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Instant Omni Pro Vs Omni Plus – Which One Is Better?

Omni series is the air fryer, convection oven, and rotisserie combo series of the popular brand Instant pot. In this series, they have two different models – Omni Pro and Omni Plus XL. Both of the models are popular, have different cooking functions and similar features. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one. In this article, I am going to differentiate Instant Omni Pro and Omni plus so that you can pick the right one between these two.

I am going to compare each of the features of these air fryer and convection ovens. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to understand exactly how these two are different. Before discussing any further, let’s find out the side-by-side specifications at a glance.

Specification Comparison

FeaturesInstant Omni PlusInstant Omni Pro
Capacity19 Quarts19 Quarts
Dimension (inch)16.53 x 15.74 x 13.8916.53 x 15.55 x 13.89
Weight29.1 lbs29.7 lbs
Temperature170F to 450F170F to 450F
First ArrivalMar-2021Mar-2021
Cooking Presets1014
Color VarientsS/S + BlackS/S + Black
Control PanelDigital + Manual KnobDigital
Suitable for10+ persons10+ persons

Similar features

The majority of the features of these air fryer and convection ovens are similar. For instance, they have similar cooking capacity, color variants, weight and dimension, temperature range, and so on. I will discuss all of these similar features in this section.

Cooking functions that are common

Cooking FunctionsInstant Omni PlusInstant Omni Pro
Air Fry

Instant Vortex Plus is a 10 in 1 air fryer and convection oven. Therefore, it has 10 cooking functions. All these cooking functions are also available in Instant Vortex Pro. Additionally, you will get 4 more cooking functions in it. The table above shows only the 10 common cooking functions of these two kitchen appliances.

Other common features

Both of the convection toaster ovens have exactly the same cooking capacities. The size of the cooking basket will be 19 quarts. It is good enough for cooking in large batches. Therefore, both of the models are sufficient for a large family.

The temperature range of these toaster ovens is exactly the same. They can cook at a range of 170F to 450F. Both of them have heating elements with a rated power of 1800W.

Apart from these, both of these units came into the market at the same time. Therefore, none of them are ahead of the other in terms of technology. Technologically both are equally advanced.

Features that are different

If the majority of the features of these Instant Omni air fryer and convection ovens are similar, then how these two are different? In this section, I am going to discuss their dissimilarities.

Different cooking functions

Cooking FunctionsInstant Omni PlusInstant Vortex Pro
Temperature probeX
Split cookX
Slow CookX

As I mentioned earlier, Instant Vortex Pro has 4 additional cooking functions. The table above shows that the additional functions are proof, temperature probe, split cook, and slow cook.

Advantages of Instant Omni Plus ( Over Pro)

Instant Omni Plus

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  • The price of Omni Plus is substantially lower than its counterpart.
  • Omni Plus has so many other advantages that are common to both of these toaster ovens. It has no other mention-worthy advantages that is exclusive.

Advantages of Instant Omni Pro ( Over Plus)

Instant Omni Pro

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  • Instant Omni Pro has few cooking functions more than the Plus version such as proof, slow cook, split cook, and temperature probe.
  • The split cooking function will allow you to run two program sequentially for a single recipe to get the perfect results.
  • The temperature probe will allow you to control the temperature as per desired. You can even see the actual temperatue on the display.


Is the additional cost of Omni Pro justified?

The price of Instant Omni Pro is around 50 dollars more than the Plus version. I think the price is justified for the additional features it has such as a temperature controlling system, split cook, and probe. These are not any mandatory cooking functions. These functions just add some values for the users.

What’s the use of the temperature probe of Omni Pro?

The temperature probe is a function that will allow you to set the desired temperature and control it throughout the cooking time. You can see the set temperature versus the actual temperature on the display.

What are the advantages of the split cooking function of Instant Omni Pro?

Split cooking is a function that is used to set two cooking functions in a single batch of cooking simultaneously. It is an innovative technology by the manufacturer that will allow you to combine the cooking functions for better results.

Omni Pro Or Plus – Which One Is The Winner?

Instant Omni Pro is the winner in my opinion considering the comparative features and specifications. It has all the features of Omni Plus and additionally it has some useful exclusive features. Therefore, if you think the added features of Omni Pro are important for your everyday cooking, then it can be your right choice.

However, Omni Plus is not a bad convection oven compared with other brands such as Nuwave. Therefore, if you are happy with the features it has, then it’ll be a good choice either. The value for money of Omni Plus is great.

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