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Ninja Vs Oster Blender Comparison | Which One Is Better?

Ninja and Oster are two reputed names in the blender industry. Both of the brands have a number of blenders in the product basket. Some of the models are quite similar in features and benefits. Therefore, it is difficult to compare them. In this article, I will differentiate those blender models of Ninja and Oster that people often tend to compare. I hope it’ll be helpful for you.

Ninja BL610 vs Oster Pro 1200

Comparison at a glance – BL610 and Pro 1200

FeaturesOster Pro 1200 PlusNinja Professional
Dimension (inch)13.5 x 11.1 x 9.99.5 x 7.5 x 17
Motor Power1200W1000W
ColorBrushed NickelBlack
Preset program74
Contro panelOne touch controlPush button
LED displayNONo
First arrivalJun-2015Sep-2014
Manual programN/AN/A
Capacity6 cup jar72 oz

Features – Ninja BL610 vs Oster 1200


The capacity of the jar of Ninja BL610 is 72 oz. However, you can use 64 oz maximum when using it. On the other hand, the jar capacity of Oster 1200 is 6 cups. It has a smoothy cup as well with a 24 oz capacity.

Motor Power

The motor power of Oster is better than Ninja. Their maximum power is 1200W and 1000W consecutively. Higher motor power is better for crushing the food more conveniently and uniformly.

Control panel

There are 4 different preset buttons on the control panel of Ninja – pulse, low, medium and high. On the other hand, there are 7 different preset control button on the panel of Oster. It has different buttons for milkshake, food chop and smoothy. None of them has a digital display to show the status.

Special feature

The “total crushing technology’ of Ninja will crush anything you put in it with a 1000W motor and specially designed blades. It will turn ice into snow. It also has auto IQ technology that makes the drink with the touch of a button. The blender will set the speed automatically with its intelligence.

Oster does not have auto IQ technology but it has so many preset functions. It has different presets for smoothy, chop, and milkshake.


SLOster Pro 1200Ninja Professional BL 610
1Glass Jar – 6 cupCrushing pitcher – 72 oz
2Smoothy Cup – 24 ounceNo other accessories

Ninja BL610 or Oster Pro 1200 – Which one is the winner?

Considering the features and the price, Ninja BL610 is the winner, but by a small margin. Ninja has intelligent technology, considerable capacity, and a good price. But Oster is not a bad option either. It has more accessories, a more powerful motor and a more powerful motor. Therefore, it’ll also be a good choice.

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