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KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder Attachment KSMMGA Review [Must Read]

The KitchenAid stand mixer is like a magic appliance for the kitchen. What can you do with it? Better to answer whatnot. Preparing meatballs, making dough for pizza, preparing mashed potatoes, making shredded chicken, betting eggs, cutting foods and vegetables, grinding meats and so on. To utilize your mixer, you need to get the right attachment for it. Some people think that it is expensive because you need to purchase a lot of attachment to utilize it. Have you thought that you needed to purchase a separate kitchen appliance instead if you did not use your KitchenAid stand mixer? Therefore, my opinion is, go for the attachment only when you use it. In this article, we will review the KitchenAid metal food grinder attachment to find out what is good and bad about it. Let’s get into the deep.

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List of accessories – KitchenAid Metal Meat Grinder

Type of AccessoryQuantity
Feeding Tube1 pc
Food Tray1 pc
Sausage Stuffer2 pcs
Grinding Plate3 pcs
Grinding Blade1 pc
Sausage Plate1 pc
Food Pusher1 pc
Cleaning Brush1 pc
Extruder1 pc
Collar1 Pc
KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder Attachment

Features- KitchenAid Grinding Attachment

Run by the stand mixer – This attachment has to be run by the KitchenAid stand mixer. Therefore, the power is generated by the mixer and rest is done by the attachment.

Different types of final output – With different kinds of grinding plates, you can have an output of varying sizes. Therefore, you can prepare different kinds of food items that need to be ground in different sizes.

Accessory TypeSize/ Diameter
Coarse Plate8 mm
Fine Plate3 mm
Medium Plate4.5 mm
Large Sausage Tube19 mm
Small Sausage Tube9.5 mm

Larger meat tray – The food tray is bigger than the previous version. Therefore, you can process more meat in a single batch.

Easy storage – KitchenAid meat grinder attachment comes with an integrated storage box. Therefore, the organization of small parts is easier.

Pros and Cons - KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment
                     What I liked                   
  • Lower price: The cost of this unit is lower than the cost of a full-fledged meat grinder.
  • Easy cleaning: Assembling, disassembling and cleaning process of this attachment is easier than that of a meat grinder.
  • Better than a manual grinder: This one can be a good replacement of a manual meat grinder at the cost of the almost same amount of money.
  • Overall, the built quality is excellent.
  • Great or preparing sausage. A dedicated sausage plate is included with the accessories.
  • Other than meat, you can grind vegetables and fruits quite comfortably.
                What I did not like             
  • Not for heavy use: I cannot call this one to be an alternative to a heavy-duty meat grinder. Although this is good for everyday residential use. Find our article to read about some great heavy duty meat grinders.
  • The body is made of aluminum. Therefore, if you are cautious during cleaning and washing, metal fading out may occur.


What KitchenAid food grinder attachment is good for?

Everyday meat grinding

This one can be your companion for everyday meat grinding. If you are living in a small to medium family, this appliance is more than enough for you. But for a larger family, you might need to get a dedicated grinder that can serve heavy-duty operation.

Vegetable and fruit grinding

Apart from meat, KitchenAid metal meat attachment is good for grinding vegetables and fruits. Therefore, you can experience different kinds of recipes and surprise your family with your innovation.

Preparation of delicious sausage, meat burger or meatball

Because of different kinds of grinding plates that have varying sizes of pores, you can get the output with a different texture. Even they have a dedicated sausage plate to make the job easy for you. Two different sizes of sausage tubes can help you a lot during cooking.

Fish grinding

If you are a beginner fisherman, you can prepare fish chum with this little machine. Although you can not put the whole fish in it, still you can cut the fish into pieces and get your required output. Not only the fisherman, but this attachment can also help you prepare delicious food with ground-fish.


Final words

KitchenAid food grinder attachment is for those who have the stand mixer that power the attachment. My final verdict is that it will do an average job for your daily meat or food grinding. I think very few persons might need a heavy-duty food grinder. Therefore, for a small to medium family, this average job will be good enough.

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