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COSORI vs Power XL Air Fryer Comparison

COSORI and Power XL are two famous names in the air fryer industry. Both brands have a number of air fryer models that are quite commendable. Some of these air fryers are similar in their features and advantages. Therefore, the users often find themselves in difficulties to compare them. In this article, I will differentiate those air fryer models of COSORI and Power XL. I hope it will be helpful for you to decide on your next air fryer.

Power XL Maxx vs COSORI Dual blaze

Table of comparison

FeaturesCOSORI 6.8 QTPowerXL Air Fryer
ModelCAF-P583S-KUSMaxx Classic
Capacity6.8 qt7 qt
Dimension11.7 x 12.9 x 13.816 x 14.2 x 14
Weight13.7 lbs3 lbs
Temperature175F to 400FUp to 400F
First ArrivalAug-2021Aug-2020
Cooking Presets127
Color VarientsBlackBlack
Control PanelDigital TouchDigital touch
Suitable for4 persons4 persons

Comparison of the features

PowerXL Air Fryer 7 QT Maxx Classic , Special Edition

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Cooking capacity

Both COSORI and Power XL air fryers have similar cooking capacities. Around 7-quart baskets are good for a medium-size family with 4 to 5 persons. However, if you want an air fryer with more capacity, you need to look for an air fryer oven. Instant Vortex can be a good option with more capacity.

Temperature range

Both COSORI and Power XL have very similar temperature ranges. They can cook from 175F to 400F. This is an average temperature range that you will find in an ordinary air fryer. If you want a wider temperature range, then Philips or Ninja will be good options.

Cooking functions

Cooking functionsPower XL MaxxCOSORI 6.8 qt
Air Fry
Max CrispXX

Because of the similar temperature range, both of the air fryers have almost the same cooking functions. The basic functions of these air fryers are bake, air fry, broil, and roast.

Control panel

Both of the air fryers have a digital control panel with an LED display. Both of them have touch control pads. COSORI has 12 preset functions. On the other hand, Power XL has 7 preset functions on the panel. Therefore, COSORI is the better option for beginners.

Price and value for money

The price of COSORI dual blaze is substantially higher than Power XL. However, the additional features that COSORI offers justify its price. I think the value for money of COSORI is better than its counterpart.

Special features

COSORI dual blaze has some smart features that are unique. For example, you can connect it with your cell phone with wifi. Therefore, you can remotely control the appliance. It can also be connected with google assistant or Alexa.

Apart from this, COSORI dual blaze is integrated with 360 thermal IQ technology that has dual heating elements. Therefore, it can cook food more uniformly than an ordinary air fryer.

Power XL Maxx air fryer does not have any such special features as COSORI.

COSORI dual blaze or Power XL Maxx – which one is the winner?

Considering the price and features, I think COSORI dual blaze 6.8-quart air fryer is the winner. Although it has an ordinary temperature range and cooking functions, some advanced features such as smart connectivity options with the cell phone and Alexa give COSORI an edge over its competitors. Considering all these, I would definitely prefer COSORI over Power XL.

COSORI Air Fryer 6.8Qt, Dual Blaze with 360 ThermoIQ Tech

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