Computerized Sewing Machines Vs Mechanical – Which One Is Better?

Computerized sewing machines vs mechanical sewing machines, which one is suitable for me? This is a frequently asked question among the sewing machine users. We must say that there is no straight forward answer to this question. Each of the types has positive and negative. Therefore, before you conclude, you should know the detail about the utility, function, and features of both types. In this article, we will do this for you. After you complete reading, you will be able to find the answer that is appropriate for you and make a proper decision.

Buying guide and consideration

What is your purpose?

Every time I suggest people something to purchase, I tell them to ‘know the purpose’. Because if you know the answer to the simple query, you will never make a mistake. Let me give you an example. A computerized sewing machine has tons of fancy features, hundreds of built-in stitches, LCD and so on. But if you are a beginner or you need a sewing machine for everyday stitches then you are not probably going to use these functions of a computerized sewing machine even once in a year. Therefore, a mechanical sewing machine under 100 dollars will be good enough for your purpose.

What is your budget?

A mechanical sewing machine will cost you less than a computerized one. Having the same functionality other than the computerized system, a mechanical machine will cost you at least $50 to $100 less than a computerized one. Therefore, if you have a budget constraint, you can choose the mechanical one.

Do you love technology?

Technology makes our life easier. Therefore, a sewing machine with a computer will give you convenience. If you are a tech-savvy person, you will love a computerized sewing machine even though the price is higher.

Pros and cons- Mechanical Vs Computerized

After you know the answer of the questions I discussed above, now it is the time to know the advantages of disadvantages of both the types of sewing machine.

Differences at a glance

No. of StitchesLimitedMultiple
Change of StitchesDialComputer button
Suitable forEveryday projectsEveryday to advanced projects
Ease of UseSimpleComplex

Advantage of a mechanical sewing machine

  • Adaptability – mechanical sewing machines are liked by the old school. If you are accustomed to using a traditional sewing machine, then learning and adapting to sew with a mechanical sewing machine will be much easier for you. If you have learned sewing from an institution, the chance is higher that you practiced with an old-style sewing machine. In this case, a mechanical sewing machine will take less time to adapt. On the other hand, senior citizens will always like a mechanical sewing machine over computerized because of simplicity.
  • Affordability– A mechanical sewing machine is cheaper than a computerized one. If you are in a budget but intend to purchase a computerized one, I’d rather suggest you go for a mechanical one from a good brand.
  • Simplicity– Mechanical sewing machines are simple. Some people may like the modern version of the old-style sewing machine. Therefore, a mechanical sewing machine will be better for them.
  • Beginner’s choice– A beginner should start learning with a mechanical one. In most of the cases, a computerized sewing machine has so many stitches options that a beginner will rarely use. Therefore, for a starter who is going to get her first sewing machine or a person who needs a machine for an everyday sewing project, a mechanical machine is best for them.

Disadvantages of a mechanical sewing machines

  • The number of stitches– The majority of the mechanical sewing machines come with a limited number of preset stitches. Therefore, you will only need to be satisfied with straight line stitching. These machines are not suitable for fancy decorative projects.
  • Manual operation– Where you will get the automated advantage in a computerized machine, you need to do all these manually with your mechanical sewing machine.

Advantages of a computerized sewing machine:

  • Automated: The most advantage you will get from a computerized machine is it is automated. For example, manual needle threading is a big negative for a mechanical machine. A computerized machine can do it automatically. Not only that, but it may also have so many other automated functions such as thread cutting, tension adjustment and so on.
  • Machine for creators- A computerized machine is integrated with hundreds of built-in stitches. You can run your decorative projects with these options. With some high-end computerized machine, you can run embroidery projects as well.
  • Control: Controlling the machine is easier for a computerized one. Although first time learning is difficult but once you get accustomed to, you will be able to have better control and can work faster.

Disadvantages of a computerized sewing machines

  • Cost: A computerized machine will cost higher than a mechanical one because of the extra features and automation it will give you.
  • Less longevity: A computerized machine lasts a shorter time compared with a mechanical one. If you do not expect it to last lifetime then the shorter period will be Ok for you. A computerized machine lasts 15 to 20 years on average.

Final Words

I think now you can differentiate between a mechanical and a computerized sewing machine and choose the appropriate one for you. If you find the article useful, share it with other so that they can also get benefited with it. Also, I appreciate you make a comment about your experience regarding sewing so that we can learn something as well. Happy sewing!

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