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Levoit Smart WIFI Air Purifier – LV-PUR131S Review

Nowadays, people look for smart technologies. When it comes to the matter of air purifiers, renowned brands are trying to adopt new technology and upgrade their devices. Levoit, a popular and well-accepted brand from the USA in the field of air purifiers, has adapted some new technologies and upgraded its popular model LV-PUR131 to a newer version – Levoit LV-131S. Is this model a good fit for your home or not? Follow our review on Levoit LV-PUR131S smart wifi air purifier to get the answer.

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What is in this article?

In this article, you can find an honest review of Levoit LV-PUR131S. You can also compare it with similar ranges of other air purifiers that can help you make the right decision. For your better understanding, we will compare it with similar models in this range such as – LV-H133, Hathaspace HSP001, and Winix 5500-2. We will try to give you a head to head comparison of each function and attribute of each of these models. You will also come to know the features, pros/cons, and maintenance tips of this LV 131S smart air purifier.

The brand Levoit

Levoit is a very trustworthy brand from California, USA. Thousands of people love this brand over the years. Its good quality product such as air purifiers and humidifiers have won the users’ hearts for so many unique attributes.

Levoit LV-PUR131S

LV-PUR131S is a smart upgraded model of LV-PUR131. To get the best out of the popularity of this model, Levoit decided to manufacture a smart version of it. Lv-pur131S is as good as lv-pur131 but comes with a smart operation system. You can operate it with your smart devices such as the smartphone or pad. You only need a Wi-Fi connection to connect it through the internet.

Quick Specification

Here we give you a quick knowledge of LEVOIT LV-PUR131S that can help you to understand your need.

Made inUSA
Size14.5 x 7.2 x 18.5 in
Weight13.45 lbs
ColorSatin white
Power supplyAC 120V, 60Hz
Rated power40W
Stand by power< 0.8W
CADR135 CFM / 230 m cube/h
Noise level52dB
Coverage322 ft square
Operating temp14F to 104F
<em>Levoit LV-PUR131S Smart Wifi Air Purifier</em>

The specialty of Levoit LV-PUR131S

Levoit LV-PUR131S has some unique attributes among all air purifier models of Levoit. Below are some special characteristics.

  • Smart air purifier – upgraded version of its previous popular model.
  • Remote-control has been replaced with a more convenient operating system just with your smart device.
  • It is included with a controlling option through voice.
  • Smart filter life sensor.
  • Energy Star and CARB certified.

Feature of Levoit LV PUR131S


Levoit Lv-PUR131S is a nice elegant and smartly designed model of a Levoit air purifier family. Instead of the tower structure, it has been designed in a rectangular shape. Its glossy white color will enhance the beauty of the interior to a great degree. Its stylish body and smooth finishing have already won the hearts of many.


The dimension of LV-PUR131S is 14.5 x 7.2 x 18.5 inches (36.8 x 18.3 x 93.5 cm). The size and design are completely identical to the LV-PUR131 model. The dimension of LV-PUR131S is moderately compact if we compare it with some other similar products of its range.

Comparison table – Dimension

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Dimension14.5 x 7.2 x 18.5 inches23 x 12 x 12 inches13.5 x 7 x 19.5 inches14.9 x 7.8 x 23.6 inches


LV-PUR131S is not only compact but also lightweight if we compare it with others. Therefore, if portability is your concern, then LV-PUR131S gets 100 out of 100.

Comparison table – Weight

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Weight13.45 lbs / 6.10 kg21 lbs12 lbs17.6 lbs

Filtration system

The filtration system of LV-PUR131S is similar to that of other Levoit air purifiers. It has three stages of filtration system – the first one is a preliminary filter, then the main filter that is the true HEPA filter and the last one is a carbon filter.

Comparison table – Filtration system

Model nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Number of Filter3364
Filtration systemPreliminary filter, True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filterPreliminary filter, True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filterNano Cold Catalyst Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Antibacterial Filter, True HEPA Filter, Ionizer, UV-C Light SterilizerPlasma wave, Pre-filter, AOCTM Carbon filter, True HEPA filter


The first stage of filtration of the LV-PUR131S air purifier is a preliminary filter or pre-filter. This helps catch comparatively large particles such as hair, pet dander, kinds of lint, and so on. A pre-filter plays an important role in increasing the life of the HEPA filter. You have to clean (dry cleaning only) the pre-filter from time to time to ensure its good performance.

True HEPA Filter

Levoit LV-PUR131S comes with a True HEPA filter in the middle layer. There are many types of so-called HEPA filters is available in the market. Among all, the most efficient one is the True HEPA filter. It can trap 99.97% of contamination from the air as tiny as 0.3 microns. This effective range of the true HEPA filter is good enough for a regular indoor place such as home or office. You will feel the changes in the quality of air in your home when you use an air purifier with a true HEPA air purifier.

Activated carbon filter

This is the final stage of the filtration system of LV-PUR131S. The carbon filter does not work like an ordinary filter. It does not catch or trap the airborne particles. Instead, it removes the bad odor and smoke particles from the air. It is capable of removing cigarette smoke, pet odors, VOCs, kitchen odors, and so on. A carbon filter does not add any kind of chemical or natural smell in the air. It just removes smelly particles from the air and makes the air odorless so that you can breathe fresh air.

Configuration of the filter of LV-PUR131S

Model NoLV-PUR131/PUR131S-RF
Size of the Filter13.6 x 1.8 x 11.6 inches
Weight of the Filter1.88 pounds

Coverage area

Levoit LV-PUR131S can cover a medium to a large room. The coverage area of LV-PUR131S is ≤ 322 ft² or 30 m². If we compare it with some other similar models, we find that the coverage efficiency of LV-PUR131S is ordinary. If we analyze the chart, all other models of this price range offer better coverage. Even the immediate next model LV-133 gives 67% more coverage.

Comparison table- Coverage area

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Coverage area322 ft sq / 30 m sq538 ft sq / 50 m sqReplaces the air 2x per hour in 350ft sq, Replaces the air 1x per hour in 700ft sq360ft sq

Noise level

A commendable quality of Levoit is its super quiet noise level. At the highest fan speed, LV-PUR131S produces only 52dB which is not higher than the sound produced by a ceiling fan. On the other hand, the noise level at sleep mode is so quiet that you can hardly notice any sound.

If we see the differentiation in the chart below, it’s very clear that LV-PUR131S is one of the quietest air purifiers in recent times.

Comparison table- Noise level

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Noise level52dB54dBNot providedNot provided

Fan speed

Levoit LV-PUR131S model comes with 3 different fan speeds – low, medium, and high. Maximum air purifiers of this range will offer similar fan speed options which are good enough for residential use.

Comparison table – Fan speed

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Fan speed3; low, medium, high3; low, medium, high3; low, medium, high4, Low, Medium, High & Turbo.

Power consumption rate

The rated power of Levoit LV-PUR131S is 40W and the stand by power is < 0.8W. If we see the comparison chart, LV-PUR131S is not the most energy-efficient model but it is quite efficient.

Comparison table – Power consumption

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Rated power40W33W40W70W

Power supply

Levoit LV-PUR131S only runs at AC 110/120V where some other comparable models run at 240 V as well.

Comparison table – Power supply

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Power supplyAC 120V, 60HzAC 120V / 60HzAC 110V~120V or 220V~240VAC120V/60Hz


The CADR rating usually measures the efficiency of an air purifier. CADR means ‘clean air delivery rate’. The CADR of LV-PUR131S is not that good but acceptable.

Comparison table – CADR rating

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
CADR135 CFM / 230 m cube/h235 CFM (400 m cube /h)160 m cube /hrNot provided

Extra option

LV-PUR131S has some extra features that are quite satisfactory. This smart model from Levoit provides a 1 to 12 hours auto-off timer option, energy-efficient display off button, last setting remembering option, auto fan speed changing mode, and wifi indicator.

Comparison table – Extra options

Product nameLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Extra featureDisplay off button, timer, remember option, auto mode, Wi-Fi indicatorDisplay off button, timer, auto mode, remember optionTimer, auto mode, remote controlTimer, odor sensor, remote control

Control panel

Levoit lv-131s provides a good number of control panel options.

Comparison table- Control panel

Product nameWinix 5500-2Levoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001
Control panel optionPower button , Mode button, Plasma wave button, Air quality indicator, Fan speed button, Timer button, Filter indicator, Sensor light, Fan speed indicator, Plasma wave indicator, Timmer indicator, Reset button, Odor sensorOn/Off Indicator, Display off button, WiFi Indicator, Check Filter Indicator, Timer ,Air Quality Indicator, Auto Mode Indicator, Sleep Mode Indicator, Fan Speed Indicators, Fan speed buttonPower button, Sleep mode Button/Indicator, Auto Mode Button/Indicator, Fan Speed Button, Fan speed Indicator, Timer button, Timer indicator, Air quality indicatorPower button, UV sterilize button, Timer, Fan speed, Ionizer, Sleep mode,

On/Off indicator

Turn on or off the air purifier.

Display off button

It can turn off the LED display when needed.

WiFi signal indicator

The wifi indicator indicates the condition of the network connection.

Check filter indicator

When the indicator turns on, you have to check the condition of your filter. If the filter is ok then reset the button or replace the filter if needed.


You can set the timer between 1 to 12 hours.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is a smart function of the LV-PUR131S air purifier. If you turn on auto mode, it can automatically change the fan speed according to air quality. LV-PUR131S provides a 4-speed auto mode option for four different air quality.

Indicator colorAir qualityFan speed
BlueHealthySleep mode

Sleep mode button

It gives you a super-quiet environment at the lowest fan speed.

Fan speed indicators

It is an indicator that indicates the fan speed.

Fan speed button

You can change the fan speeds from low to medium and medium to high.

Smart Device Operation

With VeSync app

You can operate your LV-PUR131S remotely by your smartphone. Therefore, you can control your air purifier from anywhere anytime. To access this option, you need to download the VeSync app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can set the schedule & timer, turn on/off the machine, monitor the air quality of your office or home, change the fan speed, and so on.

With Voice Control

You can control the LV-PUR131S air purifier with your voice. You can use Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT to operate this.

Filter life sensor

Levoit LV-PUR131S comes with a real filter life sensor. It can maintain a scientific algorithm to calculate the real condition of the filter and gives the signal accordingly.

To get comprehensive idea about the best budget air purifiers in the market, you can read our article on top air purifiers under $100.


Levoit LV-PUR131S provides a trustworthy filter life indicator. Therefore, without any manual hassle just replace the filter when the indicator turns on. It will cost you about 30$ to replace the filter every time.

When should you replace the filter?

When the indicator is turned on. You can also check it through the VeSync app.

  • If you can hear any kind of extra buzzing noise from your air purifier, you can check the filter manually.
  • The performance of the air purifier is not as good as before or the airflow is lower than that of the previous.
  • If you get an unusual smell from the air purifier.

Filter replacement process

  • Turn off and unplug it.
  • Open the back cover.
  • Remove the old filter.
  • Unwrap the new filter.
  • Place the carbon filter first then install the True HEPA and pre-filter combination plate.
  • Replace the back properly.
  • Reset the filter indicator.
  • Now connect the power and turn it on.
  • If any problem occurs recheck the process.
  • If you can’t find the problem it is recommended to contact the customer service.

Regular cleaning

If you want a decent life span of the filters, you have to clean it every once in a while. Regular cleaning is very important to get a fair performance from the device.

Some cleaning rules

  • For cleaning the outside of the purifier, use a dry soft cloth and wipe gently.
  • Don’t use any kind of liquid or cleaning chemicals.
  • For cleaning the inside, the process is the same. Just dust and wipe the inner portion with dry cloth or brush. You can also vacuum it with a vacuum hose.
  • The true HEPA filter and carbon filter are not washable. You can only clean the fine preliminary filter. To clean the pre-filter, dust it with a soft brush or just vacuum it.
  • Cleaning the dust sensor lens is also important. Open the sensor cover and clean it with a water-soaked cotton swab. After cleaning is done, dry it with a dry cotton swab.
  • You have to clean the pre-filter once in a month to get the highest level of efficiency.


If you don’t use the air purifier for a long time it’s recommended to store it properly. Pack the hosing and filters individually with plastic wrap and store it in a maintained temperature and humidity.


  • Before cleaning or replacing the filter always turn off and unplug the air purifier.
  • Never remove the piece of extra foam from the dust sensor.
  • Don’t use any kind of liquid or chemical to clean the air purifier.
  • Always use genuine Levoit replacement products.
  • Before operating it for the first time, read the user manual carefully.
  • Keep the air purifier away from any kind of heating source, liquid, or damp surface.
  • LV-PUR131S is only suitable for residential use. Don’t use it to clean hard chemicals, metallic dust, harmful spray products, and so on.
  • Place it on a straight and hard surface.
  • Do not keep any object on the top of the air purifier. Do not sit on it.

Customer support

Levoit maintains a supportive customer service team. You can find the answer to any kind of query you have through phone or email.

Comparison Summary with similar models

SubjectLevoit LV-PUR131SLevoit LV-H133Hathaspace HSP001Winix 5500-2
Dimension14.5 x 7.2 x 18.5 in / 36.8 x 18.3 x 93.5 cm23 x 12 x 12 inches13.5 x 7 x 19.5 inches14.9 in(w) x 7.8 in(d) x 23.6 in(h)
Weight13.45 lbs / 6.10 kg21 lbs12 lbs17.6 lbs
ColorFull whiteFull whitePartly whiteBlack
Filtration system3; preliminary filter, true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter3; preliminary filter, true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter6; nano cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial filter, true HEPA filter, ionizer, UV-c light sterilizer4; plasma wave, pre-filter, carbon filter, true HEPA filter
Effective range? 322 ft square / 30 m square? 538 ft square (50 m square)Replaces the air 2x per hour in 350 sq ft replaces the air 1x per hour in 700 sq ft360ft2
Clean air delivery rate (CADR)135 cfm / 230 m cube/h235 cfm (400 m cube/h)160 m3/hrNot provided
Noise level52db54dbNot providedNot provided
Operating conditions14F to 104F14F to 104FNot providedNot provided
Power supplyAc 120v, 60hzAc 120v / 60hzAc 110v~120v or 220v~240vAc120v/60hz
Rated power40w33w40w70w
Standby power< 0.8w< 0.8wNot providedNot provided
Fan speed3; low, medium, high3; low, medium, high3; low, medium, high4, low, medium, high & turbo.
Sleep modeAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Timer option12; 1 to 12 hours each12;1 to12 hours12; 1 to12 hours each3; 1/4/8 hours
Smart optionControl with the smartphone appNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Extra optionDisplay off button, timer, remember option, auto mode, wi-fi indicatorDisplay off button, timer, auto mode, remember optionTimer, auto mode, remote controlTimer, odor sensor, remote control
Control panel108613
Ozone production100% ozone free100% ozone freeProduce ozoneProduce ozone
Air quality sensor option4; bad, medium, good, very good4; bad, medium, good, very good3; good, moderate, bad3; good, fair, poor
Includes a remoteNo, a smartphone can be used as a remoteNoYesYes
Sleep modeAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Warranty1 year1 year2 years1 year
Made inUSAUSAChinaSouth Korea

Advantages and Disadvantages of LV-PUR131S


  • Nice and elegant design
  • 3 stage filtration system
  • Using the True HEPA filter
  • Smart functions to easy the controlling system
  • Safety feature – If the back cover is taken out the operation of the air purifier is automatically turned off.
  • Automatic settings remembering function.
  • Air quality checking sensor
  • A wide range of timer setting option
  • Automatic running mode availability
  • Highly portable
  • 100% ozone free


  • Identical design and function of LV-PUR131
  • CADR is not up to the mark

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Final words

From a neutral point of view, it is wise to go with the updated technology. Because of the huge popularity of the predecessor LV PUR 131, Levoit has just added newer technology to hone the performance and user-experience. Therefore, as a consumer who trust Levoit, can choose LV PUR 131S keeping the eyes closed.

If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it with others. You can also tell us your experience with air purifiers through the comment section so that we can gather some knowledge. Have a good day!

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