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Weston #10 Manual Meat Grinder 361001W Review

Weston is a popular name in the meat grinder industry. They are specialized in the heavy-duty meat grinder category. However, the manual meat grinder from Weston is also very popular. They have created some unique values with it. Not all meat grinders are perfect. In this article, we will review Weston #10 manual meat grinder. After the read, you will learn the specifications and features of this popular kitchen appliance. You will also know the advantages and disadvantages of this unit. Hence, it will help you take proper decisions.

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Specifications – Weston #10 Manual

Model Number 36-1001-W
Weight10 lbs
Body MaterialCast Iron
Knife materialStainless Steel
Plate MaterialStainless Steel
Hopper Opening3″ X 4″
Dimension (inches)10.25 x 8 x 11

Size of weston manual #10

This is a #10 meat grinder. It means the size of the feeding tube is not that big not small. It will be suitable for crashing chicken. But for handling beef or other red meat, you need to cut the meat in small pieces before putting on the feeding tube. If you need comfort and don’t have time to cut the meat into small pieces, then I suggest you go for Weston #22 manual meat grinder.

Speed of operation

Grinding speed for a manual meat grinder depends on manual labor. If you are strong enough, then it will be sufficient for daily residential meat grinding. Therefore, it does not have any rated maximum grinding speed. If the grinding speed is an important aspect for you, I would suggest you go for the electric meat grinders.

Accessories that you get with #10 manual

The number of accessories that come as free with Weston #10 manual meat grinder is OK. It comes with three different size sausage funnels with an adapter. Apart from that, you will get a stainless-steel cutting blade and two grinding plates of varying sizes. Overall, the quality and quantity of the accessories are sufficient.

Item Qty
Sausage Stuffer3 pcs
Stuffing Adapter1 pc
Grinding Plates2 pcs
Grinding Blades1 pc

Price – is it justified?

The price is the most attractive feature of Weston #10 manual meat grinder. You will get this unit under 50 dollars. Compared to the price of electric meat grinders, this is quite nominal. Therefore, if your frequency of meat grinding is not that much then this one will be a good option for you.


This manual meat grinder is made of cast iron. The finishing is not smooth. I would love more if it were made of stainless steel. However, if you consider the price, the built-quality is Ok. Although the grinding plates and blade are made of stainless steel.

Weight and dimension

The weight of this unit is only around 10 pounds. Therefore, it is highly portable. If you are a hunter or a travel lover, you must need a lightweight meat grinder for mobility. The dimension of this unit is 10.25 x 8 x 11 inches. Considering these, I must recommend you this meat grinder if you have a small countertop or you are prioritizing portability.

What weston manual #10 is good for

Weston #10 manual meat grinder is suitable for light residential use. If you grind meat once or twice a week in a small volume, then this one is suitable for you. An elderly person who does not like the complexity of an electric meat grinder may also like this one. I think this manual meat grinder is good for a family with 3 to 4 persons. But you must keep in mind that it is a manual meat grinder. Therefore, you must have to do the job with hand cranking.

What we liked about it

If I summarize, the price of Weston #10 manual meat grinder is the most attractive advantage. Compared to an electric meat grinder, it is inexpensive. It is lightweight and small. Therefore, portability is another important aspect of it. It is simple and easy to operate. Therefore, persons who are not tech-savvy may like it for the simplicity.

What we did not like

The cranking handle is made of wood. I would have loved it more if it were made of metal. The body is not made of high-quality metal. Therefore, you should be careful during washing. It is better if you wash with lukewarm water and not use hard washing liquid.

Final words

Considering all positivity and negativity, I think Weston #10 manual meat grinder has made a good value to consider it as your kitchen companion. I tried to give you a comprehensive review of this Weston manual meat grinder so that it helps during your decision making. If you find it helpful, you can share it with others. Happy cooking!


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