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Ninja Vs Emeril Lagasse – Which One Is Better?

Emeril Lagasse and Ninja both are reputed names in the air fryer oven and pressure cooker industry. They have a number of air fryer ovens and pressure cookers that have similar features. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for the users to find out the subtle differences and choose the right one. Ninja Food SP101 and Emeril Lagasse 360 air fryer ovens are among such models. In this article, I am going to compare Ninja SP101 and Emeril 360 air fryer ovens to help you identify the better option.

Ninja Foodi SP101 Vs Emeril Lagasse 360 Air Fryer Ovens

Table of comparison

FeaturesEmeril 360Ninja SP101
ModelS∙AFO-001SP101 LP3
Capacity16 quarts25 quarts ( approx)
Dimension (inch)20 x 15 x 1119 x 7.6 x 15
Weight15 lbs18.57 lbs
Temperature100F to 450F100F to 450F
Power1500W1800 W
First ArrivalFeb-2019July-2019
Cooking Presets128
Color VarientsStainless steelBlack/Cinnamon
Control PanelManual Knob + PushManual knob
Suitable forLarge familyLarge family


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Cooking functions that are common

Cooking FunctionsNinja Foodi SP101Emeril 360
Air Fry

Both Ninja and Emeril air fryer ovens have the above cooking functions in common. Both of them have air fryer, dehydrator, bagel, broil, and some other functions that are useful. However, a full-fledged dehydrator is better for dehydrating fruits and vegetables on large scale.

Cooking functions that are absent in both

Cooking FunctionsNinja Foodi SP101Emeril 360
Slow RoastXX
Temperature probeXX
Split cookXX

The above table is the list of cooking functions that are absent in both the air fryer ovens. None of them have proof, temperature probe, cookie, yogurt, and some other useful functions. However, if a temperature probe is important to you, then Ninja DT251 or Nuwave Bravo can be an option. Yogurt is not a common function for an air fryer oven. Only a few models such as COSORI CS130-AO have this option.

Other similar features

Both of the air fryer ovens have similar working temperature range. Therefore, both of them have functions that require low temperature such as dehydrator, and functions that require high temperature such as broil.

Price is another feature of these two ovens that are very similar. Both of them are usually priced few bucks below 200. Compared to other similar toaster ovens such as Breville or KitchenAid, the prices of these units are a bit higher.

Features that are different

Different cooking functions

Cooking FunctionsNinja Foodi SP101Emeril 360
Slow CookX
Convection X

Other dissimilarities

The cooking capacity of both units is different. Ninja SP101 has more capacity than Emeril. Ninja is a 25-quart oven. On the other hand, Emeril 360 has a cooking capacity of 16 quarts. However, both of them are able to cook for a large family.

The power rating of the heating element of these two kitchen appliances is another differentiation. The rated power of Ninja SP101 is 1800W. On the other hand, it is 1500W for Emeril. A more powerful heating element indicates quicker and uniform cooking.

Advantages of Ninja Foodi SP101 ( over Emeril)

  • The cooking capacity of SP101 is more than Emeril.
  • The heating element of Ninja is more powerful.

Advantages of Emeril Lagasse 360 ( over Ninja)

  • Emeril 360 has convection option. Therefore, although the heating element is less powerful, it can cook fast.
  • It has rotisserie function to cook a whole chicken. Because of the low height, SP101 can barely fit a chicken in it.
  • It has more cooking functions than Ninja such as reheat, pizza, slow cook and so on.

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360

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Which one is the winner?

Both of the air fryer ovens are the winner. Both of them have differentiating attributes. Ninja is a larger oven with a more powerful heating element. On the other hand, Emeril has versatile cooking functions. It has rotisserie and convection functions. Therefore, my final recommendation is that, pick the one you think is appropriate for you. Keep the features of these appliances in your consideration.

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