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What Is The Best Wattage For An Air Fryer? – [With Estimated Cost]

Wattage is a determinant of the performance of an electric appliance. Often, we consider that a higher wattage rating means better performance. That might be true for most cases, but what about electricity consumption? If it consumes higher electricity then it will increase the utility bills at the end of the month. Therefore, a balance between the wattage and lowered electricity consumption is necessary. In this article, I will try to guide you to determine the best wattage for an air fryer. After the read, you will be able to judge the optimum level of the power requirement.

What is wattage?

Wattage or watt is the unit of electric power. Scientifically, it specifies the amount of work (in Joule) done per second. If the power rating of an electric appliance is 1000W, then it can perform 1000 joule of work every second. Therefore, the more the power rating is, the more work an appliance can do in unit time. Therefore, if you do not consider the impact, you will choose the air fryer with a higher power rating among your shortlisted products if the price is the same. Will it be a wise decision? Let’s find out the answer in the next section.

How wattage may impact your utility bills

Electricity bills are generally counted as Kilo-watt-hour. This means, if your electric equipment has a power rating of 1000W, then running this equipment for 1 hour will incur 1 KWH or 1 unit of electricity. Let me give you a practical example. Consider that the power rating of your refrigerator is 500W. A refrigerator runs 24/7. Therefore, after 1 month, the unit of electricity consumed by the refrigerator will be 500/1000 KW X hour in a month or, 0.5KW X 30X24h or 360 kWh. If the power rating were 1000W instead of 500W, then the consumed electricity would have doubled – 720 KWh.

How much wattage is the best for an air fryer?

From the example given above, you may be thinking that higher electric power will not better considering the cost it will associate in the utility bills. This theory may be applicable for refrigerator because you need to keep it plugged in all day long. Therefore, it consumes electricity continuously. But what about an air fryer? Let’s do the same cost calculation for an air fryer. If the power rating of an air fryer is 1000W, then it will consume 1000/1000 KW X 30X 1h or, 30 KWh if you use the air fryer 1 hour each day on an average. That’s not a big deal comparing 720 KWh, the power consumption of a refrigerator having the same power rating. If you choose a 1500W air fryer, it will add up only 15 KWh at the end of the month. Therefore, as we do not use the air fryer for long hours, it is wise to choose the air fryer with the highest power rating within your budget range.

The common wattage ratings

In the market, you will find air fryers having a power rating between 800 to 1800W. As we have suggested, you should choose the machine with a higher power rating. But if the maximum temperature of two different air fryers are the same, why should you even care about wattage? The answer is that higher power means more robust. If the highest temperature of two different air fryers is 400°F, but one has a power rating of 800W and another is 1000W, then the later one will reach 400°F in 20% less time than the first one. One thing you should be careful about choosing the wattage – the electric requirement. For example, the electric line at your home might not support wattage more than 1500W or 240 volts. Therefore, confirm these requirements before making any decision.

Final words

From the above comprehensive discussion, I think now you know what should be the best wattage for an air fryer oven. In one-word, higher wattage will give a robust performance and more electric consumption. Therefore, balancing between these two will be the wisest decision. If you have liked the article, you can share with others. If you have any experience regarding the air fryer that you want to share with us, please write through the comment section. We would love to learn from you. Have a good day!

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