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How to dehydrate peaches in the air fryer?

We dehydrate peaches to preserve them for the future. We can prepare dehydrated peaches in three different ways.  You may know that dehydration is a very slow process.  We can dehydrate any food in sunlight.  Dehydrators are kitchen appliances that we usually use to prepare any kind of dehydrated fruits or vegetables.  In this article, I am going to describe how you can dehydrate peaches using your air fryer. 

Dehydrators are not expensive. You may also check the best dehydrators under 100 bucks if you want to dehydrate on large scale.

Nutrition value of peaches ( 150 gm)

  • Calories – 60
  • Carbs – 14 g
  • Fat – 1 g
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Vitamin A – 17% of dv
  • Vitamin C – 10% of dv
  • Vitamin K – 5% of dv
  • Vitamin E – 5% of dv
  • Fiber – 2 g
  • Minerals – Mn, Cu and K

Other than the above-mentioned nutrition facts, peaches contain some other minerals such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus.  Besides, it contains antioxidants that fight against diseases. Peaches are helpful for your digestion.  It is also helpful for our heart and skin.  It also fight a certain type of cancer. 

Dehydration of peaches with the air fryer

Choosing the right peaches

If you want perfect dehydrated fruit, then you need to choose it carefully. Ripe but firm and soft peaches are good for dehydration. You need to peel off the peaches before you dehydrate them. 

Peel off the skin

There are many ways to peel off the skin.  At first, you may put the peaches in boiling water and keep them for  1 minute. Then you should immediately remove the peaches and put them in cold water.  After that, you peel off their skin and put them into acidified water. It will absorb  some of the water and quicken the dehydration process

Slice the peaches

Now make small slices off the peeled off peaches.  Try to make the slices as thin as possible.  You should also try to maintain uniformity among all the slices you make.  If the slices are not uniform then they will be dried out at different times. 

Place the slices on the  air fryer tray

You should use an air fryer with multiple racks to dehydrate peaches.  Multiple racks will ensure that you are maximizing the capacity.  When you are placing the slices on the tray make sure that you keep some spaces in between the pieces. Avoid multiple stacks.  Otherwise, uniform airflow will not be ensured.  Therefore, some part of the slices will be dried and the other parts will remain uncooked. 

Setting the temperature and time

Setting the time and temperature parameter is the most critical part of dehydrating any kind of food. Dehydration is a slow process. Therefore you need to set the temperature as low as possible to get the perfect output. You should set the temperature around 100 to 120-degree Fahrenheit and set the timer at 8 to 12 hours.  Check the cooking condition every 2 hours.  If you feel that you have got the right texture then you must stop.  Otherwise, you may also dehydrate for few more hours to get the perfect result. 

Preserving the dried peaches 

After you have got the dehydrated peaches you may preserve these for few months.  Wherever you keep these, you should maintain an airtight environment.  An airtight container can be an option.  Otherwise, if you use a bag, make sure that you have sealed it with the vacuum sealer. 

Can I dehydrate peaches with my air fryer?

Not all air fryer can be used as a dehydrator. As I have mentioned earlier that the hydration is a slow process, we should dehydrate foods at a very low temperature.  Normally, an air fryer has a temperature range of around  180 to 400-degree Fahrenheit.  At this high temperature, food dehydration is not possible. Higher temperature breaks down the nutrition values of the fruit.  Therefore,  the food gets cooked and it cannot be e  preserved for a long time. 

If the air fryer has a lower temperature of around 100-degree Fahrenheit then it can be used as a dehydrator. Gowise  17 quart model is a perfect example of an air fryer and dehydrator combination. It is multifunctional with a lot of accessories.  It has the rotisserie option as well with multiple racks to maximize the dehydration capacity. You may also read our article on the top air fryers with the dehydrator combination.

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What can I do with dehydrated peaches?

  • You may preserve the surplus peaches for future use. 
  • Dehydrated fruits are a good supplement for your snacks.
  • Children like dried peaches a lot.  You may surprise them with a new food item. 
  • When you are travelling dried peaches are you are a good companion. 

Bottom line

The dehydration process of all kind of fruits has almost similar.  It may seem tedious if you are doing it for the first time.  But if you get accustomed to it then you will find that it’s not a that difficult job.  One thing I should mention here is that,  if you have a lot of peaches to dehydrate then you should get a stand-alone dehydrator.  Because in an air fryer you will be able to dehydrate a very small amount of peaches. 

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