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Ninja Vs Gowise USA Air Fryer Comparison

Gowise USA and Ninja are two popular names in the air fryer industry. They have a number of air fryer models that are quite similar in features and specifications. Therefore, it is often difficult for the users to differentiate them and choose the right one. Gowise USA XL 5.8 quart and Ninja Max XL 5.5 quart air fryers are among the models that the users tend to compare often. In this article, I am going to compare these models of Ninja and Gowise USA air fryers so that you can make a better decision.

Ninja Max XL Vs Gowise USA XL Air Fryer

Table of comparison

FeaturesGowise USA XLNinja Max XL
Capacity5.8 quarts5.5 Quart
Dimension (inch)13.5 x 12.5 x 11.514 x 11 x 14.75
Temperature180F to 400F105F to 450F
Power1700W1750 W
First ArrivalNov-2017Jul 5, 2019
Cooking Presets87
Color VarientsblackBlack/ Gray
Control PanelDigital touchDigital Touch
Timer Range30 munitesYes
Suitable formedium family4 people

Similarities between Ninja 5.5 QT and Gowise USA 5.8 QT

Cooking capacity

Both Ninja and Gowise USA air fryers are good for a medium-size family. Ninja is a 5.5 quart and Gowise is a 5.8-quart air fryer. Both of them have other capacity variants such as Ninja 4-quart and Gowise USA 3.7 quart air fryers.

Differences between Ninja AF161 and Gowise USA GW22731

Temperature range

Ninja has a working temperature range of 105F to 450F. On the other hand, the temperature range for Gowise XL is 180F to 400F. The range for the Gowise USA is just average. At this rage, an air fryer can cook in regular air fryer modes. On the other hand, the wide range of Ninja has enabled it for versatile cooking.

However, Ninja and Nuwave Brio both brands have an exceptionally wider temperature range in the market.

Cooking fucntions

As the temperature range is wider, Ninja Max XL has naturally more cooking functions than Gowise. Below is the side-by-side cooking function comparison of these two air fryers.

Cooking functionsGowise USA GW22931Ninja Max XL AF161
Air Fry
Max CrispX

Dehydrate function of Ninja is a useful one. However, if you want to dehydrate in a large quantity, then you need a standalone dehydrator or an air fryer oven that dehydrates.

On the other hand, Gowise has the grill function with is absent in Ninja. Although the grills from Ninja are more versatile than this one.

Price and value for money

Although the cooking capacity is almost the same, Ninja will cost you almost double the cost of Gowise. AF161 will offer better features. But the value for money is better for Gowise.

Advantages of Ninja Max XL ( over Gowise USA)

  • It has a wider temperature range.
  • You can dehydrate with it.
  • It has more cooking functions.
  • The Max crisp function will prepare crisper food at high temperatures.
  • The heating element of Ninja is more powerful.
  • Ninja has a clean and user-friendly control panel.

Advantages of Gowise USA XL ( over Ninja)

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

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  • It has the grill function.
  • The price of this unit is far better.
  • It has more preset function on the control panel.

Gowise USA XL or Ninja Max XL – Which one is the winner?

Considering only the features, Ninja wins by a mile. It has a wider temperature range, more cooking functions, and other advanced functions. Although the value for money of Ninja is less than the competitor, I’d still bet on this model.

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps, Roasts, Bakes, Reheats and Dehydrates

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You may argue that we will not use all the functions of an air fryer then why should spend more money on the advanced features? The answer to the question is that if you need an advanced function on a rare occasion then you will regret it. Therefore, it’s always wise to spend some extra money and pick the air fryer with advanced features. The bottom line is, you can choose Ninja AF161 over Gowise.

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Ninja vs Gowise USA single person air fryer

For those looking for a single person air fryer, there are many options available on the market, including the Ninja and Gowise USA single person air fryers. In this section, we will compare the two air fryers in order to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

FeaturesGowise USA MiniNinja AF080
Capacity1.7 quarts2 quarts
Dimension (inch)11”H x 9” D x 8” W8.03″D x 10.39″W x 9.65″H
Temperature180F to 400Fup to 400F
First ArrivalNov-2019Sep-2022
Cooking Presets5 (Air Fry, Frozen Food, Toast, Reheat and Keep Warm)No presets
Color VariantsBlack/SilverGrey
Control Paneldigital touchManual
Timer Range60 minutes60 minutes
Suitable forsingle personsingle person

Gowise USA one person air fryer has more cooking presets

Gowise USA’s one-person air fryer has a distinct advantage over the competition – five cooking presets (Air Fry, Frozen Food, Toast, Reheat, and Keep Warm) that make life easier for the home chef. By comparison, the Ninja air fryer does not offer any presets, making it more difficult to find the right cooking settings for each dish. This convenience makes the Gowise USA one-person air fryer an ideal choice for households looking for a no-fuss way to prepare delicious meals quickly.

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer with Digital Touchscreen

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Ninja 2 quart air fryer is manual

The Ninja 2 quart air fryer offers a manual operation system, compared to the digitalized touch control panel of the Gowise USA model. This manual system allows users to easily customize their cooking settings, making it easier to cook a variety of different dishes. Although many of you may also like the digital control panel of Gowise USA which gives you more options and cooking versatility.

Gowise USA has a better price tag

Gowise USA has a better price tag compared to Ninja 2 quart air fryer. Although the overall features of Gowise USA are more than Ninja it offers a better price meaning it gives more value for money. If you are price-sensitive, Gowise will be the way to go for you.

Both of them share many common features

Ninja and Gowise USA single person air fryers have many features in common, such as a cooking capacity of up to 2 quarts, a 1000W heating element for efficient cooking, a temperature range of 180F to 400F, a timer of up to 60 minutes, and more. Each fryer also comes with a basket that can be removed and washed, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer, 2 Quarts Capacity

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Which one is better for one person?

Both Ninja and Gowise USA single person air fryers can be a good option for people who are living alone. They can be a good option for small families as well. None of the models is a clear winner because they share many common features. However, Gowise USA is slightly ahead of Ninja because it offers a few additional features Ninja such as the digital control panel and the preset cooking functions. However, some people may also love the manual control panel of Ninja. Therefore, the choice is up to the individual users.

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