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What Can You Cook With An Air Fryer? – Awesome Ideas

If you have got a new air fryer, the very first question that comes to your mind is – what can I cook with it? In this article, I will give you some awesome recipes idea that you can cook with your air fryer. Whether you have a low-cost air fryer or expensive air fryer, you must have the basic air frying function in it. Try to cook food with an air fryer and be less dependent on deep frying. Ensure a healthy life of your family.

Air fried chicken wings

Your air fryer is the great companion of you to make the juiciest fried chicken wings. These fried wings are tasty and cheap. You have to dip these into the right sauce to enjoy full of the taste.

Air fried apple chips

Apple chips are popular for the health benefits and taste. If you are in short of time, spend just 8 to 10 minutes to prepare the air fried crispy apple chips. All you need is a good quality apple, a pinch of salt, and cinnamon. When the chips turn to a golden color, then these are ready to serve.

Brussels sprouts

If you are a vegetarian, then air fryer can be your everyday cooking companion. Do you think that you do not have enough ideas to cook food for you? Try brussels sprouts. Air fried brussels sprouts are tender inside but crispy outside. This can be one of the healthiest foods for you.

Roasted pumpkin seed

Do you know that you can roast pumpkin seed in an air fryer? A regular cooker will take hours to complete cooking. On the other hand, your air fryer will take a few minutes to give you the perfect roasted pumpkin seed.

Hard-boiled eggs

An air fryer can ease the job of egg boiling. You do not need to boil the egg in water. After cooking for a few minutes, the egg is ready to eat. If you have difficulties to peel the egg off, then try some hacks.

French fries

Forget about deep-fried French fries if you have an air fryer. It will give you the perfect and crispy French fries with 80 to 90% less oil. Just chop the potatoes into the required size, sprinkle some salts and cook for five minutes.

Air fryer doughnuts

The doughnut is one of the best dessert items that you can prepare with your air fryer. What you need to do is make dough with biscuit, then give the slices into a round shape. Cut the center of the slices and mix an appropriate amount of cinnamon and sugar as a topper. Bake it for few minutes and it’s done!

Air fryer meatball

Meatballs are juicy and tender. Air fried meatballs are equally tasty if you cook it in the deep fryer. You can make the meatballs into claw-shaped so that it can get hot air evenly.

Air fryer broccoli

Roasted broccoli is another item that can be the favorite food for you if you are a vegetarian. You can try this delicious crispy, green, and roasted broccoli with your air fryer that will give you even healthier food. Do not forget to serve it with cheese sauce.

Air fryer calzones

Are you a calzone lover? Try to make your favorite food with the air fryer. If you know how to make pizza dough then apply the same procedure to prepare dough for calzones. After the dough is ready, choose the filling as per your taste.

Rotisserie chicken

If you have an air fryer with rotisserie function, then you can prepare rotisserie chicken with your air fryer. Do not try with a big size chicken if you have a 5 to 6 quarts basket.

Final words

I think now you have enough ideas to cook with your air fryer. Be innovative when you are cooking something new. If make few mistakes in your first attempts, do not bother. Remember that the function of each air fryer is individual and different from others. Therefore, you will have to relay on trial and error. After few improvisations, you will be able to discover the best way of cooking. Thanks for the read. If you think that this article is helpful, you can share it with others. You can also share any more ideas with an air fryer if you have through the comments. Have a good day!

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