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Gowise USA Vs COSORI Air Fryer Comparison

Gowise USA and COSORI are two popular brands in the industry. Both of these brands have a number of air fryers that are happily accepted by the users. Few of the models have similarities and shuttle dissimilarities. Therefore it is often difficult for the users to differentiate them. Gowise USA XL and COSORI Max XL are among the models that the users often tend to compare. In this article, I am going to compare Gowise USA and COSORI air fryers. After the read, it will help the users make a better decision.

Gowise USA XL vs COSORI Max XL air fryer

Table of comparison

FeaturesGowise USA XLCOSORI 5.8 QT
ModelGW22731Max XL
Capacity5.8 QT5.8 QT
Dimension (inch)13.5 x 12.5 x 11.511.7 x 14.2 x 12.6
Weightunknown11.5 lbs
Temperature180F to 400F170F to 400F
Power1700W1700 W
First ArrivalNov-2017October 21, 2018
Cooking Presets813
Color VarientsblackBlack/Red/White
Control PanelDigital touchDigital Touch
Timer Range30 munitesUp to 60 min
Suitable formedium family medium family

Comparison of the features between Gowise & COSORI 5.8 QT air fryer

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Cooking capacity

COSORI Max XL and Gowise USA XL are both 5.8-quart air fryers. Both of the air fryers can cook for up to 5 persons in a single batch. Both of them are suitable for a medium-size family. However, if you wish to have recommendations for air fryers for large families then read this article.

Cooking functions and cooking presets

COSORI air fryer has 13 cooking presets. It has cooking presets including preheat, keep warm, dessert, meat, vegetables, and so on.

On the other hand, Gowise USA has eight cooking presets including fish, pork, chicken, cake, pizza, and so on.

Control panel

Both of the air fryers have a digital control panel with a touch screen. Both of them are well equipped with different preset functions. You can see the temperature and time on the digital LED display. To me, COSORI seems more organized and easy to use.

Temperature range

Both of the year fires have almost this same temperature range. An ordinary air fryer will have a minimum temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Both of these comparing air fryers have this level of temperature and range.

Therefore they are good for regular air fryer cooking only. None of them can dehydrate. None of the air fryers will do high-temperature cooking such as broil. However, if you want to dehydrate on large scale, then a full-fledged dehydrator will be better.

Price and value for money

Gowise has a better price tag than COSORI. As COSORI has a few features more than the competitor, the price is a bit more. Therefore I think the value for money for both of the air fryers are almost the same.

Gowise USA XL or COSORI Max XL – which one is the winner?

COSORI Max XL is the winner if we consider the features of both models. It has the shake reminder function, better temperature range, better timing setting option, and a better control panel. It has more color variants. Although the features are quite similar, COSORI is a bit ahead of Gowise USA. Therefore I would spend a bit more money to avail of the added features.

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