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Emeril Vs Nuwave Air Fryer & Convection toaster Oven Comparison

Nuwave and Emeril are two renowned brands in the air fryer and convection oven industry. Both of them have a number of popular products in the basket. Emeril 360 and Nuwave Bravo XL are two models of air fryer and convection toaster ovens that people often compare side by side. They have a few subtle differences that are difficult to find out for an ordinary person. In this article, I am going to make a comprehensive comparison between Emeril 360 and Nuwave Bravo XL air fryer and convection ovens. After reading it, you will be able to make the right decision between these two models.

Emeril 360 vs Nuwave Bravo XL

Table of Comparison

FeaturesEmeril 360Bravo XL
ModelS∙AFO-001Convection Oven226
Capacity16 quarts30 quarts
Dimension (inch)20 x 15 x 1120.2 x 16.5 x 11
Weight15 lbs16.23 lbs
Temperature100F to 450F50F to 500F
First ArrivalFeb-2019Dec-2020
Cooking Presets1212
Color VarientsStainless steelGlossy Silver
Control PanelManual Knob + PushManual push
Suitable for10+ persons10+ persons

Similar features

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Cooking functions that are common

Cooking functionsEmeril 360Bravo XL
Air Fry

Emeril and Bravo both have the above cooking functions in common. Both of the models have some necessary cooking functions such as dehydrate, air fry, roast, toast and broil.

Cooking functions are absent in both

Cooking functionsEmeril 360Bravo XL
Temperature probeXX
Split cookXX

The table above shows the list of cooking functions that are absent in both of the air fryer and convection toaster oven models. None of the models has temperature probe. This function is a way of setting and controlling the temperature as per the needs. Although both of the models have bake function, none of them have convection bake option.

Other similar features

Both of the models have similar kind of control panel. They have manual knobs and manual push buttons for controlling the convection toaster oven. Both of the models have a large digital display to show the cooking status. To know more about control panel of a convection oven, read our article.

Emeril and Nuwave Bravo XL have exactly the same number of cooking presets. The dimensions of both the models are very similar. Both of the models are good for a large family. They can cook in large batches.

Dissimilar features

Cooking functions that are different

Cooking functionsEmeril 360Bravo XL
Slow CookX
Slow RoastX

The above list of cooking functions distinguishes both models in a deeper way. Emeril 360 has a rotisserie, warm, bagel, and slow cook functions. None of these functions are available in Bravo XL. On the other hand, Brave XL has the grill, defrost, yogurt, and slow roast function that are not available in its counterpart.

Other distinguishing features

Bravo XL has a higher cooking capacity than Emeril. Its capacity is almost double the capacity of its competitor. The power rating of the heating element is also higher in Bravo. A higher power rating ensures robust, quicker, and uniform cooking.

The control panel of these air fryers and convection ovens is also a dissimilarity.

Advantages of Emeril 360 ( Over Nuwave Bravo)

  • Emeril has rotisserie function. This important feature is missing in Brave.
  • It has slow cook, warm, and bagel functions.
  • Although Emeril has many other advantages, none of them are exclusive. Therefore, I’m not mentioning them.

Advantages of Nuwave Bravo ( Over Emeril 360)

  • Bravo XL has a higher cooking capacity.
  • As the cooking chamber is larger, it has a more powerful heating element.
  • It has the grill, defrost, yogurt, and slow cook function that are absent in its counterpart.
  • It was released in the market later than Emeril. Therefore, it could use advanced technology.

Which one is better?

Nuwave Bravo XL is the clear winner. This model creates more value for money. Both the models have almost the same price tag. But after comparing the features, it is clearly evident that Bravo XL has more advantages and features than Emeril. Both of the models have their own distinguishable features. Therefore, when you are making the final decision, you should check the limitations of both models.

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