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Buying Guide Of An Air Fryer With Rotisserie Function

When you look for an air fryer with rotisserie function, you are finding a 2 in 1 cooker. It will be primarily an air fryer that will be able to act as a rotisserie oven also. In this article, I will guide you on how you can choose the best air fryer with rotisserie. To give you a proper buying guide, I will present the common features that are important for an air fryer having rotisserie function. You will find a comprehensive discussion on each of these features and find a clear idea of what to look for during the purchase.

Rotisserie needs larger capacity

It is an important aspect of an air fryer with a rotisserie option. Size is always for an air fryer because of the appropriateness of it for families having a different number of members. If you are living in a small family, then you may think of purchasing an air frying that is suitable for a family of 2 members. But you need to keep in mind that air fryers having rotisserie options come with at least 6 quarts. Otherwise, it will not be even able to accommodate the smallest chicken. Therefore, whatever the size of your family is, you have to get the air fryer which will be good for cooking for 6 persons in a single batch.

A normal Temperature range

Suggested temperature range for an air fryer with rotisserie is not different from a regular stand-alone air fryer. The reason is that the rotisserie process needs a maximum temperature of 400°F. All kinds of air fryers, be it a budget or an expensive one, have the highest temperature of at least 390°F. Therefore, you do not have to think much about it. You only will need a high temperature if you want toasting function. A lower range temperature of below 200°F will be necessary if you additionally want dehydration function. A further lower temperature may be necessary if you want to have the ‘keep warm’ function.

Accessories Necessary for rotisserie

A basic air fryer that costs under 50, for example, comes with a small cooking chamber with a limited number of accessories. Therefore, what accessories you are getting with a budget air fryer is not that important to consider. But when you are purchasing a multi-functional air fryer, then you may need a lot of accessories to get the best use of the functions. For an air fryer with rotisserie option, you need accessories such as rotisserie tong and rod, rotisserie cage, handle, shaft, fork, and so on. Therefore, check whether you are getting these accessories for free. Otherwise, it will cost you a substantial amount of additional money.

Rotation option for uniform cooking

This is a very simple and straight-forward suggestion. When you look for an air fryer with rotisserie, check whether it has a rotation option or not. Although it is not mandatory for rotisserie, rotation ensures an even air distribution. Therefore, it is better for uniform cooking. Another advantage of the rotation function is that you do not need to shake the foods intermittently. The rotation will do the job for you.

Rapid air circulation for faster cooking

This is also not any mandatory feature that you need for an air fryer having rotisserie. But I highly recommend this feature because of two reasons. Firstly, the cooking time in an air fryer largely depends on the speed of the hot air. The more the speed, the quicker the cooking is. The second reason why I prefer this technology is that a rotisserie oven has a larger capacity. Therefore, the volume of food to cook in a single batch is more. Therefore, if it does not have a rapid flow of hot air, the uniform heat distribution may not be possible. It may result in uneven cooking.

Price – Advanced or basic air fryer with rotisserie?

The best air fryer with rotisserie option may cost you around 120 to 150 bucks if the capacity is between 6 to 12 quarts. However, that is the minimum price for a basic machine. If you need more options in your air fryer such as broiling, roasting, dehydrating, defrosting, toasting and so on, then you may need to spend some extra bucks to get an advanced air fryer that is suitable for multiple types of cooking. This kind of machine will cost you around 200 dollars.

Multi cooking functions

If you want more options than just rotisserie with your air fryer then there are two different options for you. Baking, roasting, and dehydrating options are by default available almost all basic air fryers with rotisserie. But if you need the advanced functions such as broiling, defrosting, keep warming and toasting, then you need to get an advanced air fryer with multi cooking functions. The specialty of these advanced cookers is that these can lift the temperature far above 400°F which is important for broiling and toasting. On the other hand, the lowest temperature that can be achieved with these air fryers is as low as 90°F. With this temperature, you can get the functions such as defrosting, keep warm and so on.

Final words

I think now you have proper knowledge about what to look for during purchasing an air fryer with rotisserie option. What we always tell our readers is that know the purpose. After that, know what the available options are. Finally, draw a decision by balancing your needs and available options. If you think that the article is helpful, do not forget to share with others. You are also encouraged to share your cooking experience through the comment section.

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