Weston Vs LEM – Which Premium Meat Grinder Is Better?

LEM and Weston, both are reputed brands in the air fryer industry for their heavy-duty products. When taking the purchase decision, we often get confused about which one to choose. In this article, I will show you the differences between these two popular types of meat grinders. I hope it will help you find out the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these two widely used meat grinders.

Meat Grinder From LEM Products

The name of the regular or standard series of product line of LEM meat grinder is Mighty Bite. This is the economic serious to cover up the maximum number of customers. The quality and quantity of products are not up to the mark. You will get only one or two lower sized meat grinders in this economic series.

LEM Big Bite Stainless steel meat grinder

We know LEM as a premium meat grinder brand for this Big Bite series. In this series, there are five different sizes of meat grinders – size #5, #8, #12, #22, and #32. Because it is premium, the price is quite expensive. #5 Big Bite meat grinder is the smallest in this series. Although it is small, it is quite capable of performing a heavy-duty operation. The maximum speed you will get with it is 240 lbs per hour which is more than enough for any residential grinding project. The problem with this #5 meat grinder is that you need to cut the input meats into small pieces because of the smaller size input tube.

If you want a bit more convenience, then LEM #8 Big Bite is a better choice. It will have a more powerful motor with around 360 lbs per hour grinding speed. If speed is your preference, then LEM #12 can be a good fit. It can grind up to 600 lbs per hour with a more powerful motor. If you want even more power and speed, then LEM Big Bite #22 and 32 are appropriate options. The grinding speed of these meat grinders is 780 lbs/H and 1020 lbs/H consecutively.

Weston Meat Grinders

Weston has three different series of meat grinders – regular, butcher series, and pro series. Butcher and pro, both are premium meat grinders. Pro series is equivalent to LEM Big Bite. Therefore, for the ease of our comparison, we will discuss the Pro series in detail.

Weston Pro series

Weston Pro is made of stainless steel. Unlike LEM Big Bite, it does not start with #5. Therefore, if you need the least size of Weston premium meat grinder, then you need to choose #8. The next better and bigger option is #12 pro meat grinder that has a more powerful motor with a 540 lbs per hour maximum output speed. If you want almost commercial grade service, then you can choose any of the #22 or #32 from the Weston Pro meat grinder.

If interested, then you may read our article on a comprehensive review of Weston #8 meat grinder.

Comparison Between LEM and Weston

Reverse function – It is an important aspect for regular meat grinders with a less powerful motor. As we are comparing the premium series of LEM and Weston, reverse function is less important to discuss because the meat will get stuck once in a blue moon. However, LEM Big Bite does not offer you a reverse function. Weston pro has this function for #22 and #32 only.

Throat – It is an important aspect when you will feed the meat into the grinder. Weston is the winner in this aspect with a larger throat.

Motor power and grinding speed – Both of the series have a substantially powerful motor and high grinding speed. There is no clear winner or loser. Both are almost equivalent.

Bone grinding – Although I think all of the grinders of Weston and LEM will grind bones. But the manufacturer’s warranty covers from #12 to #32 for LEM and #22 to #32 for Weston.

Comparison at a glance

Features LEM Big BiteWeston Pro
Reverse FunctionNot PresentPresent in #22 and #32 models
Motor PowerEquivalentEquivalent
Grinding SpeedEquivalentEquivalent
PriceSlightly lowerSlightly higher
Feeding tubeStandardWider
Bone grinding#12 to #32#22 and #32

Bottom line

I think now you know a lot about the differences between Weston and LEM meat grinders. Both are almost equal. If you are a frequent user of a meat grinder, I would suggest you go for premium series rather than a regular series. Premium series will give you smoothness, higher grinding speed, powerful motor, and stainless-steel body that is a symbol of kitchen beauty. Let me know whether I have missed anything through the comments.

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