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Why Should You Prefer A BPA Free Air Fryer?

When we look for the perfect air fryer for the kitchen, we usually find the term ‘BPA-free’ on the specification. Is it so important that an air fryer should be BPA free? In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits of BPA free air fryers. After the read, you will know about BPA and its impact on the human body. You will also know what are the advantages if the air fryer is free from this element.

What is BPA?

BPA is the short form of bisphenol-A. It is a kind of chemical that plastic factories use to produce their plastic items. BPA is also a common compound that is found in epoxy resin. This resin is an element that the manufacturers use during coting a meatal body. This element can be found in the plastic used in food containers, bottles, consumer goods, and so on. Dental sealing products, food can may also contain this element. Air fryer and other kitchen appliances that have plastic bodies and accessories may contain BPA.

What are the uses of BPA in air fryers?

BPA can be used in the plastic elements used in the air fryer. When the air fryer gets exposed to high temperatures, this element can decompose and seep through the food. Plastic elements are not the only source of BPA in air fryers. Nowadays, non-stick food pans are trendy. These are useful too because of the ease of cleaning and washing. As I mentioned earlier, elements that are coated on metal may contain BPA. Therefore, these so-called non-stick baskets can also be a source of BPA in air fryers.

Health risks of BPA

Various health issues can be caused by BPA. One common issue is infertility among men and women. It can cause lower egg production for women. Lower sperm concentration and lower sperm count can also be caused by BPA. Sexual satisfaction can also correlate with BPA content in human blood.

Another issue that can be caused by BPA is the birth of unhealthy children. A study found that women with higher BPA levels in blood give birth to children with hormonal imbalance. It may cause anxiety and depression among babies.

Heat diseases and hypertension have also relation to BPA. People having higher BPA levels have a higher chance of being affected by these diseases. Not only that, but higher BPA in blood also develops insulin resistance. Therefore, it may be dangerous for diabetic patients.

Other health issues that were found to have a relation with BPA are asthma, obesity, hormonal imbalance, liver disorder, and so on. Although there is controversy, the majority of the health and fitness gurus have suggested being cautious about BPA.

Ceramic coated basket as a solution

A solution to get away with BPA is choosing BPA free air fryers. Now how do you trust the claims of the manufacturers? A rule of thumb is selecting the air fryers from trusted brands. A less reputed brand may offer a lower price to create value. Therefore, I suggest not to be lured by the tempting offers. Another way to avoid BPA is by choosing air fryers with ceramic coated basket. As you already know that the non-stick food baskets may contain BPA. Therefore, to avoid it and availing the non-stick feature as well, you should choose an air fryer that has a ceramic coated basket.

Advantages of BPA free air fryer

From the discussion above, I think you have got enough ideas about the advantages of BPA free air fryer. To summarize, it will save you from the risk of enormous health issues. The main problem with health issues caused by BPA is, it does not affect you instantly. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify the real reason for these diseases. BPA can act as slow poisoning. A true BPA free air fryer will give you relief from this risk. If you choose a ceramic coated BPA free air fryer, it will last longer than a traditional non-stick air fryer. The price is also not that much higher. Therefore, there is no reason that a health-conscious person will not choose a BPA free air fryer.

If you are interested, read our article to know about the top BPA free air fryers in recent times.

Bottom line

I think now you know what are the dangers of BPA and how a BPA free air fryer can be a good friend of you that can save you from so many health issues. As the price is not a deal-breaker, I must suggest you choose a BPA free air fryer when you going to get a new one.

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