LEM #5 Vs #8 – Which Big Bite Meat Grinder Is Better?

Stainless Steel meat grinders from LEM products are reputed for the quality. In this article, I am going to compare LEM #5 vs #8 meat grinder. After the read, you will learn the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of these two residential grade meat grinders. I hope that it will be a great help in your decision making.

LEM’s #5 and #8 are residential grade premium meat grinders. Both are good for any home meat grinding projects. However, there are a few differences between these two that I am going to discuss in the next sections.

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LEM #8 vs #5 – Comparison at a glance

FeaturesLEM Big Bite #5LEM Big Bite #8
Dimension9.25 X 16.5 X 149.25 X 18 X 16
Horse Power0.35HP0.50 HP
Weight32 lbs38 lbs
Reverse FunctionAvailableAvailable
Stainless Steel BodyYesYes
Motor LubricationPermanentPermanent
LEM #5 Big Bite

LEM #8 Big Bite

Feature differences of LEM #5 and #8

What are the important features of a meat grinder? Motor power, grinding speed, alloy quality that has been used to produce the body, accessories that you get as free and so on. Let’s discover the side by side comparison between these two meat grinders of LEM in this section.

Motor power

LEM #8 has a motor with higher wattage of 250W where LEM #5 has a motor with 180W rated power. The subsequent motor horsepower of these units is 0.5HP and 0.35HP consecutively. Higher motor power means higher sturdiness. Therefore, if you like a stronger machine, then LEM #8 is preferred.

Weight and dimension – LEM #5 meat grinder is better for a smaller and compact kitchen. The width, length, and height of this unit are 9.25, 16.5, and 14 consecutively. The other one has a dimension of 9.25, 18, and 16. The weight of these two premium meat grinders is around 32 and 38 pounds consecutively. Therefore, the #5 variant is comparatively lighter and compact.


The number of accessories that you will get from these two LEM meat grinders is the same. You will get a meat stomper, a few pieces of sausage stuffer, and stainless-steel grinding plates of 3 different sizes. The overall quality and quantity of the accessories are just above average than the competitors.

Grinding speed

Both of the meat grinders have a similar grinding speed that is suitable for any residential kitchen. However, the #8 version will have a little more maximum speed than the other. But I think it is not a dealbreaker.


LEM #5 meat grinder has a smaller feed tube than the #8 version. Therefore, it needs smaller pieces of input meat. If you want to be a little more casual, then #8 will be a better choice.

LEM #5 or #8 – which one is better?

You have got the basic idea from the above discussion. Both are the smaller version of the renowned Big Bite series. Both are similar in size, power, and capacity. The difference is subtle. However, if you want better performance, higher capacity, higher speed, then LEM #8 is a better option. But if you a comparatively lighter and compact meat grinder with a better piece, then go with #5.

Advantages of LEM #8

  • It has a more powerful motor. Therefore, it is more suitable for heavy-duty operations.
  • LEM #8 has a higher horsepower rating.
  • The gears are made of metal. Therefore, it produces less noise.
  • LEM #8 has a larger throat. Therefore, it is capable of taking larger chunks of meat.
  • The maximum grinding speed of this unit is higher than the counterpart.

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Advantages of LEM #5

  • It is cheaper than the counterpart.
  • LEM #5 is comparatively lightweight.
  • It is relatively compact. Therefore, it is more suitable for a small kitchen.
  • LEM #5 has also metal gear like the counterpart.

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Bottom line

I think now you have a comprehensive idea about LEM Big Bite #5 and #8 meat grinders from the above comparison. Both meat grinders are quite similar with a little difference. LEM has other bigger models in the Big Bite series such as LEM #12 or LEM #22. Therefore, I would recommend you to explore other models as well if you have enough budget. Otherwise, I would recommend #8 over #5. You will not invest in the meat grinder too often. For this reason, it will not be wise to skimp the spending and being deprived of some additional features. But if you are living in a small family, then I would say #5 will not be a bad deal as well.

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  1. how 250 watts motor is 0.5HP ? 0.5HP is 373 Watts

    • Hello. Thanks for the correction. Unfortunately, we cannot alter the information that is suggested by the manufacturer even if it is incorrect.

      • That is my point – they/LEM/ falsely advertise the grinders are more powerful, and I am trying to resolve the issue. If the motor manufacturer says the motor is 250W on the name plate, the user of the motor can not say/claim that the appliance this motor is used for is 50% more powerful.


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