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GoWise USA Mojave 17 Quart Air Fryer & Dehydrator GW66100 Review

GoWise is a renowned brand that has a  complete range of air fryers.  It has air fryers for a single person,  for small families,  for large families, and air fryers with dehydrator and rotisserie.  People who love dehydrated food, so often look for an air fryer that can dehydrate as well.  In this article, I am going to review GoWise USA mojave 17-quart air fryer and dehydrator GW66100. This is the best choice for the person looking for an air fryer and dehydrator combo. 

However, if you are looking for a standalone dehydrator, then you may follow this article.

Specification of GoWise GW66100 

FeaturesGoWise USA GW66100
Capacity17 Quart
Dimension (Inch)12 x 13.5 x 14.5
Weight23 lbs
Temperature90°F – 400°F
Power1800 W
First ArrivalJan-2020
Prest Function8
Color Varients1 ( black + S/S)
Control Paneldigital touch
Adjustable TimeUp to 8 hours

Features Of GoWise USA 17 Quart Air Fryer

GoWise USA Mojave 17 Quart Air Fryer with Dehydrator

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It is the most important feature of an air fryer. GoWise USA Mojave GW66100 model is the largest stand-alone air fryer in the market in my analysis. Therefore, if you are looking for the largest air fryer on the market, then this model is the single most perfect choice for you. However, you can explore more large-capacity air fryers from our article here.

Dimension and weight

The dimension of GoWise USA 17 qt air fryer is 12 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches. Therefore, it is almost square-shaped. A square appliance consumes less space on the countertop in your kitchen. The weight of this unit is 23 lbs. 

Temperature and timer

The lowest temperature you can get with this GoWise USA 17-quart air fryer is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore it is capable of dehydrating anything you want.  For an air fryer to become a dehydrator, it has to have the capacity of cooking for a long time.  This GoWise air fryer can cook for up to 8 hours.  Therefore it is a good option for you as an air fryer and dehydrator combo. 

Control panel and cooking functions

GoWise 17  quart air fryer has a digital touch control panel with 8 preset cooking functions. Cooking functions include air fry,  roast,  bake, toast,  rotisserie, and so on. Therefore, it is a multi-functional air fryer that not only dehydrates but also does many other things. 


GoWise USA 17 qt air fryer comes with 11 accessories. The main advantage of this unit is the 5 layer racks. Therefore, it is especially good for food dehydration. Other accessories include rotisserie cage, rotisserie rod and fork, skewer, tong, drip pan, and so on. 

Heating element

The heating element of this unit is quite powerful. The rated power of the heater of this unit is 1800 W. Compared with the competitors, we find that the power of the heating element of this unit is above average. Competitors have rated power ranging from 1500W to 1700W. Very few of them have 1800W to 2000W. A powerful heating element ensures even and quicker cooking. 

Value for money

Considering the price and the benefit, I think GoWise USA Mojave 17 qt air fryer and dehydrator provides great value for money. It is slightly more costly than a 12 qt air fryer. But in return, it will give you considerably higher cooking capacity and multiple layer cooking racks. I think it gives more in return for the slightly higher price. 

Advantages of GoWise 17 qt air fryer 

  • It is the largest air fryer in the market. Therefore, it is suitable for cooking in large batches that serve a big family. 
  • It can be used for dehydrating any kind of food as it has a wide temperature range and a longer timer. 
  • The multiple layer racks ensure maximizing the cooking capacity. 
  • It provides great value for money. Therefore, it is comparatively inexpensive. 
  • GoWise 17 qt air fryer has a rotisserie function that can cook a whole chicken. 
  • It also provides multiple free accessories. 

What it is good for?

Considering the points above, GoWise 17-quart air fryer is good for a person who is looking for a large air fryer. It can cook in large batches. Therefore, good for a large family. On the other hand, the multiple layer racks, the wide temperature range, and the timer setting option of up to 8 hours have made it the best air fryer and dehydrator combo on the market. It should be the best air fryer for persons who loves dehydrated food and prepare dried food at home.