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Nuwave Vs Dash Air Fryer – Which One Is Better?

Nuwave and Dash are two popular brands in the air fryer industry. They have a number of air fryer models that are similar in features and specifications. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for the users to understand the differences and choose the better one. Nuwave Brio 7.25 quart 37061 and Dash Deluxe 6 quart air fryer are such models that people often tend to compare. In this article, I am going to compare these two models and help you pick the better one.

Dash Deluxe 6 QT Vs Nuwave Brio 7.25 QT 37061

Table of comparison

FeaturesDash DeluxeBrio 7.25 QT
Capacity6 quarts7.25 QT
Dimension (inch)12.5 x 14.8 x 14.811 x 14.5 x 13.5
Weight15.8 lbs14.6 lbs
Temperatureup to 40050F to 400F
First ArrivalAug-2018Sep-2017
Cooking Presetsnill6
Color Varientsblack/red/white/yellow/aquaBlack
Control PanelAnalogDigital
Timer Range30 minutesunknown
Suitable formedium familylarge family

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

Nuwave Brio is a 7.25-quart air fryer. It can cook for a large family. However, the Brio series has other smaller variants such as Brio 3 quart air fryer. On the other hand, this Dash is a 6-quart air fryer that can cook for a medium-sized family. Dash has similarly smaller variants such as Dash 2 quart air fryer.

Temperature range

Dash has a temperature range that you expect from an ordinary air fryer. It can cook at up to 400F. On the other hand, Nuwave Brio has a working temperature range of 50F to 400F. As it can go below 100F, it can dehydrate like Ninja air fryers.

Control panel

Dish air fryers have manual control panels. They have a manual knob to control the time. The temperature is set automatically. On the other hand, Nuwave Brio is one of the best digital air fryers. It has all the cooking functions, digital touch buttons, and 100 preset programs on the control panel.

Cooking function

Nuwave Brio has 7 cooking functions including air fry, dehydrate, roast, grill, and so on.

Cooking functionsNuwave Brio 7.25 QT
Air Fry

On the other hand, Dash has no preset function on the panel. It can cook in ordinary air frying mode.

Price and value for money

Both of these air fryers are priced almost equally. Although Nuwave serves a better value for money due to more features and benefits. However, you may find more air fryers with good value for money.

Advantages of Dash Deluxe ( over Nuwave)

  • It has more color options than Nuwave.
  • Dash came to the market later than the competitor.

Advantages of Nuwave Brio ( over Dash)

  • Stage cooking is a unique feature of Nuwave Brio.
  • It has a more powerful heating element. Therefore, it can cook faster.
  • The cooking capacity of Nuwave Brio is more than the competitor.
  • Nuwave has a digital control panel with a lot of cooking presets.
  • It has a better value for money.

Which one is the winner?

Comparing the price with the value that these air fryers provide, Nuwave Brio wins by a mile. Its price is almost equal to that of the Dash but it serves more features and advantages. It has a digital control panel with a lot of presets. Therefore, if I were to make a decision, I’d bet on Nuwave without any hesitation.

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