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Philips Air Fryer Comparison – Which Model Is Better?

Philips is a renowned brand in the air fryer and kitchen appliance industry. This brand has a number of air fryer models that are popular among users. Some of the air fryer models have similar features. Therefore, it becomes difficult to differentiate them for ordinary users. Philips Premium and Essential air fryers are such models that the users usually tend to compare. In this article, I am going to differentiate between Philips Premium and Essential air fryers so that you can make a better decision.

Philips Premium vs Essential air fryer ( XXL vs XL)

Table of comparison

FeaturesPhilips Premium (XXL)Philips Essential (XL)
Capacity variants7 & 4.1 quarts6.2 & 4.1 quarts
Dimension (inch)15.55 x 15.55 x 15.6715.1 x 15.1 x 14.2
Weight19 lbs12.55 lbs
Temperature104F to 392Funknown
Power1750 W2000W
First ArrivalJul-2018Apr-2021
Cooking Presets57
Color VarientsBlackBlack
Control Paneldigital touchdigital touch
Timer Range
Suitable forMedium familyMedium family


Philips Essential Airfryer XL 2.65lb/6.2L Capacity Digital Airfryer

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Cooking functions that are similar

Cooking functionsPhilips Premium (XXL)Philips Essential (XL)
Air Fry

Both of the Philips air fryers have basic air frying options such as bake, reheat, and bake. They also have the grill option that is not very common to other similar air fryers.

Other similar features

Both of the air fryers have almost the same cooking capacities. Philips Premium XXL has a 7-quart cooking basket. On the other hand, the cooking capacity of the Essential variant is 6.2 quarts.

Other than these, both of the series have smaller capacity variants with a basket size of 4.1 quarts. Therefore, both medium and smaller families have their options.

Apart from the capacity, both of the models have digital control panels. Philips Premium has a digital display with a manual control knob. The Essential model is fully digital with a touchscreen.


Cooking functions that are different

Cooking functionsPhilips PremiumPhilips Essential

Other features that are dissimilar

The power of the heating element is a difference between these air fryer series. Philips Essential has a heating element with a rated power of 2000W. On the other hand, it is 1750W for the Premium version. A higher power is better for faster and uniform cooking.

The temperature range of these air fryers is another difference. Philips Premium can go as low as 104F. Therefore, it has some versatile cooking options such as ‘dehydrate’. On the other hand, Philips Essential has an average temperature range. Therefore, it has ordinary cooking functions that we generally expect from an average air fryer.

Advantages of Philips Premium XXL( over Essential)

  • The size of the cooking basket is a bit larger than the Essential.
  • It has a wider temperature range. Therefore, it has more cooking functions.
  • Philips Premium air fryer can dehydrate. Therefore, you can prepare dehydrated fruits and vegetables with it.
  • The fat removal technology of this unit cooks better and healthier food.

Advantages of Philips Essential XL ( over Premium)

  • It has a more powerful heating element.
  • The price of this unit is substantially lower than its competitor.
  • It was released in the market later than the Premium series. Therefore, the technology of this air fryer is expected to be more advanced.

Philips Premium or Essential – Which one is the winner?

Philips Premium air fryer is the winner if we compare the features of these two models side by side. It comes with fat removal technology, dehydrator function, and some other cool features. On the other hand, considering price and features, Philips Essential generates more value for money. Philips Premium is expensive. Therefore, if the features provided by this model are enough for you, then you can save a good sum of money deciding on this one.

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

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Philips Premium Compact Vs Essential Compact

If you are looking for a compact air fryer for a smaller family, then this section is important for you. Philips has compact air fryers both in the Premium and Essential series. Both of the air fryer models are reliable and easy to use. But which one is right for you? In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the differences between the Philips Compact Premium and the Compact Essential air fryers and discussing their features and advantages.

FeaturesPhilips Premium CompactPhilips Essential Compact
Capacity4.1 quarts4.3 quarts
Dimension (inch)13.95 x 13.8 x 1213.1″D x 13.1″W x 13.8″H
Weight15.08 lbs9.9 lbs
Temperature104F to 392Fup to 400F
First ArrivalJul-2019Apr-2021
Cooking Presets4 (Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate)3 (Roast, Bake, Reheat)
Color VariantsBlackBlack
Control PanelDigital touchDigital touch
Suitable forMedium size familyMedium size family

Philips compact Premium has a wider temperature range

The Philips compact Premium air fryer offers a wider temperature range than the Compact Essential model, ranging from 104F to 392F. This range greatly expands the types of meals that can be cooked in the air fryer and allows for more control over the final cooked product. In comparison, the Compact Essential model is limited to temperatures between 170 and 400F. The additional temperature range provided by the Premium model allows for greater versatility and more precise control over cooking temperatures.

Philips Essential Compact Digital Airfryer

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The Premium Compact has more preset functions

The Philips Premium Compact air fryer offers 4 preset functions such as Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. This is a significant advantage over the Compact Essential model that offers 3 preset functions such as Roast, Bake and Reheat. More cooking functions of the Premium model allows it for versatile cooking.

The Essential compact does not have dehydrate function

Philips Premium Compact air fryer has dehydrator function that enables users to dehydrate foods on a small scale. This feature is useful for those who are looking for preserving foods for an extended period of time. In comparison, Philips Compact Essential air fryer does not include this feature. Therefore, users who are looking for a dehydrator function must opt for the Premium Compact model.

The Essential compact does not have Fat Removal Technology

The Philips Premium Compact air fryer has been designed with innovative fat removal technology, allowing it to reduce and remove excess fat from food. This feature ensures that the air fryer can cook meals with minimal fat content and make them healthier – ideal for those looking to make healthier choices. In contrast, the Philips Compact Essential air fryer does not possess this feature, but still offers the same other benefits of an air fryer such as rapid cooking ( Rapid Air Technology) and the option to cook with little to no oil. Regardless, both fryers offer great convenience and delicious results.

Which one is better for you?

The Philips Premium Compact air fryer carries a more hefty price tag compared to the Philips Compact Essential air fryer. Although the Premium Compact model does have some unique features such as the fat removal technology, the value for money of the Essential Compact model is more appealing.

However, if you are particularly concerned about your health, then the Premium compact model likely provides the best option due to its superior technology. The Premium model allows you to cook healthier meals with fewer fat and calories. Its integrated fat removal technology ensures that you get the most out of your meals.

Philips Premium Compat Digital Airfryer

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On the other hand, Essential Compact model offers a great value for money. It has a simplified design with digital control panel. If you are happy with the basic air frying features, then Philips Essential compact air fryer can save you a good sum of money.

Other Philips air fryers to consider

Philips Twin TurboStar Air Fryer

Features at a glance

FeaturesPhilips Twin TurboStar
Capacity3.1 quarts
Dimension (inch)13.38″D x 17.32″W x 16″H
Weight18.74 lbs
Temperatureup to 400F
First ArrivalFeb-2018
Cooking Presetsno preset
Color VariantsWhite/Black
Control PanelManual
Suitable forSmall family

Who is this Twin TurboStar Air Fryer suitable for?

Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XXL Airfryer with Fat Reducer

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly air fryer from Philips, then the Twin TurboStar model will be an ideal choice for you. it does not offer some of the sophisticated features offered by Philips Premium air fryers, but it is still enough for most of your cooking needs. For example, it does not have a wide temperature range. Therefore, it can not dehydrate. It also does not have the Fat Removal technology like the Philips Premium air fryer.

However, The TurboStart is easy to use, compact, and suitable for most of your daily air frying needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple air fryer with a minimalistic design, then the Philips Twin TurboStar air fryer is a good option for you.

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