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Nuwave Vs Gourmia Air Fryer | Which One Is Better?

Nuwave and Gourmia are two popular air fryer brands. Both of the brands have some air fryer models that are quite popular. Many of these air fryers have similar features. Therefore it is difficult for the users to differentiate these air fryer models. In this article, I am going to compare those models of Nuwave and Gourmia air fryers so that the users can make better decisions.

Nuwave Brio 6 Quart Vs Gourmia 5 Quart air fryer

Table of comparison

FeaturesGourmia 5 QTNuwave Brio 6 QT
Capacity5 quarts6 quarts
Dimension (inch)11.26 x 12.5 x 13.111 x 14.5 x 13.5
Weight12.03 lbs15 lbs
TemperatureUp to 400F50F to 400F
First ArrivalSep-2018Jun-2017
Cooking Presets86
Color VarientsBlackBlack
Control PanelDigital touchDigital
Suitable forMedium familyMedium family

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

Both Nuwave and Gourmia are suitable for medium-sized families. Nuwave has a better cooking capacity with a 6-quart cooking basket. On the other hand, the cooking capacity of Gourmia is 5 quarts. Although it will not make so much difference I would still prefer Nuwave if cooking capacity is my priority.

If you love a large-capacity air fryer then Ninja for Chefman dual basket air fryer can be good options. Otherwise, check our recommended large-capacity air fryer models.

Temperature range

The temperature range is one of the vital features of an air fryer. Nuwave brio 6 QT air fryer has a wider temperature range starting at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and ending at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, Gourmia has an ordinary temperature range of around 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking function

Below are the cooking functions of both these competing models.

Cooking functionsNuwave Brio 6QTGourmia GAF575
Air Fry

From the table above you can see that the Nuwave air fryer has a number of cooking functions. It can bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, grill, and reheat apart from air frying. On the other hand, due to the ordinary temperature range, Gourmia has only air fryer and bake options. If you have no use of the air fryer other than everyday air frying, then Gourmia will be just enough.

Persons who love dehydrating on a large scale should opt for a dehydrator rather than a small air fryer dehydrator combo.

Control panel

Both Gourmia and Nuwave have a digital control panel ( read the difference from the manual panel) with LED displays. I like the control panel of Nuwave more because of the user-friendliness. It has 8 preset cooking functions. On the other hand, Gourmia is not bad either. It has 6 preset functions and touch buttons for temperature and timer.

Price and value for money

Nuwave has more cooking functions and better features than Gourmia. Therefore it is obvious that Nuwave is pricey. But the value for money of both the air fryer is quite similar in my opinion. Gourmia has fewer features and the price is therefore better.

Which one is the winner?

Nuwave Brio 6 quart air fryer is the winner. Comparing the features and the price I’d say Nuwave will be a better choice. It has more features, a wider temperature range, a better control panel, and better cooking capacity. Although the price is a little higher than Gourmia the value it provides justifies the price. I know that you are going to use the extended features once in a blue moon but still, I will not be stingy spending this little money.

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