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What To Expect From An Air Fryer Under $100? – Features And Attributes

What to expect from an air fryer under 100 dollars? To find the answer to this question, you need to know the important attributes of an air fryer. In this article, I will discuss the features that you expect from an air fryer under $100. After the read, it will be easy for you during making the purchase decision. The initial challenge is to find out the features that are important for an air fryer. Secondly, what should be the minimum and maximum limit that I can get regarding each of these features if I restrict my budget within this range.

The Basket size of an air fryer under 100

This is an important attribute for an air fryer. Whatever your budget is, the basket size of an air fryer should be suitable for your family size. For example, if you are living in a family of 3 persons, you need an air fryer having a basket of 3 to 4 quarts. If you limit your budget at 100 dollars, you will get air fryers having basket capacity ranging from 2 quarts to 6 quarts maximum. With an air fryer that has a capacity of 6 quarts, you can cook food for 5 to 6 persons. Therefore, an air fryer below 100 can serve up to a big family having 6 members.

Temperature range

At what temperature you can cook with an air fryer is an important consideration. The majority of the air fryers under 100 have an ordinary temperature range of 170°F to 400°F. At this temperature, you will be able to do all sorts of air frying. However, if you want to do low temperature cooking such as dehydrating and so on, you will need around 150°F or less. Reaching this level may not be possible for the maximum of the air fryers under 100. On the other hand, some high-temperature cooking such as broiling and toasting may also not be possible with air fryers of this range.


You can get a portable air fryer within the budget we are discussing. If you think that the weight of an appliance should be the least for portability then you can get air fryers having weight as low as 5 pounds. Least weight may not ensure you the least volume. Therefore, you should also check the dimension. The air fryer with the least volume may occupy 800 cm3 of space. I would recommend balancing the weight and volume if portability is in your priority. But if you are looking for an air fryer for a small kitchen, then you can ignore the weight and only focus on the volume.


The maximum wattage that you can expect from an air fryer within 100 dollars is 1800 W. Do you know the importance of higher wattage of an air fryer? It is important for faster operation. An air fryer with a higher wattage rating will reach to the expected temperature faster than an air fryer with lower wattage. Therefore, it is suggested that if all your requirements are met, you should choose a machine with a higher power rating. This will give you better cooking experience.

Available functions

To be honest, if your budget is restricted below 100, then you can do all sorts of air frying with the air fryer you purchase. On the other hand, some other types of cooking such as roasting, grilling, and baking need temperature ranging from 200°F to 400°F. All air fryers of this range will provide you this flexibility in temperature. Therefore, apart from air frying, you can do these kinds of cooking as well. What you can not do with an air fryer below 100 is food dehydration. The reason is that food dehydration needs very low temperatures that can not be achieved with an air fryer of this range. You can not also do toasting and broiling as well because of the higher temperature required for these kinds of cooking.

Final words

The needs and requirements of each individual are different. Therefore, the best air fryer under 100 should not be the same for everyone. That’s the reason I have tried to explore the horizon of all possibilities that you can get from an air fryer within this budget. I think this article will help you make the best decision during you choose the right machine.

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