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Benefits Of Air Purifier In Home, Bedroom And Office

Usually, air purifiers are the most effective and useful home appliance for many reasons. It can help reduce the severity of asthma, allergy, and breathing problems. We use this in both commercial and residential spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, homes, and offices. Therefore, the benefits of an air purifier are incalculable. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of air purifier in our home, bedroom, office and other commercial places. After the read, you will be able to understand the usefulness, benefits and utility of an air purifier.

Beneficial for asthma patient

Do you know where is the most asthma instigating particles found? It is inside your home. However, it sounds a little shocking but it is true. Our home environment is full of contaminant particulates such as pet dander, dry skin cells, dust, dirt, household pollution, carbon monoxide, perfumes, cleaners, lint, VOCs, smokes, air fresheners, various sprays, and even color products. Besides, there may have pollen, mold spores, bugs, and insects in your home or workplace. Carpets, rugs, pillow covers, blankets are also a threat as these discharge pollutants. If these pollutants are not removed from the air, it might be inhaled and create asthma symptoms.

Usually, microscopic unwanted airborne compounds are the main reason of asthma-type disease. The main purpose of an air purifier is to remove tiny impurities from the air. Thus, it is very effective for treating asthma. There are many common methods people apply to reduce particles responsible for asthma attacks such as using of humidifiers, hypoallergenic bed linen, and so on. Using an air purifier with a good quality air filter such as a true HEPA filter can help you clean your indoor air quality. Therefore, it is quite clear that using an air purifier for reducing asthma causing particles is a very effective and easy formula.

For eliminating allergens

If you inhale bad airborne particles such as old dust components, spermatocyte, stinky pet odors, and so on, the immune system of your body produces an allergy antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). Usually, air purifiers remove those allergens with the help of HEPA filters, ULPA filters, UV-C lights, and activated carbon filters. Although UV-C lights kill or minimize the allergens from the air but it can produce a little amount of ozone which is considered as an allergy irritant. Filters of air purifiers reduce or remove allergen particles without producing any ozone. Therefore, you can be benefited from an air purifier for the problem with allergens. But the main concern is that you have to find an allergy removal air purifier that does not produce ozone.

For Preventing lung disease

If you inhale tobacco smoke continuously, it can cause COPD that means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases that further causes Heart Diseases. It also develops some side-effects such as asthma, bronchitis, eye/ ear damage, dizziness, mild euphoria, pneumonia, and so on. Sometimes it can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and headache as well. SHS or SecondHand Smoke harms people of all ages including children. For this reason, the respiratory rates of children can be higher than that of the adults. SHS is also very dangerous for elderly persons. It develops mental illness or dementia.Here the main concern is that if you want to protect non-smokers from SHS, the only solution is to eliminate the smokers from home, office, and all public places. However, it sounds quite impossible. Therefore, an air purifier can be a solution to this problem that is fully capable of absorbing tobacco and cigarette smoke.

Usually, air purifiers remove or absorb smoke with the help of activated carbon filter and the HEPA filter. It also catches smoke particles and ashes. The true HEPA air filter can catch 99.97% of air pollutants which are not larger than 0.3 microns. Normally, tobacco and cigarette smoke particles are .01 to 4 microns. Therefore, we can say that most of the SHS can be absorbed by the air purifiers. A good quality activated carbon air filter absorbs the smokes and bad odors even soft chemicals and gases when the contaminant particles pass through the porous surface of the activated carbon filter.So, it proves that an air purifier is an effective solution to remove tobacco and cigarette smoke. Just keep in mind that if you want to buy an air purifier for removing smoke, then ensure that it contains a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

Removing Asbestos and Mesothelioma Development

Asbestos is a kind of durable mineral. It’s also high heat and chemical resistant. It is a combination of six fibrous minerals which are composed of thin sharp fibers. Although it is very harmful to our health, we face it very often. It is produced from the building materials. Asbestos causes several diseases such as cancers, mesothelioma (kind of lung cancer), and asbestosis (blemishing of the lung tissue). Nowadays many countries have restricted the use of Asbestos. The most dangerous fact is that the identification of asbestos is almost impossible because of the reason that it is odor-free.

Generally, Asbestos takes years to show the symptoms of diseases. Although some countries have banned the use of these harmful compounds, it is still used in most of the countries in the world. There is no other option without asbestos to make fireproof and heat resistant products such as fireproof clothing, insulation items, and so on. It is also used in talc, car parts, fertilizer, and potting soil.

Although the use of asbestos is restricted, houses built before 1978 particularly in California and Montana might contain asbestos. Building products such as insulation items, cement, wall, and tiles may contain asbestos. A product may seem innocent when it is new. But it may become dangerous when it breaks or gets damaged. People who work or worked with products containing asbestos may get affected. People who have only contacted with asbestos products are also in danger. Family members of the people who are working with asbestos can also be affected.

Now the question is how to get rid of this hazardous element? To dispose of asbestos it’s recommended to hire an ‘Abatement Expert’. An Abatement expert removes asbestos from your house to maintain the Government Regulation. During this time, it is recommended that sufferer people must use air purifiers or gas-masks.

Eliminating Radon Gas

There are many types of chemical gases that can cause cancers, especially lung cancer. Radon is one of them. Radon is natural radioactive gas. It is an amalgamation of uranium in soil and water. It may be found in many indoor places we live such as homes, markets, schools, offices, and other workplaces. This gas enters from floors and wall cracks, building joints, some service lines, and so on. The most dangerous matter is that all of us are at risk of radon gas pollution. But most of the radon secretion levels are not to worry about. Only a higher level of radon emission is responsible for diseases. According to the US, the Environmental Protection Agency, a nonsmoker person’s chance to get affected by Radon gas is 0.2% in their whole lifetime.

If the percentage does not bother you, keep in mind that 15K to 22K people die every year for lung cancer. Each of the death is linked with Radon gas. It is not possible to get rid of Radon Gas fully by applying any single technique. All Radon elimination systems need multiple methods such as sub-slab depressurization, air purifiers, or and a Radon vent. All of the procedures work together to remove Radon from your living environment. So, you can use an air purifier to remove Radon gas because it is an effective formula to suck this contaminant gas and keep your family safe from developing lung cancer.

Effective for urban Fumes & Pollutants

It is a proven truth that allergic problems and berthing diseases are most common in modern and urban areas, especially in developed countries. On the other hand, developing countries where the urbanization process is slow, allergic diseases occur less. Some cities where the population density is high, the number of allergy and asthma patients is higher. Residential areas or working areas beside highways are also at high risk of respiratory diseases and allergies. In those areas where the pollution level is very high, contaminant particles such as Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Sulfur dioxide, and Diesel waste particles cause allergies and asthma. To prevent this problem, you can take some initial steps. At first, ensure that your home or working place is well-ventilated. To keep your environment pure and fresh, an air purifier is one of the best options.

For reducing Carbon dioxide level

For breathing, we inhale air, but not all compounds of air are oxygen. We intake oxygen to survive and exhale carbon dioxide as a byproduct. If the oxygen level of your home is below 19.5%, it can be harmful to you. The minimum percentage of oxygen level that is necessary for the human is 19.5%. Under this level, it is considered as oxygen deficiency. In an oxygen-deficient environment, many kinds of health problems may occur such as high breathing rate, faster heartbeat, weakness, and so on.

Naturally, when the percentage of oxygen decreases then the percentage of carbon dioxide increases and we intake the high-level of CO2.  If we intake an excessive amount of carbon dioxide, changes can occur to our body such as headaches, needles fillings, dizziness, high heart rate, nausea, unconsciousness, various breathing problems, craziness, sweating, high BP, types of lung diseases, coma, asphyxia, weakness, and convulsions even death.

Normally, 400-1,000 ppm of carbon dioxide is good for indoor space. 1,000-2,000 ppm is considered as poor air quality that causes drowsiness. 2,000-5000 ppm of carbon dioxide causes headaches to nausea and more than 40,000 ppm can cause death. To keep the air of your home healthy, it is very important to maintain the carbon dioxide level in the air. To maintain this, having an air purifier with HEPA filter helps you a lot. So it’s highly recommended to use a HEPA air purifier so that it absorbs carbon dioxide and produces a good circulation of air.


Removing VOCs

VOCs means Volatile Organic Compounds. Various solid and liquid compounds discharge VOCs as gases. VOCs are a mixture of different chemical gases. Some of these have quick and short-time side effects. On the other hand, some of these have a slow and long-term health effect. In our normal room temperature, VOCs create a nasty odor that can make you irritated. If you continuously inhale VOCs, it can cause cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

VOCs can be released from different types of burning fuels such as coal, dry wood even natural gas. Tobacco products and cigarette also produce VOCs. It can also be found from products such as paint items, furnishings, cleaning products, chemical sprays, aerosols, and so on. If  VOCs are present in your indoor area you can feel side effects such as watering eyes, vomiting, nausea, bad breath even asphyxiation, and burning feeling in your chest and throat.

You can take various steps to reduce VOCs emission. For instance, avoid using products (aerosol, hair spray, air freshener, insecticides, body spray, deodorant, various cleaning solvents) that produce VOCs. Keep and store products that produce VOCs in airtight canisters. We should also try to drive less, share rides with friends and family, and try public transport when we can. However, you can take thousands of initiatives but can’t stop the emission 100%. Therefore, you have to try an air purifier that can remove the hazardous gas from the air and keep your atmosphere healthy. Some air purifiers come with special VOCs feature. You can try those if you are more concerned about VOCs.

To remove insects and prevent infections

Billions of bugs survive around us and we can’t see them. Most of them are annoying and spread germs or diseases. To prevent these microscopic living creatures, we often use sprays and insecticides which may add harmful chemical and toxic agents into the air. However, the tiny insects killing agents do not always work effectively.

Therefore, you have to find an alternative option for that. An air purifier is the most effective solution for killing and trapping these living beings. It seems that to control insects in the air with an air purifier is useful in two ways – it eliminates living contaminates and also keep you safe from chemical pollution.

Effective for Clinics and Hospitals

Safe air filtration is quite important in medicine and the healthcare sector. Medical environments, hospitals, health clinics, test laboratories, and health care providers have to maintain a high-quality air purification system. Usually, medical environments are full of viruses, bacteria, and germs that come from affected patients. These are very dangerous for medical staff, other patients, and visitors.

In a hospital, all the sections are not equally polluted. Some sections need high and quick filtration systems such as incubators, around patient beds, cleaning sectors, and storage. Generally, in the medical environment, HEPA and ULPA air filters are used. The HEPA filters are most common in hospital-grade air purifiers.

Benefits for the elderly, children and diseased persons

The elderly, children, and babies spend most of their time indoors. Therefore, they are at high risk of inhaling polluted air if the indoor air condition is not good. Some chronically ill patients can also suffer from air pollutants. Babies and children play here and there and lay on carpets or rugs where the density of pollutants is quite high. Therefore, they easily get affected by air pollution. Elderly persons and people who have a poor and weak respiratory system are at risk of danger if the air is not fresh. Air purifiers can develop the breathing qualities to remove various airborne particles such as dust, pet dander’s, mites, pollen spores, allergens, germs, and so on.

Freshening your mind

Air purifiers do not only provide fresh air but also spread positivity in your home. You feel energetic and healthy with an air purifier. People love nature and fresh air habitually. But it is not possible to get these all the time. As a solution, air purifier act as a source of fresh air at your home.

Some air purifiers offer ionizers that produce negative ions called anions. Anions are very effective to reduce depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). By producing negative ions, it makes your mood positive and keeps your mind fresh. You can also use a SAD light therapy lamps to overcome seasonal depressions.

Reducing stress

High stress is a common issue in our modern life. Stress causes various side effects such as itching, weakness, fatigue, high BP, difficulty to concentrate, strokes, and thought of death or suicide. It has been proven that pure and fresh air lessen your stress level. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use an air purifier to reduce stress so that you can stay away from stressed life. It’s suggested to run the air purifier 24/7 when you feel stressed and always try to run it at a low noise level.

Improving sleep quality

Thousands of new air purifier users get surprised when they awake from sleep after the first time use of the air purifier. In sleeping time people stay a long period in indoor space. So, it’s very vital to ensure good breath quality during this time. Polluted air makes trouble for a sound sleep. Dusty and smelly environment formulates irritation and exasperation. Therefore, you can’t sleep with relaxing.

Before sleeping time, an air purifier can give you a calm and quiet environment. You can run it on sleep mode so that it gives you a fresh environment besides saving your electricity. You can also choose an air purifier with a white noise option. White noise is comparable to the sound of nature such as raining or bird’s chirping.

Expanding air circulation rate

Usually, we keep the doors and windows of our homes closed. Consequently, this hinders the circulation of air and results in poor indoor air quality. Especially in winter and hot summer we rarely open doors or windows. Bad air circulation is not good for our body as well as mental health.

An air purifier can help you maintain a proper air circulation. Before buying an air purifier, estimate your space, and check the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the models for various coverage areas. Beside using an air purifier, keep windows open whenever you can and try to use an exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom.

Final Words

I think now you know the top benefits of an air purifier. There are so many other reasons why you should use an air purifier. However, I have tried to cover the main reasons. If you find this article beneficial, you may share this with others. You can also share any of your experiences regarding air purifier through the comment section. Have a good day!

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