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STX 3000 vs 4000 – Which Turboforce Meat Grinder Is Better?

STX International is a reputed name in the kitchen and home appliances fields. The products of this company include meat grinder, dehydrator, marinator and so on. Among the products they have, meat grinder is a very popular item and accepted by so many people. The company has 5 or 6 different meat grinders that they have introduced to their customers so far. Among these, ‘Turboforce’ is the most popular series. STX has two products in this series, TF-3000 and TF-4000. In this article, we will try to find out the differences between STX 3000 vs 4000 and try to find out which one is better than another in every aspect.

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Comparison- STX 3000 and STX 4000

The comparison table of specification

AttributesTurboforce 3000Turboforce 4000
Model NoSTX-3000-TFSTX-4000-TB2-PD
Motor Peak Power3000 W2000 W
Motor Running Power800 W600 W
Grinding Speed180 - 240 lbs/H175 - 225 lbs/H
Reverse MotionYesYes
Head Size#12#12
Dimension (inch)19 x 8 x 1419 x 8 x 14
Weight12 lbs13 lbs
Built Metal (Hopper)Polished AluminumPolished Aluminum
Built Metal (Blade)Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Voltage110/112 Volts110/112 Volts
Foot Pedal ControlNoYes
Air CoolingNoYes

The comparison table of accessories

AccessoriesTF- 3000TF- 4000
No of Blades33
No of Plates46
Kubbe Attachment11
Sausage Stuffer33
Meat Shredder22
Patty Maker11
Meat Pusher11
STX Turboforce 3000
STX Turboforce 4000

Features that differentiate TF 3000 and 4000


First of all, I have to agree that both of the models have a super powerful motor. If we compare motor power with competitors having a similar price range, we find that the competitors included motors that have running power of 350 W to 500 W. Both TF-3000 and 4000 have running power which is substantially more than that of the competitors. However, if we compare the motor power of these two models, we find that TF-3000 has a more powerful motor than TF-4000. The power rating is 800 W and 600 W consecutively. Therefore, we conclude that TF-3000 is more capable of heavy-duty operation compared to TF-4000.

Grinding Speed

As mentioned earlier, the TF-3000 has better motor power. Therefore, the grinding speed is slightly higher for TF-3000 which can grind the meat at a speed ranging from 180 to 240 lbs per hour. Turboforce 4000 can grind at a speed of 225 to 240 lbs per hour which is also perfect for a residential kitchen.

Foot Pedal

Turboforce 4000 has an optional foot pedal that you can use when both of your hands are engaged. However, this is just an option. If you do not want to use it, you can control the grinder with switches. This additional option is not available in Turboforce 3000.

Patented Air-Cooling System

TF-4000 has a patented air-cooling system which the manufacturer calls ‘quad air cooling’. This system is not available in TF-3000. Although the motor power of TF-4000 is lower than that of 3000, the additional air-cooling feature makes it sturdier. I expect that the motor of TF-4000 will last longer.

The number of plates

Both of the models will give you enough accessories that are far more than the competitors. For example, almost all of the similar meat grinders in the market will provide you a maximum of 3 grinding plates that will give 3 sizes of final output- fine, medium and coarse. The number of plates in TF-3000 and 4000 are 4 and 6 consecutively (few more in TF-4000). Therefore, you have so many options to choose when receiving the final output.

Common features

Built Metal

Both of the models are coated with aluminum. Therefore, these are not dishwasher friendly. Important accessories, such as cutting blades and plates have been made of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Head Size, weight and dimension

The head side of both of the units is #12 which is fairly large. The dimension of these units is also the same. The weight of TF-3000 is slightly higher because of the motor which is a bit more powerful.


STX is renowned for the accessories it provides. Both of the meat grinders will give you sausage stuffer of different sizes, kubbe maker, patty maker, multiple cutting blades and plates, meat pusher and shredder. Although TF-4000 comes up with few more grinding plates than that of TF-3000. The number of all other accessories are the same for both of these models.

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Advantage of TF-3000 over TF-4000

  • Higher motor power– This attribute makes this grinder appropriate for heavy use. However, the motor power is not yet good for commercial purposes but good enough for heavy residential use.
  • Higher grinding speed– As the motor power his higher, it will provide higher grinding speed than that of TF-4000.
  • Lower price– Although the motor power is higher, the price of Turboforce 3000 is lower than the 4000 model.

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Appropriate for? (TF-3000)

Both TF 3000 and 4000 are good for regular and heavy residential use. However, if you intend to use not so frequently but when use, you’ll grind a lot of meat, then Turboforce 3000 will be more appropriate for you. A heavy user needs a more powerful motor. Therefore, TF-3000 is better for these kinds of cases.

Advantage of TF-4000 over TF-3000

  • Longevity and sturdiness– The air-cooling system takes good care of the motor. Therefore, the motor of TF-4000 will leave longer. It is also better for operations that need to run the motor for a longer period.
  • Comfort– Because of the option of the foot pedal, you can use both of your hands during sausage making. Therefore, TF-4000 is better in terms of comfort.
  • Varying recipe– TF-4000 gives you some additional grinding plates (total-6). Therefore, you can prepare 6 different sizes of output ground meat. This option gives you to prepare various food items at home.

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Appropriate for? (TF-4000)

Of course TF 4000 is appropriate for residential kitchen. If you use the meat grinder frequently, love a bit more comfort and like more variations of ground meat then Turboforce 4000 is better for you than the counterpart. TF 3000 is more sturdy, but 4000 is better for continuous job.

If you love to know some meat grinder recipes see the below video-

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Final Words

Sometimes a shuttle difference seems big to us and becomes a decision-maker. Although I know that many of the users will not even use the foot pedal and they might not use all the 6 different grinding plates, but when I am differentiating these two models, I must dissect every single attribute. Both of the models are good looking, have better motor power and so much of free accessories. Therefore, even if you choose the wrong one for your home, you have still chosen the better one among comparable models in the market.

So, STX 3000 Vs 4000- which one is better? Let us know in the comment section.

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