COSORI Max XL CP158-AF 5.8-Quart Air Fryer Review

COSORI is a renowned name in the kitchen appliance industry. They are the supplier of quality air fryers, multicookers, toaster ovens, coffee makes, and so on. They have four top-quality popular air fryer models having capacity ranging from 3.7 quarts to 32 quarts. Among these four models, COSORI CP158-AF is the most popular. In this article, I am going to extensively review the COSORI CP158-AF air fryer. I am going to review the advantages and disadvantages of each of the important features such as basket size, temperature range, control panel, and so on. After the read, you will come to know whether this model will be a good choice for you or not.

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Specifications – COSORI CP158 AF

ModelCOSORI Air Fryer CP158-AF
Size5.8 qt
Dimension (inches)11.8 x 12.6 x 11.7
Weight16.66 lbs
Power1700 W
Temperature Range170°F to 400°F
COSORI Air Fryer CP158-AF

Basket Size of COSORI 5.8 Qt Air Fryer

The basket size of COSORI CP158-AF is 5.8 quarts. The basket is suitable for cooking in large batches. Families having 4 to 5 members can cook foods for them in a single batch quite comfortably. Therefore, this unit will be suitable for a medium to large family.

Weight and dimension

The weight and dimension of COSORI CP158-AF air fryer are 16.66 lbs and 11.8 x 12.6 x 11.7 inches consecutively. The comparative weight of this unit is average, similar to other air fryers of a similar range. But the comparative dimension of the square-shaped air fryer is lower than average. Therefore, it will be suitable for smaller kitchens with limited space.

Temperature range

COSORI CP158 air fryer has an average temperature range. The highest temperature that you can achieve with it is 400°F. Although if you are not willing to use your air fryer as a toaster oven, this temperature will be quite OK for you. With the lowest temperature of 170°F, you cannot do anything other than basic air frying.

Control Panel

COSORI CP158-AF has a huge control panel having a digital LED display. The control panel has 11 preset cooking functions consisting of shrimp, bacon, frozen foods, bread, vegetables, and so on. With the keep warm function, you can keep the food fresh for a few hours. There are separate touch buttons for changing the temperature and time. Overall, the control panel is quite versatile.

Cooking Functions

With the temperature range it has, you can do basic air frying and similar cooking such as baking, roasting, and grilling. Diversified cooking functions such as dehydration, toasting, broiling, and so on are not possible with it. Although you should not expect these functions with a basic air fryer which is not multifunctional.

Basket property

The food basket is removable. It is dishwasher safe and coated with non-stick material. It is also free from BPA and PFOA. Therefore, the food basket of COSORI CP158-AF is easy to clean and it also maintains food safety.

Additional feature

A unique feature of COSORI CP158-AF is the shake reminder. You know that we need to shake the basket intermittently during cooking. If you forget to shake it, it may result in uneven cooking. The inbuilt shaking reminder will save the food from this unintentional mishap. It will remind you when shaking is necessary.

Price vs value

The price of this unit is just above 100 dollars. Does the price justify the features it provides? If you consider only the basket size then I will say that COSORI CP158-AF is slightly overpriced. But other features such as BPA and PFOA free basket, good quality control panel, powerful heating element, and so on will justify the price.

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What I liked About COSORI Max XL CP158-AF

In summary, the advantages of COSORI CP158-AF include the large basket size that is suitable for large families. The basket is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. The control panel is multi-functional. The overall volume of this air fryer is lower than the average. Therefore, it is suitable for a kitchen that has less space. The wattage of the cooking element is also better that ensures faster cooking.

Cons but not a dealbreaker

The temperature range of COSORI CP158-AF is just Ok but not outstanding. Therefore, some versatile cooking functions such as dehydration, toasting, and so on are not possible with it. But this is not any dealbreaker. You can prepare all kinds of air fryer recipes with it.

What it is good for

COSORI CP158-AF is the best choice for some who is residing in a large family and looking for an air fryer from a reputed brand. But you should keep in mind that you will not avail of diversified functions such as dehydration, rotisserie, toasting and so on. It will be better for air frying, roasting, grilling, and baking.

Bottom line

I think now you know what to expect from COSORI CP158-AF air fryer. It is the most popular air fryer in this range that has been trusted by so many people. I think this article was helpful to you. You are appreciated to share this with others so that everybody may know about this air fryer. Happy cooking!

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