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What Can You Do With An Air Fryer That Has Rotisserie Function?

In today’s world, we are becoming more and more health-conscious. Air fryers are a recent addition to our kitchen. This little kitchen appliance helps us keep our body fit by providing foods that are less in calories. Modern air fryers can do multiple types of cooking in addition to air frying such as cooking rotisserie chicken, roasting, baking, and so on. In this article, I will discuss what you can do with an air fryer that has rotisserie function in it. After the read, you will know about different kinds of cooking options with your air fryer with rotisserie.

What is an air fryer with rotisserie?

You may already know that air fryers are cooking appliances that use hot circulated air to cook foods. This kitchen element can cook food without the need for an excess of oil. Therefore, we can get food that is free from unhealthy oil. Because of the hot circulated air, foods that we get from an air fryer are crispy. Some air fryers can be used as a rotisserie oven. Therefore, you can cook rotisserie chicken and many other recipes with it.

Air frying

There is no doubt that air fryers with rotisserie option are mainly an air fryer. Therefore, you can do all kinds of air frying with it with no problem. What are the requirements for air frying? Firstly, you need to have hot blowing air to cook the food. Secondly, the temperature has to be around 400°F. That’s all. With an air fryer that has a rotisserie option, you will have all these requirements fulfilled. Therefore, there is no problem with cooking your favorite air fried chicken, French fries, and so on.


With the air fryer with rotisserie options, you can cook different rotisserie recipes such as chicken, red meats, vegetables, and so on. If the rotisserie has a rotation facility, then you will have even better cooking. The rotation of the rotisserie basket ensures an even and uniform heat distribution. The size of the chicken that can be cooked varies with the size of the cooking chamber of the air fryer. For example, if the size of the cooking chamber is around 6 quarts, you can cook small to medium size chicken with it. It will be sufficient for a big family.

Roasting, grilling, and baking

With almost all air fryers with rotisserie, you can have the facilities for roasting, grilling, and baking. Usually, for these options, there are different present functions. All you need to do is that you have to select the exact preset mode before cooking in any specific recipe. The highest temperature that can be raised with an ordinary air fryer is 400°F. The required temperature for cooking in all these three modes in between 300F to 400F. Therefore, almost all air fryers with the rotisserie mode can roast, grill, and bake.

Toasting and broiling

Not all air fryers with rotisserie function can cook in toasting and broiling mode. The reason is that for toasting and broiling, the required temperature is 450°F to 550°F. An ordinary air fryer has the highest temperature of 400°F. Therefore, these can not toast or broil foods. If you still want these functions with your air fryer and rotisserie oven, then you should check the highest temperature that you will get with it. Another way to check is the preset modes.

Dehydrating and defrosting

For dehydrating, you need a temperature of about 120 to 150°F. Not all air fryers and rotisserie oven have the facility to lower the temperature to that much. However, some have the lowest temperature of 170°F. At this temperature, you can not dehydrate all kinds of foods. On the other hand, defrosting and keeping warm requires a temperature of around 90 to 100°F. This is an even more rare attribute of an air fryer. Therefore, if you want these functions, check the temperature range and preset options.

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Final words

With more cooking functions with an air fryer in addition to rotisserie, the price becomes more and the appliance becomes more complicated. Therefore, my final recommendation is, try to keep it simple. Only focus on air frying and rotisserie. Whatever you get additionally is your bonus. If you focus on bonus too much, then your basic need might not be fulfilled perfectly.

Thanks for the read. I think now you have a comprehensive idea about what you can expect from an air fryer and rotisserie oven. If you like this article, you can share it with others. You can also share your cooking experience with us through the comment section. Happy cooking.

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