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Nuwave Vs Gowise USA Air Fryer | Which One Is Better?

Nuwave and Gowise USA are two popular air fryer brands. Both the brands have a number of air fryer models that are quite commendable. Some of the air fryer models are similar in size, feature, and benefit. Therefore, it is difficult to identify the differences among those models. In this article, I am going to compare these air fryers of Nuwave and Gowise USA. After reading this, you will understand which brand will be perfect for you.

Nuwave Brio 7 QT vs Gowise USA 7 QT

Table of comparison

FeaturesNuwave Brio 7.25 QTGowise USA XXL
Capacity7.25 QT7 quarts
Weight14.6 lbs15 lbs
Temperature50F to 400F180F to 400F
First ArrivalSep-2017Jul-2019
Cooking Presets1008
Color VarientsBlackblack/plum/red/white
Control PanelDigitaldigital touch
Suitable for5 persons5 persons

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of Nuwave and Gowise USA air fryers is around 7 quarts. An air fryer with this cooking capacity is good for cooking for a large family having up to 5 persons. However, if you like to check some other air fryers with larger capacity, then read our article on the large capacity air fryers.

Temperature range

Nuwave Brio has a wider temperature range than Gowise USA. It can cook between 50F to 400F. A wider temperature range will allow you for versatile cooking. On the other hand, the temperature range of Gowise USA is 180F to 400F.

Cooking functions

Cooking functionsNuwave Brio 7.25 QTGowise USA 7 QT
Air Fry

Control panel

Both of the air fryers have digital control panels with touch buttons. Both of them are easy to use. However, the control panel of Nuwave brio seems clean to me. It has 100 preset programmed cooking functions on it. Gowise USA has 8 preset functions on the panel.

Price and value for money

Nuwave Brio is a bit costlier than Gowise USA. However, the value for money of Nuwave Brio is more than its counterpart. Both of them are good options below the $100 price point.

Special feature

Nuwave brio has preheat and reheat functions on the control panel. There are great functions for an air fryer because I have seen many users who do not know how to set temperature and time for these specific purposes ( know in detail how to preheat and reheat). Apart from this, Nuwave has 100 programmed recipes. I have not seen such a number of programmed functions in any other models.

I did not find any special feature in the Gowise USA air fryer.

Nuwave Brio 7.25 QT or Gowise USA 7 QT – Which one is the winner?

Comparing the feature and prices of both the air fryer, the Nuwave Brio 7.25 quart model is undoubtedly the winner. It has a wider temperature range, more cooking functions, and a powerful heating element. Although Gowise USA has an attractive price tag I would prefer Nuwave Brio if I have to choose between these two.

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