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Best Stainless Steel Air Fryers | Top 5 in 2022

Why do you need a stainless-steel air fryer? There are so many advantages of stainless-steel kitchen appliances. Because of the exposure to water and food, kitchen appliances are prone to corrosion. Therefore, if you purchase an air fryer that is made of stainless steel, it will last much longer than an ordinary air fryer. In this article, I am going to review the best air fryer ovens with stainless steel bodies or baskets. First, I am going to describe the method of how did I choose my top list. Afterward, I will review each of the top 5 air fryers with stainless steel basket. After the read, it will be easier for you to make the purchase decision.

I want to make it very clear to my readers that stainless steel does not necessarily mean that the basket of the air fryer will be made of steel. In fact, I have found no air fryer that has a basket with pure S/S. Therefore, in this review, you will find the best air fryers which have S/S on the exterior or some part of the body is made of steel.

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Best stainless steel Air Fryer Ovens

Now it is time to explore the top list. To make it comprehensive, I have chosen 5 different S/S air fryers that have their own positive attributes. To start the detailed review, let us see the list with a detailed comparison among them.

Comparison table

ModelSizeDimension (inches)WeightPowerTemperature Range
Innsky Air Fryer 55SA1US5.8 qtNot found11.33 lbs1700 W180F to 400F
BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD2.1 qt13 x 13 x 1511 lbs1200W175F to 400F
COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF3.7 qt9.8 x 9 x 11.413.27 lbs1500W170F to 400F
Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25Not found12 x 11.75 x 11.516 lbs1800W180F to 450F
Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS5.3 qt11.42 x 14.37 x 13.3114.47 lbs1700W160F to 400F

Innsky Air Fryer 55SA1US

As a popular name in the air fryer, Innsky has this stainless-steel air fryer for the consumers who love this feature. What is good about the basket of this unit? First of all, the shape of the food basket is square. A square shape is good for intaking a larger volume of food. The exterior is made of stainless steel to protect it from rusting. The metal interior ensures the food to be free from plastic smell. Not only that, but S/S and metal finishing also ensure easy cleaning.


  • Size: 5.8 qt
  • Dimension:
  • Weight: 11.33 lbs
  • Power: 1700 W
  • Temperature range: 180°F to 400°F


Size, dimension, and weight – The size of this unit is around 6 quarts. The size is enough for cooking in a big batch. Therefore, Innsky 5.8 qt Air Fryer 55SA1US is suitable for a medium to large family. The weight of this unit is around 11 lbs. Compared to other air fryers with similar capacity, the weight of this unit is about 40 to 50% less. If you need mobility for a big air fryer, then this unit will be suitable for you.

Temperature range – The temperature range of this unit is 180°F to 400°F. The higher range of 400°F is as usual what is expected from an air fryer of all ranges. The lower range of 180°F is better for food dehydration. As you can not go below this temperature, no keeping warm and defrost option is available with this air fryer.

Control panel and other features – The digital control panel of this unit has individual time and temperature setting options. It has seven preset functions. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you don’t know which parameter to set for the specific recipes. You can do baking, grilling, air frying, and roasting with this unit. All you need to do is just select the preset if you don’t know the appropriate temperature and time. The air fryer will take care of the rest.

Advantages of Innsky Air Fryer 55SA1US

The capacity of Innsky Air Fryer 55SA1US is good for serving a maximum of 6 persons in a single batch. Apart from that, the stainless-steel exterior and metal interior of the food basket ensure longevity, ease of cleaning, and healthier food. The square shape of the basket keeps more food than that of a round-shaped basket. The 360-degree hot air circulation system of this unit will ensure an even and faster cooking. The auto-off function will save the food from overcooking.

On the other hand, the temperature memorizing function and up to 12-hour appointment function are some of the unique features that I liked so much. It will consume 85% less oil compared to the traditional deep frying. Last but not the least, the price of this unit it another big advantage that I liked. You will rarely find a good quality air fryer under 100 that has a capacity of around 6 quarts.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

Although the lower temperature range is 180°F, I would have loved more if it were below 150°F. There is not keep warm function. Although it is not a very common function of an air fryer. During the first few days of use, you may smell burning plastic. Therefore, it is recommended that you do some dry run before using it. It is also a bit louder than its competitors of the same range.

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HF110SBD is a popular stainless-steel model of the renowned brand BLACK+DECKER. It has a metal outer surface that makes it durable. The detail of this popular air fryer is given below.


  • Size: 2.1 qt
  • Dimension: 13 x 13 x 15
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Power: 1200W
  • Temperature range: 175°F to 400°F

Size, dimension, and weight – The size of this unit is around 2 quarts. If you live in a small family then it will be a perfect choice for you. The basket has a stainless-steel metal handle. The durable metal protects the handle from corrosion. The shape of this air fryer is like a traditional coffee maker. With a weight of around 11 lbs, it is one of the best options for a small family if you like portability. The size and shape of this unit also good for kitchens that has space constraint.

Temperature rangeBLACK+DECKER 2 liter HF110SBD air fryer has a sufficiently wide temperature range of 175°F to 400°F. The lower range of 175°F has made it possible for food dehydration. The higher range of 400°F is sufficient for cooking anything that you like to cook in an air fryer. This is a simple and basic air fryer with minimum basket size.

Control panel and other features – This unit has two separate analog dials for temperature and time control. Apart from these two control options, there are two indicator lights. One is for showing the power and another for showing the preheating temperature.

Advantages of BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD

The basket of this unit is made of steel and good quality metal. Therefore, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The small coffeemaker shaped air fryer is portable. It is also suitable for a small kitchen. The user-friendly control panel is suitable for beginners and elderly people who do not like complication. The food basket is non-stick. Therefore, you can cook with less oil. Although it does not have any preset cooking option, the user manual has easy to understand instruction regarding time, temperature, and quantity.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

Due to the manual temperature dial, you can not have precise temperature control. You will not have any preset cooking options either. Therefore, whether you want to air fry, bake, or roast, you will have to set the temperature and time. It is a small basic air fryer. Therefore, if you live in a big family, you may need a bigger basket to cook in a larger volume.

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COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF

COSORI is a giant in the field of the air fryer. This CP237-AF has a square-shaped basket that has stainless steel on the outer surface. It is detachable, non-stick, and dishwasher safe. Find the detail below.


  • Size: 3.7 qt
  • Dimension: 9.8 x 9 x 11.4
  • Weight: 13.27 lbs
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Temperature range: 170°F to 400°F


Size, dimension, and weight – The size of the food basket is 3.7 quarts. The basket of this size is quite sufficient for a family of 4 members. The shape of this air fryer along with the basket is square. A square-shaped basket is better for accommodating more food. The weight of this unit is around 13 lbs. This is slightly heavier than other comparable models. Overall, it will not occupy a lot of space on the countertop.

Temperature range – The working temperature of COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF is 170°F to 400°F. At 400°F you can air fry anything you like with comfortable. The lower temperature of 170°F is good for food dehydration but it would have been better if the temperature could be further lowered to less than 150°F.

Control panel and other features – With the COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF, you will have a user-friendly digital control panel. There are two separate options to control temperature and time. On top of that, there are nine different preset cooking functions for beginners. The preset cooking functions include a preheat option. Therefore, you do not need to think much about what temperature and time to set before cooking. This unit has a skewer rank along with some skewers that include versatility in your cooking.

Advantages of COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF

If we summarize the advantages of COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF, we find few mention-worthy points. Firstly, the overcooking indicator of this unit will save the foods from overheating. The temperature range is also wide. Therefore, you will have enough variations. The size of the cooking pot is good enough for a small to medium family. The basket is square-shaped that will allow more food than a comparable round shaped basket. This COSORI air fryer is FDA compliant. Therefore, a safer option as a cooking companion. The stainless-steel design is better for longevity. It is also easy to clean.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

Although good for a small to medium size family, COSORI Air Fryer CP237-AF is not suitable for a large family. You can only cook food for 3-4 people in a single batch. You may smell a burning plastic smell during the first few days of using this unit. Although it is a common problem with almost all air fryers. Have some dry runs before using to get rid of this problem.

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Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25

Cuisinart is another reputed name for cooking appliances. The AFR-25 model air fryer is a differently shaped air fryer and a toaster oven that has a durable stainless-steel basket.


  • Size: Not Found
  • Dimension: 12 x 11.75 x 11.5
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Temperature range: 180°F to 450°F

Size, dimension, and weight – Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25 is almost square-shaped. The dimension of this unit is 12 x 11.75 x 11.5. Although the size of the cooking chamber is not mentioned, you can cook up to 4 lbs of chicken with it. It will be good enough for a family of 4 persons. The shape and overall dimensions of this unit are a bit bulkier compared to other air fryers in a similar range.

Temperature range – Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25 has a wide range of working temperatures. The highest temperature that you can get with it is 450°F. As it is a toaster oven as well, therefore, the temperature of that much is quite expected. The lower temperature that it can achieve is 180°F that is ordinary. However, the overall temperature range of this unit is better than any other top-quality air fryers that we have reviewed.

Control panel and other features – The control panel of this unit is manual. It has two separate control knobs for temperature and time control. Temperature can be set between warm to 450°F. You can set the time up to 60 minutes. The exterior of this air fryer is made of stainless steel. Therefore, only an easy wipe will be sufficient to clean it.

Advantages of Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25

With a traditional air fryer, you cannot see what is happening inside. With Cuisinart AFR-25, you can see the inside cooking condition as like a convection oven. Therefore, you can take necessary action during cooking if requires. The interior of this unit is non-stick and the outside is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is convenient to clean this air fryer. The wide temperature range is another major advantage. Because of the high temperature that can be achieved with this unit, you can use it as a toaster oven. Other than this, you will get keep warm, baking, broiling, and convection function with this air fryer.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

Although the capacity is good, but not good enough to serve for a big family having 6 or more members. The control panel has no digital display, neither it has touch control and preset cooking mode. Other than these two little issues, I think Cuisinart AirFryer AFR-25 is a perfect choice if you want a multi-functional stainless steel air fryer for a medium family.

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Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS

If you are looking for a stainless-steel air fryer then you are going to like Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EAF-501SS. The exterior of this unit has a smooth metal finish that perfectly fits a modern kitchen. With the stainless-steel finish, you just need a wet cloth to clean the air fryer. Overall, it is one of the finest choices as an air fryer with stainless steel exterior.


  • Size: 5.3 qt
  • Dimension: 11.42 x 14.37 x 13.31
  • Weight: 14.47 lbs
  • Power: 1700 W
  • Temperature range: 160°F to 400°F


Size, dimension, and weight – The basket size of Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS is 5.3 quarts. This is good enough for a family having 6 members. The basket is square-shaped. Therefore, it can accommodate more food than an equivalent round shaped basket can keep. The weight of this unit is about 14.50 lbs. The weight is lower than that of equivalent similar size air fryers.

Temperature range – Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS has a wide temperature range. It can cook at the highest temperature of 400°F. The lower range if 160°F that is moderately suitable for food dehydration.

Control panel and other features – The Elite Platinum has a digital control panel. It has separate temperature and time setting options. Other than these, it has eight preset cooking options.

Advantages of Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS

Automatic shut off is a prime advantage of Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS. The body of this unit is made of stainless steel that gives it an elegant look. The size of the basket is large enough to cook for a big family. The basket has a square shape which is also a great advantage. Compared with traditional cooking, this air fryer will consume 85% less oil. Therefore, it will be a healthier option as a cooker. There are eight quick-cooking functions available. If you do not know who to set the temperature and time, you can select the preset and the air fryer will take care of the rest. The basket is non-stick and PFOA free. Therefore, it is easy to clean and not harmful.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

If you are looking for a stainless-steel air fryer for a big family, I think Maxi-Matic Elite EAF-501SS is a great option. I do not see that many drawbacks. If I have to say one or two, I would love if the lower temperature range were a bit less than 160°F. There is no dehydration or keep warm function with it. But I think you are getting more than what you are paying.

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How did I choose the best stainless steel air fryer?

Firstly, I made a list of all air fryers in the market that has a stainless steel basket or body. From the list of about 15 potential air fryers, I made my shortlist of the top 5 stainless steel air fryers. I made my shortlist based on the rating given by the users. On a scale of 100, the initial qualifying rating was 80. I removed all the air fryers that did not have a rating point of more than 79. Then the list was shortened to 10 from 15.

Secondly, I manually checked the reviews given by the users. I gave importance to the recurring comments. Based on positive and negative comments I assigned points to each of the air fryers. Finally, I manually checked the important features that are important for an air fryer. I checked the size, cooking functions, temperature range, wattage, advanced features, and matched these features with the price. Based on these, I made my final list.

Final words

Stainless steel will enhance the longevity of the machine. Therefore, if you have decided to get a stainless steel air fryer, then I must appreciate you. But as you know, built-quality is not the only feature that you should consider during a purchase decision. And for this reason, I tried to explain all the positives and negatives of the best air fryer ovens that have a stainless-steel basket. I think this will help you make the right decision. I also tried to make my list versatile so that people with different kinds of needs can find a suitable product.

Thanks for the read. If you find the article helpful, you can share it with others. You can also share any of your experiences with air fryer through the comment section. Happy cooking!

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