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Meat Safety During Coronavirus- Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Beef is one of the most common and popular sources of protein in the world. In the USA, beef is the second most-consumed meat. In recent times, we hear a rumor that the coronavirus can spread through the meat. Then what should be the meat safety during coronavirus? The question is in the air. Because of the doubt in the consumers’ minds, it has negatively impacted the world meat industry. The specialists say that it’s too early to conclude anything. Most of the research proves meat is as safe as poultry products. But the specialists also highly warned us about wild animals such as snakes, rats, foxes, crocodiles, and so on.

To make sure our safety from any kind of viral or bacterial attack through meat consumption, we can take some action during our interaction with raw meat.

Meat Safety

  • Try to purchase meat from the local farmer’s shop or butcher’s shop. Imported meats are not safe in recent situation.
  • After buying the meat, wash it properly.
  • Don’t buy frozen meat, always try the fresh ones.
  • Cook meat perfectly. Raw or medium raw meat is not safe.
  • If you like ground beef, please make it on your own. Pre-packaged ground meat may contain meat from a mixture of different animals.
  • Buy a meat grinder to make your ground meat by yourself. There are two types of meat grinders available in the market, electric meat grinder and manual meat grinder. If you don’t know which one is good for you, then visit our article on electric meat grinder vs manual meat grinder.
  • Always wash your hand after cooking.
  • During cooking, use disposal hand gloves.
  • Always try to make your food at home.
  • Don’t eat wild and harmful creatures.

How can we keep our kitchen clean?

If you want to be safe from any kind of viral or bacterial attack, specially COVID-19 (coronavirus), then you should follow some cleaning methods in your home and kitchen. In the current situation, you should cook your food at home by maintaining full hygiene.

  • After and before work in the kitchen you should disinfect your kitchen area wiping with a disinfectant.
  • Wash your hands every time after you cook, serve food. After coming from the grocery shop or receiving home-delivery, wash your hands.
  • When you purchase something, disinfect the product before it comes home. You can spray sanitizers to the outer part of the packet.
  • Don’t use a phone when you are cooking.

Cleaning, Sanitizing or disinfecting?

Maintaining your hygiene can protect you from the deadly spreading virus. If you want to maintain the hygiene of your family perfectly, you must know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting – commonly confused terms.

  • Cleaning is an easy process of removing dirt and germs from the out surface. This process helps you to remove dirt in a short time. You can use normal detergent, soap, or dish-washing bar to clean the surface. It doesn’t kill all the germs but lowers their number. It is recommended that you clean before disinfecting the surface.
  • The term disinfecting means killing the germs from your surface. Normal detergents or soaps are not suitable for this process. You must have disinfecting The right amount of chemicals helps you disinfect your surface. It also takes 3 to 5 minutes even 10 minutes to kill all the germs.
  • Sanitizing is the younger brother of disinfecting. Where disinfecting needs more time and effort, sanitizing does it at a glance. But the main concern is sanitizing that, can’t kill the larger number of germs. On the other hand, the disinfecting process can kill most of the germs from the surface. When you are busy at work or in a hurry, sanitizers help you a lot to lower the high risk of deadly infections.


By following the process mentioned above, you can keep your family safe from many kinds of inflectional diseases. Also, we will be able to maintain the meat safety during coronavirus. You can share this information with others to make awareness. We always appreciate you to let us know your feedback about our website. Please write us your feeling in the comment section. We trying to develop ourselves based on the feedback we receive from you. Have a good day!

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