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Instant Pot Duo Vs Duo Nova | Which One Is Better?

Instant Pot Duo and Duo Nova are two popular pressure cookers and multicookers. They are very similar to each other. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between these two models. In this article, I am going to tell you the differences between the two popular Instant pot models – Instant pot duo and duo Nova. After reading this, you will be able to understand what features of these models are similar and what are dissimilar.

Table of comparison

FeaturesInstant Pot DuoInstant Pot Duo Nova
Model7 in 17 in 1
Capacity Variants 3, 6 & 8 Quarts3, 6, 8 & 10 Quarts
Power (6 qt)1000W1000W
First ArrivalJan-2016Sep-2019
Cooking Functions77
Color VarientsS/S + BlackS/S + Black
Control PanelDigital PushDigital push
Suitable forSmall to large family Small to large family

Similarities between Instant Pot Duo and Duo Nova

Cooking function

Below are all the cooking functions of Instant Pot Duo and Duo Nova models.

Cooking FunctionsInstant Pot DuoInstant Pot Duo Nova
Pressure Cooker
Rice cooker
Slow cooker
Yogurt Maker

From the table above, we can see that both the Duo and Duo Nova models have exactly the same number of cooking functions. Both of them are 7 in 1 pressure cookers and multicookers. The cooking functions include pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, and saute.

Both of the models do not have some useful functions. Below is the list of functions that are absent in both.

Cooking FunctionsInstant Pot DuoInstant Pot Duo Nova
Sous VideXX
Air FryXX
Stock PotXX
Ultra ProgramXX

From the table above, you can see that none of the models has the air fryer function. They do not have other important cooking functions such as dehydration, bake, roast and so on.

Other similarities

The table below shows some other similarities between these two Instant Pot models.

Name of the Feature Instant Pot Duo Nova Instant Pot Duo
EvenCrisp TechnologyXX
Easy Grip potXX
Fast cool lidXX
Advanced Safety
70% faster cooking
Touch Cooking panel
Additional Sealing Ring

Differences between instant pot duo and Nova

Features that are different

Below is the list of features that are different in both the Instant Pot models.

Name of the FeatureInstant Pot Duo NovaInstant Pot Duo
Easy steam releaseX
Cooking progress indicationX
Easy Seal lidX

Duo Nova has an easy seal lid, cooking pressure indicator, and easy steam release feature. Other than these three features, Nova is exactly the same as the standard Instant Pot duo model. Other than these differences, Duo Nova has more capacity variants than the standard Duo model.

Other differences

Capacity variants

Instant Pot Duo has 3 different capacity variants – 3, 6 & 8 quarts. These variants are suitable for small and medium-size families. On the other hand, the Duo Nova model has one variant more – the 10 quart one. This variant is suitable for cooking in large batches for large families.


The Duo Nova model has a few features more than the standard Duo version, the price of this unit is a bit more. But comparing the additional price with additional features and benefits, I think the price is justified.

Advantages of Instant Pot Duo ( over nova)

I really do not see any comparative advantage of the standard Instant Pot Duo model over the Duo Nova. Although the price is slightly less, it is not competitive compared to Nova. You will get something more in Nova spending an almost equal amount of money.

Advantages of Instant Pot Duo Nova ( over duo)

  • Duo Nova has easy steam release system. This feature is absent in the standard Duo model.
  • Cooking progress indicator at the blue display will always tell you the inside cooking condition.
  • The easy seal lid will automatically stop the Instant pot when necessary.
  • It has more capacity varitants than the standard Duo model. It has 3, 6 , 8 and 10-quart vaiants to choose from.
  • The control panel of DUO Nova is upgraded.
  • The release date of Nova is later than DUO. It means the Nova has latest technology.

Duo or Nova – Which one is better?

Instant Pot Duo Nova is by far the better option. The number of additional features and overall value for the money is undoubtedly better for the Nova model. Therefore, you can pick Instant Pot Duo Nova model if you are confused between these two. In fact, the Nova is an upgraded version of DUO with some additional features at an almost equal price tag.

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