Ninja Foodi SP101 Vs SP201 Vs SP301

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The Ninja Foodi is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used as a pressure cooker, air fryer, and steamer. There are three different models of the Ninja Foodi, the SP101, SP201, and SP301. Each model has different features and functions. In this article, I will show you a detailed comparison of the three models of the Ninja Foodi. Let’s get started.

comparison among SP101, SP201 & SP301

FeaturesNinja SP101Ninja SP301Ninja SP201
ModelSP101 LP3SP301SP201
Capacity4 lbs in air fry basket4 lbs in air fry basket4 lbs in air fry basket
Dimension (Inch)19 x 7.6 x 1520.21 x 15.33 x 8.1520.21 x 15.33 x 8.15
Weight18.57 lbs21.27 lbs21.1 lbs
TemperatureUp to 450FUp to 500FUp to 500F
Power1800 W1800W1800W
First ArrivalJuly-2019Aug-2021Aug-2021
Prest Function8138
Color VarientsBlack/CinnamonSilver/blackSilver/black
Control PanelManual knobDigital + manual knobDigital + manual knob
Suitable for8 peopleLarge familyLarge family

Similarities among SP101, SP201 & SP301

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Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of all three models is almost the same. Although the dimension of SP101 is a little less than the other two models, all three models can cook up to 4 lbs of food in the air fryer basket. The approximate cooking capacity of these air fryer ovens is around 25 quarts.

Heating element

Although Ninja SP101 is the earliest of all the three models, all of them have heating elements with the same power rating. The 1800W heating element is good for cooking fast. It will also help to cook the food uniformly.

Dissimilarities among SP101, SP201 & SP301

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Temperature range

Ninja SP101 can cook up to 450F. Although it is sufficient for an air fryer oven, the other two models can cook up to 500F. They are better than SP101. Because of the wider temperature range, SP301 has versatile cooking options.

Cooking functions

Cooking Prest/ FunctionsNinja Foodi SP101Ninja Foodi SP201Ninja Foodi SP301
Air Fry
Sear crispXX
Rapid bakeXX
Frozen PizzaXX
Temperature probeXXX

Ninja SP101 and SP201 are 8 in 1 air fryer ovens. They have almost the same cooking function and presets. But the SP301 has more cooking presets on the control panel. As it has a wider temperature range, it has more options such as sear crisp, rapid bake, and so on.

However, none of the Ninja Foodi models have some useful functions such as rotisserie and temperature probe. If precise control of food temperature is important to you, then you may look for other Ninja or Nuwave air fryer ovens.

Ninja SP101, SP201, or SP301 – Which model is the best?

Considering the features and comparing them with the price, I think Ninja SP301 is the winner. It has more cooking functions, a wider temperature range and it is the most recent release of the SP series air fryer oven. Although it has advantages over the other two models, the price of this model is still decent. Therefore, if I were to make a decision among these three, I’d definitely choose SP301.

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