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Best Dehydrator For Fruits And Vegetables In 2021

From many different kinds of foods, we dehydrate fruits and vegetables too often. They behave similarly while we process them for getting dried up. Not all dehydrators are good for them. In this article, I am going to review the best dehydrators for fruits and vegetables. After reading, you will understand which one is going to be suitable for your kitchen. 

Top dehydrators suitable for fruits and vegetables

Name of the BrandSpecial AttributeColorDimension (Inches)WattageTimerTemperature Range
Chefman DehydratorBlack13.6 x 17.5 x 12.4480W19.8 Hours95F to 158F
VIVOHOME VH517Silver12.5 x 9.5 x 13.5400W24 Hours95F to 158F
NutriChef PKFD06White11.7 x 8.7 x 12.4250WNot foundup to 180F
OSTBA DehydratorBlack/ S/S10.2 x 8.2 x 9.8240W72 Hours95F to 160F
Hamilton Beach 32100AGray10.5 x 13 x 11500W48 Hours100F to 160F
Ivation IV-FD90RBBlack19.5 x 18.1 x 15.1600W19.5 Hours95F to 158F
Gourmia GFD1950Black17.75 x 13.5 x 16600W19.5 Hours95F to 158F
COSORI CP267-FDS/S13.4 x 17.8 x 12.4600W48 Hours95F to 165F
Nesco Snakmaster FD-75AGray13.8 x 22.1 x 13.9600WNo timer95F to 160F
Excalibur 3926TBBalck19 x 17 x 12.5440W26 Hours105F to 165F

Chefman dehydrator

Key features 

It is one of the best options for you if you are dehydrating your fruits and vegetables. Key features of this unit include: 

  • The power of the heating element is 480W. 
  • It has an almost cubic shape. The dimension of this unit is 13.58 x 17.52 x 12.4 inches. 
  • The color of this Chefman food dehydrator is Black. 
  • It is made of plastic. 
  • The temperature range of this unit is 95F to 158F. 
  • The time can be set up to 19.5 hours. 
  • The dimension of the food tray is 13 x 12 inches. 

Why is Chefman dehydrator the best option? 

Chefman is a popular name in the kitchen appliance industry. Therefore, it is a trustworthy brand. Below are some reasons why this is one of the best options for dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

  • It has 6 drying trays. Therefore, you will have enough surface area to dehydrate multiple items in the same batch. 
  • The food trays are made of BPA free material. Therefore, it is a healthier option. 
  • This Chefman dehydrator cares about consistent drying. Therefore, all your fruits and vegetables get dehydrated uniformly. 
  • The temperature and timer range is sufficient for dehydrating any kind of fruits and vegetables. 
  • You can see the foods through the transparent door while the dehydration is in progress. 
  • It can also be a good option for dehydrating herbs and meats. 


It is another great option if you want to dehydrate fruits and vegetables. After researching the features and advantages, we decided to list this dehydrator in our toppers’ chart. Below are the key features of this unit. 

Key features

  • The power of the heating element of this unit is 400W. 
  • It looks great with a mixed color of silver and black. 
  • The built material of this unit is plastic and stainless steel. 
  • It has a dimension of 12.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches. 
  • The working temperature of this unit is 95F to 158F.
  • The timer setting limit of this dehydrator is up to 24 hours. 

Why VIVOHOME is a great option for dehydrating fruits and vegetables? 

I have chosen this dehydrator on my list for a couple of reasons. Below are some of the important points. 

  • This unit takes care of the food value of the fruits and vegetables you dehydrate. It retains around 97% of the nutrition value of the food. 
  • The working temperature range and timer are OK for dehydrating almost all kinds of foods. 
  • It has 8 layers of food trays. Therefore, you can dehydrate a large volume of fruits in a single batch. 
  • You can monitor the temperature and time with the help of a digital display. 
  • This food dehydrator is made of high-grade BPA-free material. Therefore, it takes care of food safety. 
  • The stainless steel makes the dehydrator look premium. 

NutriChef PKFD06

After researching the features of this NutriChef food dehydrator, I put it in my list of the top dehydrator for fruits and vegetables. Below are the key features of this unit. 

Key features

  • The wattage of this unit is 250W. 
  • Its dimension is 11.7 x 8.7 x 12.4 inches
  • You raise the temperature up to 180F
  • You can control the dehydrator with only one manual knob. 
  • It does not have any time controller. 

Why is NutriChef a recommended dehydrator for fruits and vegetables?

  • It is one of the best options for you if you are looking for an inexpensive but good-quality dehydrator. 
  • Its value for money is great. This dehydrator has a great balance between price and features. 
  • The control panel of this unit is user-friendly and easy to use. 
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can dehydrate fish, meat, and poultry with it. 
  • Although it is small, it has 5 stackable trays. Therefore, you can dehydrate a good quantity of food in a single batch.

OSTBA Dehydrator

If you want to dehydrate fruits and vegetables along with jerky, dog treat, snacks, and herbs, then OSTBA will be a great option for you. Below are the features and advantages of this uni.

Key features

  • The wattage of this OSTBA dehydrator is 240W.
  • Temperature range of this unit is 95F to 160F.
  • You can set the temperature from 1 hour 72 hours.
  • It has both mechanical and electronic varitants with different price tags.
  • The electronic variant of this dehydrator has a digital display and temperatue and timer touch buttons.
  • It has 5 dehydrating tray that are BPA free.

Why OSTBA dehydrator is a great option for fruits and vegetables?

  • The 1 to 72 hours wide range of timer setting option is a great advantage of this OSTBA dehydrator.
  • There are two intra-layers heights of this unit. Therefore, you can set the height according to your requirement.
  • The dehydrator is made of stainless steel and BPA free plastic material. Therefore, this unit will not compromize
  • It has 360 degree hot air circulation system. Therefore, it ensures even distribution of air for better dehydration.
  • Apart from fruit and vegetable, you can dehydrate pet treats, jerky, herbs and so on.

Hamilton Beach 32100A Dehydrator

Hamilton Beach is a reputed name in the kitchen appliance industry. After researching about the 32100A dehydrator of this brand, I have found that it is a good recommendation for dehydrating fruits and vegetables. Below are the features and advantages of this unit.

Key features

  • The wattage of the heating element of this dehydrator is 500W.
  • It has a 48 hour timer setting option.
  • You can set the temperature between 100F to 160F.
  • The built material is mostly plastic.
  • It has a special mesh sheet tray for dehydrating herbs.
  • It includes with 5 dehydrating trays.

Why have I chosen it as a great dehydrator?

  • The value for money of this unit is great. You will get more than average for the money you spend.
  • The heating element of this Hamilton Beach dehydrator is powerful.
  • It inculdes with a mesh tray. Therefore, you can dehydrate even the smallest pieces.
  • It will provide a continuous air flow untile you are done with your cooking.

Ivation IV-FD90RB

Key Features

  • The wattage of this Ivation dehydrator is 600W.
  • It has 9 adjustable dehyrating trays.
  • The dimension of the tray is 13×12 inches.
  • Its working temperature range is 95 to 158F.
  • It is made of high grade plastic.
  • The color of the dehydrator is black.
  • The maximum timer that you can set with it is 19.5 hours.
  • This dehydrator is made of high grade BPA free material.
  • It includes with an overheating protector sensor.
  • The control panel of this unit is made of digital display with manual push button.

Why this Ivation IV-FD90RB dehydrator is a good option for fruits and vegetables?

  • Number of dehydrator tray of this unit is 9. Therefore, you can dehydrate multiple types of fruits in a single batch.
  • The total surface area is good enough to dehydrate a large amount of fruits and vegetables at a time.
  • Apart from fruit and vegetables, it can dehydrate all other common types of foods that we usually dry out.
  • It ensures optimal air flow that ensures crispyness and dryness of the fruits.
  • The higher capacity of this dehydrator is good food a large family, sportsmen and persons who go out for camping or travel.
  • The overheating protection option takes care of the vegetables from overcooking.
  • The heating element of this unit is rear mounted. Therefore, it ensures even heat distribution. Thus, it spares the trays from rotating to ensure even cooking.

Gourmia GFD1950

Key features

  • It has a 600W heating element.
  • The number of dehydrating try of this unit is 9.
  • The dimension of this gourima dehydrator is 17.75 x 13.5 x 16 inches.
  • Its working temperature range is 95F to 158F.
  • It can dehydrate up to 19.5 hours.

Why Gourmia GFD1950 is a good dehydrator?

  • With the 9 dehydrating trays, you can dehydrate different foods in the same batch.
  • It is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is easy to clean and has extended longevity.
  • The digital control panel has different push buttons for setting the temperature and time.
  • The build materials are BPA free. Therefore, they are safe for your health.
  • It has a transparant door to see whether the foods are complely dehydrated or not.
  • It ensures 360 degree air flow. Therefore, no need to rotate the food trays.
  • This Gourima dehydrator does not only dehyerate fruits and vegetables. It can handle all sorts of food that you need to dehydrate.
  • It includes a free recipie book that include dehydrated food recipes such as potato chips, jerky, fruit leather and so on.



  • COSORI dehydrator has a rated power of the heating element of 600W.
  • The dimension of this unit is 13.4 x 17.8 x 12.4 inches.
  • It is equipped with six stainless steel trays. Therefore, we expect that the trays will last longer.
  • You may set the temperatue up to 48 hours.
  • The temperatue range of this unit is 95F to 165F.
  • The noise level of this COSORI dehydrator is aroud 48 DB.

Why COSORI CP 267 FD is a good option?

  • This COSORI dehydrator comes with free accessories including mesh screen and fruit roll sheet.
  • 48 hour timer stting option is an advantage over the others.
  • Due to stainless steel, the dehydrator looks premium. It is easy to clean as well.
  • Its heat circulation fan and heating element is mounted at the rear. Therefore, the heat distribution is even.
  • The control panel of this unit is fully digital with touch buttons.
  • The fruit dehydrator has a memory function that saves the setting of your previous cooking.
  • This COSORI dehydrator has overheat protection system. Therefore, the foods are protected from the risk of accidental overcooking.
  • It is a great option for dehyrating all kinds of fruits such as apple, banana, strawberry, blackberry, mangoes and so on.

Nesco Snakmaster FD-75A


  • The circular shaped dehydrator has a dimension of 13.75 x 22.13 x 13.87 inches.
  • The color of this unit is white-grey.
  • It has a powerful heating element with a rated power of 600W.
  • Working temperatue of this unit is 90F to 160F.
  • It has five dehydrating trays. You can seperately purchase additional trays and add up to 7 food trays.
  • It is made of high quality BPA free and food grade plastic.
  • The drying capacity of each try is approximately 0.8 square feet.

Why Nesco Snakmaster FD-75A is a good recommendation for vegetable dehydration?

  • This Nesco dehydrator ensures even heat distribution and therefore, it is four time faster as per the claim of the manufacturer.
  • It has multiple food try option. You can set up to 12 food trays. Therefore, if you need to dehydrate a lot of vegetable or fruits, then you can do that with it.
  • It has patented Converga-flow system. Therefore, no need to rotate the trays for heat distribution.
  • This Nesco dehydrator comes with necessary free accessories.
  • You can dehydrate any kind of vegetables such as okra, potato, broccoli and so on with it.

Excalibur 3926TB fruits and vegetable dehydrator


  • The wattange of the heating element of this unit is 440W.
  • The rectangular dehydrator has a dimension of 19 x 17 x 12.5 inches.
  • It is plastic made. The color of this unit it black.
  • Total number of food tray of this unit is 9 with a total dehydrating capacity of around 15 square feet.
  • It has up to 26 hour timer setting uption with a temperatue range of 105F to 165F.

Why this Excalibur 3926TB dehydrator is a good option?

  • This Exalibur dehydrator has patented Parallex Horizontal airflow system. It ensures uniform and even air flow. Thus, the nutrient content of the food remains unchanged.
  • The dehydrating capacity of this unit is great. Therefore, you can cook in large batches.
  • Apart from fruits and vegetables, this unit is good for dehydrating other food items such as jerky, meat and fish.
  • This dehydrator has patented ‘hyperwave’ technology. This technology keeps the interior temperature high but the temperature of the food remians low. Thus, it keeps the food contant of the food such as anzyme and vitamins unharmed.

Temperature setting for dehydrating fruits and vegetables

Dehydration of fruits and vegetables

For dehydration of any kind of food, it is important to maintain a very low temperature. At high temperatures, the nutrition value of the food gets destroyed. Therefore, while dehydrating anything, you should maintain as low temperature as possible.

But the problem with fruits and vegetables is that they consist of high water content. They have around 80% or more water of their total weight. Therefore, if you dehydrate at a low temperature, it will take a very long time to complete the dehydration process. I recommend dehydrating fruits and vegetables at around 100F to 120F. However, if it takes a too long time then you may apply a maximum of 140F.

Dehydration of other food items

Nuts and seeds have low water contents in them. Therefore, they can be dried out quicker at a very low temperature. For this reason, never apply temperature more than 110F for dehydrating nuts and seeds.

The same theory applies to herbs and spices. They have comparatively low water contents compared to fruits. Therefore, you should dehydrate them at a very low temperature preferably at 100F to 110F.

While dehydrating meat and fish, you should apply the maximum temperature. They have higher water content and have some spoilage microorganisms in them. Therefore, dehydrate them at around 150F to 165F.

What to consider before picking the right dehydrator for fruits and vegetables?

Even distribution of airflow

Whether you are dehydrating fruits such as apples, strawberries, grapes, papayas, mangoes, peaches, or blueberries, it is important that you should maintain a uniform temperature. Otherwise, some portions of the fruits will be overcooked and other parts of the sliced fruits will remain uncooked. Therefore, while choosing the best dehydrator for drying out the fruits and vegetables, make sure that it gives uniform airflow.

The capacity of the dehydrator

The capacity of the dehydrator is another important feature that you should consider before making your decision. We dehydrate foods by making small and thin slices. Therefore, the total cooking area is a determinant to find out the capacity of the dehydrator. To know the total surface area, get the surface area of the food tray first by multiplying the length with width. Then multiply the number with the total number of trays. The higher surface area will ensure dehydrating in large volume in a single batch.

Number of food trays

A higher number of dehydrating trays will widen your options. For example, if you want to dehydrate different types of fruits and vegetables in a single batch, then you can put different types of foods on different trays. A higher number of trays will also maximize the dehydrating capacity.

Temperature range

Some foods may require very low temperature and some may require a bit higher to get fully dehydrated. Therefore, make sure that the dehydrator you are deciding on has a considerably wide temperature range. 95F to 158F is a common working temperature for most of the dehydrators you find in the market.

Timer range

Some foods will get fully dehydrated within 4 to 8 hours. Some foods may require 48 hours or more. Therefore, a higher timer range is better for the dehydrator. I would recommend choosing the dehydrator with at least 24 hours timer option.

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