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Do Air fryers Damage The Countertop?

An air fryer is a must need kitchen appliance nowadays. It uses super hot circulated air to cook food. Because of the heat generated during we cook, we sometimes think that our countertop may get burnt. In this article, I will try to find the answer to the common question of whether an air fryer damages the countertop or not.

Do air fryers crack granite?

An air fryer ideally should not damage or crack a granite countertop. If the countertop is enough thick then it is safe. But still, there are some risks involved when you are using an air fryer on the granite countertop. The concerns are as follows.

  • Thin countertop can be cracked accidentally if you use heavy kitchen appliances such as air fryer, convection oven or dehydrator on it without any support or protection.
  • Moisture from the air fryer can drip in on the granite countertop. This moisture can be a reason for the countertop to get damaged.
  • If you directly put the air fryer on the granite countertop without any heat resistant mat or insulating pad then the countertop may get harmed.

Will an air fryer damage the quartz countertop?

Countertops made out of quartz are also very common. Quartz is a heat-resistant material but not completely heat-proof. The countertop which is made out of quartz contains around 90% quartz and another 10% pigment and resin. Therefore although the heat resistance property of quartz is fantastic the countertop can get damaged by the heat-sensitive resin and pigments. For example, resins can get deformed at a temperature around 150 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

When you are placing the air fryer on a quartz countertop make sure you are using a protective heat resistant sheet between the countertop and the air fryer even if your quartz countertop is heat resistant. If you don’t use any protective sheet then your countertop may not get completely damaged by excess heat but you may find scratch marks for cracks or brown scratches.

protect the countertop from damage by air fryer

As you can see there are vulnerabilities due to using an air fryer on the countertop, you should take some safety steps to protect the countertop from any kind of unwanted damage. Below is the list of materials that you can use between the countertop and the air fryer. Do not directly place the air fryer on the countertop whether or not it is completely heat resistant.

Countertop protectors made of silicon

Silicon is highly heat resistant. This material can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Therefore find a good silicone mat and use it as a protector of your countertop.

Heat resistant aluminium sheet

You will find some heat-resistant countertop protectors made out of aluminum. They are also reliable as the heat resistance of these mats is also good enough for an air fryer. They’re also non-slippery. Therefore they are reliable heat pads for the kitchen counter.

Wooded cutting boards

Although it may sound weird, you can also use a cutting board as a heat protector for the countertop. If you have an additional cutting board in the kitchen then you do not have to invest extra money for the heat-protecting pads. A cutting board can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. But make sure the board is made out of wood.

Bottom line

Even if you have a super high-quality countertop, do not take risk of getting damaged by the air fryer. It can not only get damaged by heat but there is also the vulnerability to other accidental damage. Use protection to save the granite or quartz countertops from heat or other accidents.

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