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What To Consider Before Buying A Shower Water Heater?

Who is comfortable with taking a bath in cold water? Everybody wants a comfortable shower with sufficiently warm or at least lukewarm water. If the main water heater at our home is not good enough to supply enough hot water for our shower, then we need a dedicated instant water heater for the shower. In this article, I am going to describe how you can select the best shower water heater to ensure a comfortable bath. After the read, you will learn about the considerations that you have to keep in mind before selecting the right tankless water heater for shower.

Why do you want a dedicated water heater for the shower?

Before I go into deep, let’s first discuss the reason that people use a dedicated water heater for shower. First of all, everybody does not have a powerful tankless water heater that supplies instant hot water to the whole house. Therefore, if you have a traditional storage-tank water heater, it may take some time before it is ready to give you hot water for shower.

Another reason can be the insufficient capacity of your main tankless water heater. If you have a tankless water heater to support hot water to the whole house, then you must need a machine with a higher flow rate. If the maximum flow rate of your tankless water heater is less, then it may not be able to supply water to multiple faucets or fixtures at a time. Therefore, at peak time, when you need to take a shower, it may not be able to supply you with hot water. In this case, you need a dedicated tankless water heater for shower.

People also like the shower water heater to control the water temperature instantly and conveniently. If you have a separate water heater in your bathroom for a shower, you can set the temperature as per your comfort. It becomes difficult to change the temperature if the water heater is installed outside.

Types of electric tankless water heater for shower

For the shower, people usually choose two types of water heater – 110-volt mini tankless water heater and shower head water heater. The advantage of a mini tankless water heater is that it is inexpensive. You can directly plug in this kind of water heaters in your electric line without customizing it. As you do not need the hot water to be supplied to the whole house with it, 110V mini water heater is a suitable option for the shower. Showerhead water heaters, on the other hand, are good options too. For these kinds of water heater, you do not need any additional space for installation. Therefore, it may save your space, On the other hand, these are inexpensive as well.

Showerhead water heater

When you have decided to purchase a dedicated shower head water heater, then a few things you have to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the dimension and volume of the showerhead. Assess whether it will be appropriate to install in your supply line. Secondly, consider the wattage. A shower head water heater has wattage between 2.5W to 6W. I would suggest going for a higher wattage for maximum efficiency. Another consideration is the temperature rise. Check what is the maximum temperature rise that can be achieved with the shower head water heater that you wish to purchase. If you are living in a colder region, then checking this feature is especially important for you. Finally, you should also check the temperature control options. The more the options are, the better it is to choose the right temperature.

Mini tankless water heater for shower

When you have decided to purchase a 110V or 120V mini tankless water heater for shower, you should follow some considerations as well. Firstly, consider the dimension of the mini tankless water heater that you are intending to use for the shower. Check whether you have a suitable space to install it. After that, you should also check the maximum flow rate at the given temperature. For example, a modern water-saving showerhead will consume about 0.5 GPM water at maximum speed. Therefore, check whether the water heater you are going to choose fulfills this requirement.

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Bottom line

When you intend to purchase anything, you need to know your need first. Afterward, you need to know all the available options. Then you should balance these two to find out a suitable solution to your problem. I think this article was helpful for you to know about the consideration before getting your water heater for shower. If you find it useful, you may share it with others. Have a good day!

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