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Weston #22 Manual Meat Grinder 362201W Review

Are you a meat lover? Then you need a meat grinder for preparing varieties of food-item from ground meat. There is a debate on whether the manual or electric meat grinder is better over the other. However, I assume that you like manual meat grinder the most. In this article, I am going to review Weston #22 manual meat grinder for you. After the read, you will come to know whether this popular kitchen appliance will be appropriate for your kitchen or not.

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Model Number 36-2201-W
Dimension (inches)6.1 x 9 x 10.7
Weight12.6 lbs
Body MaterialCast Iron
Hopper Opening4″ X 5″
Knife materialStainless Steel
Plate MaterialStainless Steel


Weston #22 manual meat grinder has a large feeding tube. What it means is that you do not need to cut the meat into small pieces before feeding it into the meat grinder. Therefore, it is convenient in comparison with other small sizes such as #10 manual meat grinder and so on. With the feeding tube, the grinding plates are also larger. Therefore, it will give a smoother operational experience.


A manual meat grinder does not have any specific grinding speed. The speed largely depends on your hand-cranking capacity and the size of the grinder. As this is a #22 meat grinder, it will produce more ground meat per minute compared to a smaller size manual meat grinder. However, the speed will be sufficient for everyday residential purposes.


Weston #22 manual meat grinder will provide you a sufficient number of free accessories. It comes with sausage stuffer of three different sizes. Other than that, you will get two grinding plates and one grinding blade. You will not get any meat pusher with it.

Item Qty
Grinding Blades1 pc
Grinding Plates2 pcs
Sausage Stuffer3 pcs
Stuffing Adapter1 pc


As it is a manual meat grinder, the price is reasonable. Compared to electric meat grinders with the same size, it is at least 5 times cheaper. The price of this unit will be around 60 bucks. However, if your budget is below 50, then you can try the Weston #10 manual meat grinder.


The built-quality of this unit is just average. The body is made of cast iron alloy. Therefore, it is not 100% rust-proof. You need to be careful during washing and cleaning after using it. However, the most important accessories – grinding plates and blade are made of stainless steel to improve longevity.

Weight and dimension

The weight of Weston #22 manual meat grinder is just around 12 pounds. Therefore, it is quite easy to move. The dimension of this unit is just 6.1 x 9 x 10.7 inches. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for kitchens with limited space.

What is it good for?

Weston #22 manual meat grinder is better for residential use. As it is manual, therefore, you need to have enough strength and patience to operate it. The feeding tube is large enough to take a larger chunk of input. Comparing to smaller size manual meat grinders, it will provide a better experience in terms of smoothness and grinding speed.

What we liked

The size of this meat grinder is the most advantage you will get from it. A #22 meat grinder is quite capable of larger pieces of input meat. Therefore, it will give you comfort. The grinding plates and blade are also larger. Therefore, even though it is a manual meat grinder, it is easy to operate. The price is always an advantage for a manual meat grinder. Weston #22 is not any different. The portability and compactness are also two important aspects of this fine meat grinder.

What I did not like

The finishing and aesthetics of this meat grinder are not up to the mark. The alloy that has been used is matte-finished that you may not like. It is not rustproof as well. The cranking handle is also could have been improved with smoother material.

Final words

In the digital era, creating value with a manual product is difficult. I think Weston #22 manual meat grinder has overcome the challenge quite successfully. I tried to present all the important advantages and disadvantages of this popular kitchen appliance for the users so that it helps. If you find the article useful, you may share it with others. Have a good day!

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