Best Meat Grinder Under 200 | Top Rated Review [2021]

The best meat grinder under 200 has some differentiating attributes. If you do not consider these features, then it is likely that you will not be able to choose it perfectly. In this article, I am going to help you find the right one which costs you around or below $200. I will discuss the pros and cons of all the suggested models with a detailed discussion of the features. Therefore, it will help you make a better decision.

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Top 5 meat grinders under 200 dollars

STX Turboforce Classic 3000

Turboforce 3000 is probably the most popular and widely used meat grinder in the USA. I have chosen this one on my list of the best meat grinders under $200 for a couple of reasons. First of all, it has undoubtedly very high motor power. The locked motor wattage of this unit is 3000W. However, it works between 800W to 1200W that we call the working motor power. The grinding speed is also satisfactory. It can grind between 180 to 240 lbs/hour. However, if you want to get the maximum speed from it, you need to cut the meat in proper size and shape.

The most advantage of STX TF 3000 is the number of free accessories you get with it. You will get 3 stainless steel plates and blade, 3 sausage stuffer, kibbeh maker, meat crawler, meat pusher, and burger maker with it. You will not get this much free accessories with any other meat grinder of this range. I think this is the reason why people like this one so much. The size of this unit is #12. Therefore, it will handle larger chunks of meats conveniently. It works in advanced variable intake technology. Which this technology, it can work with the uneven size and larger pieces of meat.

Turboforce 3000 works in variable speeds that you can set as per your need. It has speed options such as slow, high, reverse, stop, and reset. The circuit breaker will protect the motor when it is overloaded. To make the capacity higher, it has a large meat hopper that can take up to 3 pounds of meat at a time. The meat claws will save your hand from unwanted burning when dealing with the meats at high temperatures. Overall, I think TF 3000 is overall the best option if your budget is below $200.

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Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile is a popular name is the meat grinder industry. It has few good quality meat grinders in its product line. Among these products, I found the SM G50 model to be the best in the under 200 categories. I have chosen this one on my list for the great features of this unit. The motor power of Sunmile SM-G50 350W when it is under load. However, the locked motor power is 1000W. The wattage is good enough to handle any kind of residential meat grinding. The size of the grinding tube of this unit is #12. Therefore, it can handle more meat than the most common #8 size.

Although it is not made of stainless steel, the polished aluminum is a great alternative to it. To give you different types of meats output, it comes with three grinding plates of different sizes. You will get other good features such as reverse motor motion, the circuit breaker for the safety of the motor, and so on. For the storage of the accessories, it has a special design so that you can keep the accessories inside. Therefore, there is no risk of losing the small parts of the meat grinder. The grinding speed of this unit is 200 lbs per hour. This is good enough for grinding speed for any residential kitchen.

Considering the above features, we can conclude that Sunmile SM-G50 will be perfect under 200 meat grinder for any home kitchen for grinding any kind of meats. The higher motor power will ensure grinding soft bones as well. Therefore, if you want to prepare pet foods, then it can be a good option for you. Hunters who are looking for a meat grinder below 200 for processing the game, can choose this unit as well.

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Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Do you like to enjoy patties, meatballs and so many other items with the ground meat within your budget? Kitchener #12 electric meat grinder is one of the greatest options for you if the budget is under 200. The main feature that I like most is the super high grinding speed. It can grind up to 330 lbs per hour. Therefore, if you prefer speed, then it will be the perfect choice for you.

The motor power of Kitchener #12 electric meat grinder is 500W and  2/3 HP. It is more than enough for grinding meats in a residential kitchen. The #12 grinding heat is a good option if you want to grind larger chunks of meats in a single batch. Instead of plastic, the manufacturer has used metal gear to ensure smooth grinding operations. To ensure quiet operation, the motor of this unit has an air-cooled maintenance-free mechanism.

A drawback of this Kitchener meat grinder is that it is not dishwasher safe. Although it is a great option for your home, you can also use it in small restaurants or the butcher’s shop for limited use. Considering all this, it is one of the best meat grinders under 200.

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LEM Products 1158 Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder

Another reputed name in the meat grinder industry is LEM Products. They produce premium quality meat grinders for residential and light commercial use. Mighty bite and big bite are two different series of meat grinders from this reputed brand. The products of the big bite series are quite expensive and superior in quality. However, the products of big bite series are also better than similar products of the competitors. Now I will discuss some important features of the number 8 meat grinder of this big bite series. After researching the features, I have found it to be a suitable choice if your budget is below 200.

The working motor power of this LEM meat grinder is 500W. With this power, the grinder can perform regular residential grinding quite comfortably. Other than regular residential meat grinding, it can perform heavy-duty grinding if you use it for preparing your dog food. The peak motor power of this unit is 1000W. The motor is permanently lubricated to give you a smooth operational experience. Therefore, it creates less noise.

You always do not need to operate the meat grinder at full speed. You may also require slow speed for any specific operational requirement. LEM 1158 meat grinder gives you the ability to run it in two different speeds as per your needs. If the meat gets stuck or when you are cleaning the meat grinder after use, you may require a reverse speed. This unit gives you this option as well.

It comes with ample of free accessories. You will get three stainless steel grinding plates of different sizes and three sausage stuffers with it. Apart from these, you will also get a stainless steel cutting knife and meat stomper to guide the meat into the feed tube.

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Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder

If your budget is low but you still want a good quality meat grinder under 200 that can perform the daily needs, then I would suggest checking Aobosi. First, let me discuss the motor which is the most important part of a meat grinder. It has a heavy-duty and powerful motor with a rated power of 800W. The maximum power at the peak is 2000W that is more than the expectation.

The internal design of a meat grinder is important for an even output. If the design is not rightly crafted, the output meat may not get the perfect texture and the meat fiber may get damaged. Therefore, the taste of the ground meat is dependent on the internal design of a meat grinder to some extent. Aobosi meat grinder has a specially designed auger that has three spiral circles. When the meat passes through the auger, it can keep the meat cool and gives proper it a proper texture that tastes better.

Another important feature of this Aobosi under 200-dollar meat grinder is the single button on, off, and reverse function. If you face a jamming problem, then pressing the reverse button will turn the auger in the opposite direction. Hence, it helps you to a great extent during cleaning and unjamming the meat grinder.

Motor burnout is a common problem for appliances that are run by this power station. Aobosi meat grinder is equipped with a circuit breaker system that breaks the electrical connection if there is any overload. Therefore, the motor remains safe. Although this unit is a great option for the residential kitchen, I would like to mention a small drawback of it. You cleaning the meat grinder after use, you should use warm water and light dishwashing soaps to clean it. As it is relatively inexpensive, you should not use your dishwasher for washing and cleaning to save it from the surface peeling off.

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Bottom line

So, which meat grinder below $200 is suitable for you? I know everybody has different preferences. Therefore, I have tried to suggest different good options. Meat grinders are different in terms of size, motor power, and so on. When you are deciding on the suitable one for you, you should consider these features.

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