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STX Vs LEM Meat Grinder | A Complete Comparison

LEM and STX are two popular premium meat grinder brands. Both of the brands produce high-quality meat grinders that are well accepted by thousand of meat grinder users. Each of the meat grinder brands has unique features that have made them different from the other. In this article, I am going to compare STX and LEM meat grinders so that you can understand which brand is a better choice for you.

Meat grinder series – LEM & STX

Both of these meat grinder brands have three different series of meat grinders.

STX Meat GrinderLEM Meat Grinder
Turboforce SeriesBig Bite series
Megaforce SeriesMighty bite series
Magnum SeriesLem Manual series

Popular STX meat grinders

FeatureDimensionRelease DatePowerGrinding SpeedSizeWeight
Turboforce 200019.13 x 13.7 x 13.31July-20191200W120-180 lbs/H#88 lbs
Turboforce 300019 x 8 x 14Jun-20093000 W180 – 240 lbs/H#1212 lbs
Turboforce 2-400019 x 8 x 14Aug-20162000 W175 – 225 lbs/H#1213 lbs
Megaforce 300020 x 12 x 11Jul-20111200W180-240 lbs/H#1212 lbs
Magnum Gen214 x 7.5 x 11.5Jul-20121800W125-225 lbs/H#1213 lbs

Advantages of STX meat grinder

  • STX meat grinders are relatively inexpensive compared to LEM.
  • All the STX meat grinders come with a lot of free accessories.
  • The Peak motor power of STX is commendable.
  • You can use this meat grinder for dog food preparation.
  • Considering the price and the quality, STX is the ultimate choice as a good value for money meat grinder in the market.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

  • Only #8 and #12 sizes are available. Although this is the perfect size for residential use.

Popular LEM Meat Grinders

FeaturesDimension (inches)SizeWattageHorse PowerWeightVoltageReverse FunctionStainless Steel BodyMotor LubricationGrinding Speed
LEM Big Bite #59.25 X 16.5 X 14#5180W0.35HP32 lbs110/120VAvailableYesPermanentNot Found
LEM Big Bite #89.25 X 18 X 16#8250W0.50 HP29 lbs110/12VAvailableYesPermanent420 lbs/H
LEM Big Bite #1220.24 x 9.13 x 15.98#12550W0.75 HP33 lbs110/12VAvailableYesPermanent660 lbs/H
Lem Big Bite #2222.83 x 12.08 x 18.90#22750W1 HP50 lbs110/12VAvailableYesPermanent780 lbs/H

Advantages Of LEM meat grinder

  • The grinding speed of the LEM Big Bite series is unbelievably high.
  • The steel-made meat grinder is durable and has a premium look.
  • The sturdiness of the meat grinders from LEM’s product is the best in the market.
  • LEM’s big bite series can grind the bones for dog food and fertilizer for the tree.
  • Because of the stainless steel body, it is resistant to oxidation. Therefore, the parts are dishwasher safe.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

  • Because of the premium build quality, the price of LEM’s meat grinder is higher.

LEM or STX – Which meat grinder is better for me?

STX is better

If you are looking for a better value for the money, then STX should be better. It gives a lot of free accessories with it. Although aluminum made, it still looks better than any other similar meat grinders in the market. STX is a good choice for medium to heavy residential use. You can also grind bones with it. But it is not as good as LEM.

LEM is better

If you are a raw feeder then LEM will be for you. It is for heavy users. For the occasional residential users, I would recommend STX because LEM is a bit expensive. For regular bone grinding, LEM is also the perfect choice.

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