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Why is Philips Air Fryer So Expensive?

Philips is a reputed name in the air fryer industry. This brand is well known for its premium air fryers. It has air fryer models from around 2 quarts to 6 quarts for different customer bases. However, the prices of Philips air fryer are exorbitant. Compared to other similar brands the price is almost two times. Why are Philips air fryers so expensive? Is the price justified? In this article, we will try to find out the answers to these questions.

Why is Philips air fryer highly priced?

The patented innovative technologies are the main reasons for the high price of Philips air fryer. Different models of Philips air fryers are integrated with different unique technologies. For example, Philips Premium XXL has fat removal technology in addition to other good features.

Fat removal technology

This is a unique quality of different Philips air fryer models. With this technology, Philips can capture the excess fat from the food. Although all air fryers cook food with little or no oil. Therefore foods cooked by all the air fryers are healthy. Philips is one step ahead of others in this regard. It cooks food with less oil and in addition, it removes fat from the food. Therefore foods cooked by the Philips air fryer are more healthy compared to that of the competitors.

Philips claims that it can cook food with 90% less fat compared to conventional ovens. It is a huge value addition for health-conscious people.

Turbostar technology

This technology is also synonymous with fat removal technology. With the help of this technology Philips air fryer can cook food with up to 90% less fat. The specialty of this technology is that it uses hot circulated air throughout the cooking basket that ensures even heat distribution. The constant circulated heat extract fat from the food and pass it through the bottom of the food basket. Thus the turbostar technology reduces fat from the food substantially.

Starfish technology

This is also a patented cooking technology by Philips. With the help of this technology the air fryer can cook food requiring 75% less oil. It generates rapid air and circulates throughout the food basket through the metal mesh. This is how the Philips air fryer ensures evenly cooked food with the help of starfish technology.

Is the price of Philips air fryer justified?

Philips is undoubtedly overpriced. The price is almost twice as much as the competitors. For example, a 5.5 QT Ninja air fryer will cost around $120. Philips air fryer with a similar capacity will cost you around 250 dollars.

In fact, good brands like Ninja, COSORI, Nuwave, and so on have almost all the good features. But Philips is one step ahead with unique innovations such as turbostar, fat removal, or starfish technology. That’s the reason why Philips is expensive.

Philips does not have any competitors when it comes to these innovations. These added benefits are unique to Philips. That’s the reason why the prices are exorbitant. I do not think the price of Philips is justified. However, if the price does not matter to you and you care so much about your health and the food, then Philips will be undoubtedly the best option.

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