature on the display. 

Ninja Foodi DT251 Air fryer and COnvection Oven

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Ninja Foodi DT251 or DT201 – which one is the winner? 

From the above comparison, you may already have an idea that both the Ninja air fryer and convection ovens have almost the same features. DT251 has a smart cooking system. Other than this, it has exactly the same feature that the DT201 model has. Ninja DT251 costs around 10% more than the counterpart that is justified for the added feature. Therefore, none of the models is a clear winner. If you do not care about smart cooking features, and you do not need temperature controlling features, then DT201 is quite sufficient. But if you cook recipes that need strict temperature control, then I would recommend Ninja DT251. 

Comparison between Ninja DT200 and DT201

In this section, we are going to compare Ninja DT200 and DT201 air fryer ovens.

Table of comparison

FeaturesNinja DT200Ninja DT201
Capacityup to 12 lbs of turkeyup to 12 lbs of turkey
Dimension (Inch)17.09 x 20.22 x 13.3417.09 x 20.22 x 13.34
TemperatureUnknown90F to 450F
Power1800 W1800 W
Prest Function810
Color VarientsStainless steelStainless steel
Control PanelDigital touchDigital touch
Suitable for10+ people10+ people

Similarities between Ninja DT200 and DT201

Ninja-DT200-Foodi-8-in-1-XL Pro Air Fry Oven

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Ninja DT200 and DT201 are almost the same air fryer ovens. They have the same cooking capacity. Both of them can cook for a large family. They have the same dimension as well.

Apart from the size and capacity, both of these Ninja Foodi have exactly the same internal and external design. The control panel of these units is almost the same. Both of them have digital control panels with manual push buttons.

Differences between DT200 and DT201

Below are the cooking functions of both the air fryer ovens.

Cooking FunctionsNinja DT201Ninja DT200
Air Fry
Whole roast

Ninja DT201 is a 10 in 1 convection toaster oven. It has 10 cooking functions. On the other hand, DT200 is an 8 in 1 oven having 8 cooking functions. Dehydrate and reheat options are missing in DT200. Other than these, the remaining functions are common to both the convection ovens.

An air fryer convection oven must have the ability to reach a temperature of around 100F to have the dehydration function. Ninja DT201 has a wider temperature range. Therefore, it can dehydrate fruits and vegetables and broil meat and fish at high temperatures as well.

None of these models can grill. I would recommend checking the Ninja Foodi grill models if smokey grilled foods are your favorite.

DT200 or DT201 – Which one is the winner?

Considering the features and benefits, Ninja DT201 is the winner (check price). It has the dehydrate function. Therefore, you can prepare dehydrated fruits and vegetables with this model. It is a bit more pricy for this additional feature. On the other hand, Ninja DT200 will be preferable if you already have an air fryer with the dehydrator function or a full-fledged dehydrator.

FAQ on Ninja Foodi DT201, DT251 and DT200

Which Ninja air fryer oven has the most cooking capacity?

All three models – Ninja Foodi DT201, DT251, and DT200 – have the same cooking capacity, and can cook up to 12 lbs of turkey in a single batch. This means that, no matter which model you choose, you’ll have the same maximum cooking capacity for your favorite meals. The difference between the models, then, lies in their additional features and capabilities.

What’s the key difference between DT201 and DT200?

The DT201 model has the added benefit of a dehydrate function and a wider cooking temperature range. This means you can enjoy a greater variety of recipes, and have more control over the temperature of the food you’re cooking. These are the key differences between these models.

What’s the key difference between DT201 and DT251?

The key difference between the two models is that the DT251 has an integrated thermometer that allows for precise food temperature monitoring. This feature is not available in the DT201 model, making the DT251 the ideal choice for those who need to precisely monitor the temperature of their food. Furthermore, both models offer the same cooking modes and timer settings, so users can be sure that whichever model they choose, their food will be cooked to perfection.

Which Ninja air fryer oven is the best for precise temperature control?

The Ninja DT251 air fryer oven is the ideal choice if you need precise temperature control. Featuring a smart thermometer, this air fryer is designed to provide consistent temperature settings for all of your cooking needs.

How Ninja air fryer ovens are compared with other brands?

Ninja air fryer ovens are renowned for their versatility. They allow users to quickly and easily cook a variety of meals. These air fryer ovens come with a number of accessories that expands the cooking possibilities. Furthermore, Ninja air fryer ovens are designed with an easy-to-use digital touchscreen. They offer a range of different cooking presets as well to make cooking even quicker and easier.

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