What Are The Best Racks For Air Fryer?

Are you looking for a suitable rack for your air fryer? A common item for the air fryer users who love doing versatile cooking. In this article, I am going to review the best racks that you are looking for your air fryer in recent times. In the end, I will also discuss the importance of this little appliance so that you can identify the scopes of doing more things with it.  

11 Best racks for air fryer oven

Some air fryers come with racks as a free accessory. If you are unlucky, then you may need to purchase it. Air fryer racks are almost a mandatory accessory because of their undoubtedly important utility. After researching so many factors, I have shortlisted the below racks that you may like. 

ItemCompatible withSize
17 Pcs Air Fryer AccessoriesAll brands3.2 to 5.8 qt
3 Pieces Air Fryer RackAll brands7 to 8 inches
5 Pieces Dehydrator RacksPower Air Fryer,Chefman, Caynel,6 qt
P&P CHEF Round RackAir fryer, stockpot, pressure cooker7½-Inch
Air Fryer Accessories SetAll XL air fryers3.7 to 5.8 qt
Air Fryer Rack AccessoriesSquare shaped baskets3.5 to 5.8 qt
Air Fryer Grill PanPower and Air Fryers5 qt
Square Air Fryer AccessoriesAll square air fryers8 inces
Philips Airfryer RackPhilips HD9240 models7.87 inches
NuWave Air Fryer AccessoriesNuWave6 qt
COSORI Accessories XLCOSORI5.8 to 6 qt

MONYES 17 Pcs Air Fryer Accessories


  1. Compatibility: these air fryer racks are compatible with all brands. You can use these accessories for your 3.2 qt to 5.8 qt air fryer. The size of the rack is 7 inches. 
  2. Items included: you will get two round-shaped air fryer racks, one skewer rack, and 9 other air fryer accessories. 
  3. It includes one single-layer rack, one double-layer rack, and one skewer rack. Therefore, if you want to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and other items, then it can be a great choice. 
  4. The accessories are dishwasher safe. These include a nonstick coating. But I highly recommend not to rub the coating rigorously for longevity. 
  5. MONYES air fryer accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel. These are FDA certified. Therefore, you do not need to think about health issues. 

3 Pieces Air Fryer Rack


  1. This is a set of single-layer rack good for the air fryer, pressure cooker, oven, and other similar usages. 
  2. The stainless steel material will enhance the service life of this accessory. Therefore, you can use these racks without thinking much about the rusting problems. 
  3. The measurement of this small accessory is 7 inches. Therefore, it will be fit for almost any small or large air fryers. 
  4. It can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it at a higher temperature without thinking about longevity. 
  5. It is dishwasher safe. The finishing is smooth like premium accessories. It will not harm or scratch your air fryer. 
  6. It is good for any kind of baking such as preparation of pizza, cupcake, bread and so on. 

Why racks are important?

Racks are important for an air fryer for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you have to cook a lot of food in a single batch, the cooking chamber may not be sufficient. In this case, you can arrange the foods in multiple layers using the racks. 

Another use of an air fryer rack is food dehydration. While you are dehydrating fruits and vegetables in the air fryer, you need to arrange them on a single layer keeping some space between the slices. It needs a lot of surface area to dehydrate foods for this reason. Multiple layer racks can help you a lot to maximize the capacity of the air fryer. 

There are some recipes such as pizza that need 360-degree hot airflow. Preparing these kinds of food also requires racks. It allows the air passage 100% uniform. Therefore, even cooking becomes possible. 

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Bottom line

You may get air fryer racks as a free accessory while purchasing a new one. But in many cases, you need to get it as an additional accessory. I think the value for money of this little air fryer accessory is great. In fact, you really need it if you want to utilize your air fryer 100%. 

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