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Philips Vs Cuisinart Air Fryer | Which One Is Better?

Philips and Cuisinart are two popular names in the air fryer industry. Both of the air fryer brands have a number of air fryer models that are quite popular among users. Some of the models are quite similar. Therefore, users sometimes find themselves in difficulties while comparing among them. In this article, I am going to differentiate those models of air fryers of Philips and Cuisinart that users usually tend to compare. I think it is going to be a great help for the users when making a decision between these two air fryer brands.

Philips Premium XXL vs Cuisinart TOA 60

Table of comparison

FeaturesPhilips XXL Air FryerCuisinart Air Fryer Oven
ModelHD9650/96TOA 60
Capacity7 quarts17 quarts
Dimension (inch)15.55 x 15.55 x 15.6715.5 x 16 x 14
Weight19 lbs21 lbs
Temperature104F to 392F250F to 450F
Power1750 W1800 W
First ArrivalJul-2018Aug-2016
Cooking Presets57
Color VarientsBlackSS/Black SS/White
Control Paneldigital touchManual
Suitable forMedium to large familyLarge family

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of the Cuisinart air fryer oven is 17 quarts. Therefore it can cook for a large family quite comfortably. On the other hand, Philips has a 7-quart cooking basket. Therefore you can cook for up to 5 people in a single batch. If you are looking for a large capacity air fryer then Cuisinart is the better choice.

Temperature range

The starting temperature of Philips is 104F. It is 250F for Cuisinart. On the other hand, the higher range for Philips and Cuisinart is 392F and 450F consecutively. A wider temperature range gives the air fryers access to versatile cooking functions.

Cooking functions

FunctionsCuisinart TOA 60Philips XXL
Air Fry

Control panel

Philips has a digital display and both manual and digital touch control buttons. The control panel of Philips is simple and easy. On the other hand, Cuisinart has a manual panel with 4 different knobs for temperature, time, function, and on/off. It has no digital display. Both of the models have almost the same number of preset cooking functions.

Price and value for money

Both Philips and Cuisinart TOA 60 will cost more than 200 bucks. Philips is a bit more expensive than its counterpart. I think the value for money of Cuisinart is better than Philips. Philips is the most expensive air fryer in the market because of some of its exclusive features.

Special features

The fat removal technology of Philips is a unique feature. This technology removes fat from the food in addition to the need for less oil than a deep fryer. Thus, Philips provides a more healthy solution of food compared to ordinary air fryers.

Cuisinart TOA 60 does not have any such special feature as Philips. However, it is an air fryer convection oven. A convection oven has its own advantages and disadvantages. You may read our article on the difference between an air fryer and convection oven.

Philips XXL or Cuisinart TOA 60 – Which one is the winner?

Philips XXL and Cuisinart TOA 60 both are different kinds of kitchen appliances. Therefore, it is difficult to conclusively judge which one is better. Philips is a premium air fryer. If you have a substantial budget, then Philips is undoubtedly a good option. On the other hand, Cuisinart TOA 60 is an air fryer oven. Compared to other air fryer ovens in the market such as Ninja DT251, it is not up to the mark.

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