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Philips Vs Gourmia Air Fryer | Which One Is Better?

Philips and Gourmia are two popular names in the air fryer industry. Both of the brands have a number of air fryer models that are happily accepted by the users. Some of the models are so similar that the users often find themselves in difficulties to differentiate them. In this article, I am going to compare those models of Philips and Gourmia air fryers so that you can understand which model is better for you.

Gourmia GAF798 Vs Philips Premium XXL

Table of comparison

FeaturesGourmia 7 qtPhilips XXL
Capacity7 quarts7 quarts
Dimension (inch)15.83 x 13.7 x 13.5415.55 x 15.55 x 15.67
Weight9.7 lbs19 lbs
Temperature90F to 400F104F to 392F
Power1500W1750 W
First ArrivalNov-2021Jul-2018
Cooking Presets105
Color VarientsBlack+SSBlack
Control PanelDigital touchdigital touch
Suitable forMedium familyMedium family

Comparison of the features

Cooking capacity

The cooking capacity of both the year friends is the same. Both of them have a cooking basket with a capacity of 7 quarts. With this capacity, they can cook for around 4 to 5 persons in a single batch. A 7-quart cooking basket is a better choice compared to the most common size of a 5 or 5.5-quart air fryer such as Ninja AF161.

Temperature range

The temperature range of both Gourmia and Philips is almost the same. Gourmia can cook between 90 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand temperature range of Philips XXL is 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature flexibility, both of the air fryers have a moderate number of cooking functions.

Cooking function

Cooking functions of Gourmia include air fry, dehydrate and bake. On the other hand, Philips XXL has almost similar cooking functions due to a similar temperature range. Below is the list of cooking functions and presets of Philips.

Cooking functionsPhilips XXL
Air Fry

Control panel

The control interface of Philips is simple. It has both manual and digital control systems. The number of preset functions is 5 in Philips. On the other hand, Gourmia 7 quart air fryer has a fully digital touch control panel. It has 10 preset cooking functions. More preset functions are good for beginners who do not know how to set temperature and time manually.

Price and value for money

Gourmia has a far less price tag with better value for money. Philips is one of the most expensive and premium air fryers in the market.

Special features

The fat removal technology of the Philips XXL air fryer is a unique feature of it. With this technology, it removes excess fat from the food by dripping it away from the bottom of the air fryer. Therefore, you will get more healthy food with less oil and fat. Because of this unique technology, Philips air fryers are expensive.

On the other hand, Gourmia 7 Quart air fryer is integrated with FryForce 360 degree technology. This technology allows the air fryer to cook food with 80% less oil than a deep fryer.

Gourmia 7 QT or Philips 7 QT – Which one is the winner?

If we consider only features, Philips XXL premium air fryer is the winner. Although the temperature range and cooking functions of both Philips and Gourmia are similar, Philips is better for its fat removal technology. It has a more powerful heating element that ensures faster cooking.

Gourmia is also a good option because of its great value for money. Considering the price and equivalent features, it is one of the best options in the market. Therefore, if we consider value for money, then Gourmia is the winner.

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