SioGreen IR30 V2 POU Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

SioGreen is a reputed name in the tankless water heater field. They use infrared technology instead of the conventional heat exchanger. In this article, I am going to review SioGreen IR30 V2 point of use electric tankless water heater. After the read, you will learn the pros and cons of this popular model of the plug-in water heater. It will help you decide whether this on-demand water heater is suitable for you or not.

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Specification Of SioGreen IR30

ModelsSioGreen IR30 V2
Power1 KW to 3.4 KW
Temp. Rangeup to 140°F
 Max. Flow rate0.8 GPM
Dimension (inch)14.3 x 12.5 x 4.3
InstallationPoint of use
Product Weight7.24 lbs

Features of SioGreen IR30 Tankless Water Heater

Flow rate is the most important feature of a tankless water heater. For a 110-volt plugin point of use tankless water heater, it is even more important. SioGreen IR30 V2 POU has a maximum flow rate of 0.8 gallons per minute. With this flow rate, it will sufficiently work for one fixture at a time. The majority of the new generation power saver faucets work at around 0.5 GPM at full speed. However, you may feel that this SioGreen water heater is not sufficient if the fixture consumes more water than that. Other on-demand POU tankless water heaters with similar quality will give you a similar flow rate. Below is a comparison.

Brand/ModelMax Flow Rate
Ecosmart POU 3.50.85 GPM
AB crew kitchen faucet0.8 GPM
Stiebel Eltron 0740501.14 GPM
SioGreen IR30 V20.8 GPM
Chronomite SR-30L0.5 GPM

Inlet water temperature is an important factor to review the performance of a water heater. SioGreen IR30 V2 will work perfectly at a minimum working temperature of 52°F. If the temperature is further down, then it will not work perfectly and you may not get sufficiently hot water. Therefore, places like Canada, NY, Washington, North and South Dakota, and so on, where the groundwater temperature goes below 52°F, this SioGreen IR30 V2 may not work perfectly.

Wattage defines the power and robustness of a water heater. The variable wattage of this SioGreen IR30 V2 water heater is 1 to 3.4 KW. To change the wattage you need to adjust the amperage of this unit. You can adjust the power level according to four preset modes.

What I liked about IR30

The most prominent advantage of SioGreen IR30 V2 POU is infrared technology. It is free from any metallic heating element. Therefore, SioGreen IR30 is free from regular maintenance which is a big problem for a conventional tankless water heater. It will consume less electricity as well compared to the regular 110-volt tankless water heaters. Because the water gets heated by a quartz element, there is no contact of the water with a metal. So, you need to face problems occurred by metal corrosion.

Another advantage of this electric tankless water heater is that you do not need a venting system like a gas run water heater. It is Eco friendly. The easy temperature control is another positive feature of this SioGreen IR30 V2 POU. You can control the temperature of this unit by the water flow regulator. The outlet has a thermocouple. It constantly monitors the temperature and displays in the Celsius unit.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

SioGreen IR30 V2 POU is not a powerful tankless water heater. It is a mini water heater. Therefore, do not expect so much from it. You can run only one faucet with it. Showers have a water consumption rate of more than 1 GPM. Therefore, you can not use it for showers. This SioGreen water heater will not work perfectly in the colder region as well.

Is SioGreen IR30 Suitable for you?

SioGreen IR30 V2 POU is a perfect point of use tankless water heater for you if the intended use is for a single faucet. If it is a kitchen faucet, then the flow rate may not match with the maximum GPM of this moderately powerful water heater. Therefore, you need to check whether the faucet consumes water at a rate of 0.8 GPM or less. Another important factor to consider the appropriateness is the groundwater temperature. If you are living in a colder region, then it will not be a good option for you. It can work perfectly with the water having a temperature of 52F or more. If you want to explore more good options, then you may read our article of the best 110V tankless water heaters.

Bottom line

Did you find my review of SioGreen IR30 V2 POU mini plugin point of use tankless water heater useful? The specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages are clear. But I have seen a lot of people are frustrated with the performance of this SioGreen IR30 water heater. The majority of the frustrated users purchased it without proper knowledge of the features. Therefore, I tried to give you a clear idea so that know what to expect from it. I think it helped. You may leave a comment to let me know about your experience.

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